What’s In A Name?

My pal Kevin asked in the comments of yesterday’s post:

Okay, I’m gonna ask… when you developed these nicknames for all your friends and family, did you consult with them and, perhaps, work collaboratively on them? Or did you just come up with a name and say, “sorry, you’re stuck with it”?

Well Kev, let me tell ya. . .I don’t have nicknames for everyone though I wish I did. Some people are just really hard to nickname. But for most I can come up with something and no, I don’t consult with them. It’s part of the bargain of being my friend. Here’s a run down. . .

Dokey, also known as my younger sister, has had that nickname since she was a wee baby. I had this little habit of sneaking into her room when she was napping and waking her up because I wanted to play. One day I went up to my parents and said, “Dokey’s up.” They looked at each other confused, wondering what I was talking about. I said it again, “Dokey’s up.” I don’t know exactly how they figured out I was talking about my sis but from there on out, she was called Dokey. Apparently all the times my parents would say “Okie Dokie” confused me into thinking that Dokie was actually a person.

Tomato also known as the ever-fabulous Baub (or Bob) got that nickname because he LOVES tomatoes. Like seriously, his love of tomatoes borders on obsession. It works out great that he loves them and I generally dislike them. I can give him mine and he will eat them.

Dumpling, also known as Mr. Rodacre, got his nickname one day on instant messenger. He has this habit of referring to me as some sort of pastry/dessert, like “cupcake” or “jonesypie” (Jones being my run of the mill last name) so I had to come up with something equally as dessert-like for him. His last name starts with a “d” so it just kind of happened. Besides, don’t dumplings sound good? Mmmm, dumpling.

Jenny Two Times is called that because she often needs things repeated. Or, it will go like this:

Me: “Blahblahblah. . .do you think we should get some cheese?”
Her: “Hmmm, wha?”

Me: “Cheese. Do you think we should get some?”
Her: “Oh, cheese. Yeah.”

My ex (the Cowboy– who got that nickname mistakenly by my sis and bro-in-law because they could never remember his actual nickname. Now I just use it because he reminds me of a desperado cowboy.) He gave her that nickname when he first met her. We were bbq-ing on his first visit to The Cruz with some of my friends and she did her little thing (as demonstrated above) and he leans over and whispers in my ear: “She’s Jenny Two Times.”

Supple is actually her last name. You can’t beat that! She likes to test a guy’s last name against hers and is on a mad hunt for a fella with a last name like “Cox.”

Bird originally was called Hummingbird because she would hum around the office. She sings opera. Then she met Ama (her nickname for him/Sami) and he and his kids started calling her Bird. They are a family of nicknamers: Pickle, Tree, Ama and Bird .

JB is called JB because those are his initials of his first and middle name. He doesn’t like people to use his middle name though, me, being a child of the ’80’s, I cannot help but to quote one of my favorite movies ever whenever I think of it. I could link it here but it would be too obvious.

Marnacakes is so sweet I had to add cake to the end of her real name.

Sizzle was a nickname given to me by another ex whom I have now taken to calling Sweatypants (a story I will leave for another day). We were in the bedroom at the time he gave me this nickname. . .well, you can think what you want on that one.


19 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. Too funny! I’m a nicknamer as well. I’m so good at calling people by their nicknames it’s often how I introduce them. Like you said, part of the bargain. πŸ™‚

  2. Those are great nickname stories! I share your run-of-the-mill last name, and my maiden name was also fairly run-of-the-mill and very common. Thankfully that leads to millions of results when people try to google me. That and the fact that people never have to ask me to spell my last name for them are the two benefits that I’ve found for having a boring last name.

  3. I’m feeling rather unoriginal for calling most of my friends by their given names. Maybe that’ll be my project for the year: nicknaming.

  4. I’m with Sandra, I need to use more nicks. All I’ve got are Wiggy (derivation of his last name Weigand), Woody (again a derivation of Woods), and MoJo (his last name is Moffatt). I need obscure meaningful ones.

    Thanks for the post!

  5. thirty-one years ago while playing with markers all over the basement someone called for me to run upstairs and as i reached the top of the stairs one of my brothers called out “inkabod” ….and it stuck. later on i was simply referred to “inky” and it’s now on my vanity license plates, i have a cartoon named inky and well that’s my story.

  6. I love nicknames. All my friends have nicknames, though they’re usually a play on their names (Kelley-belly, Kimmie-pie, etc.). If you don’t have a nickname from me, I don’t like you very much.

  7. I have nicknames for exs but not for my friends, hmmmm… I need to change this.

  8. It’s funny, but I’ve been reading this blog for a year now, and I actually began to think of Ms. Sizzle as your real name. You even once told me your real name, and I don’t remember it. I guess you’ll always be Ms. Sizzle to me.

  9. i spent 31 years with the last name ball and i hated it! i have big lips and with the last name you could only imagine the phrases.

    i too think of you as the first and last name, sizzle. more exciting i’m sure!

  10. I have this problem – whatever name I’m introduced to someone with is the only name that I will ever be able to call them. I can’t shorten it (Michael to Mike) and I can’t go to a nickname. I wish I could, but I can’t. I’m afraid you are stuck with Sizzle even though your real first name is pretty freaking cool, you are Sizzle!

  11. I think nicknames are fantastic. The best ones are those with great stories like yours. But I dont know if its a problem that I dont remember peoples real names after using nicknames for so long. I’m probably at the point where I have to sneak a peak at their license because I don’t associate whatever their real name is with who they are….

  12. All of this seems perfectly logical to me, since I come from a family of nicknamers. I grew up with Tiggy, Muzzy, Dunc, Pocky, and so forth. I call my mother “Memo,” my sister “Butt” or “Button” (guess which one she prefers) and my brother was called “Bucky” until he was like 8. I respond to at least 7 family nicknames, myself!

  13. We’re a nicknamin’ family, too, but oddly enough, just the family. I don’t have any nicknames for my friends. However, my sisters are known as Chatty Cathy and Poga, and I’ve got more family nicknames than you can shake a stick at, including Jennipooter. We’re weird.

  14. My parents’ nicknames for us were Smartass – me, Queenie (or Bitch) – my sister, and Boomer – my brother.

    I’ve had a number of nicknames given to me by family and friends as well. I’m so used to Rabbit and my blogger friends’ variations of it that I almost like it better than my real name.

  15. LOL awesome post. I tend to have nicknames for everyone too yet no one has questioned where they come from!

  16. I won’t even lie, Sizzle; I stole your character key idea, since I deal with pseudonyms and such. I like the way you break down your family and friends in a way that presents them as characters.

    Good organizational skills.

  17. See, now I thought he WAS Mr. Rodacre, and now you go and tell me that his last name starts with a D. See, and that’s not an R so what the hell does that mean?


    Oh, don’t tell me. It’s the internet and everything. I don’t need to know. But Gah! Just when I thought I was figuring things out in your world….I go and get thrown for another loop.


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