P Stands For Prankster

So as I have mentioned, I’ve been having a bit of internet trouble. As in Comcast is not that Comcastic (re: they suck). Lucky for me I have befriended the biggest prankster in Seattle and he is, lucky for him, friends with a Comcast technician. You might not see where this is going. . .Stay with me.

P, my prankster friend/the guy I sometimes say I might be “dating,” shows up last night with a “gift.” The “gift” was 2 sheets of Comcast stickers – little did I know that he had a STACK of stickers hidden in his car and while on his way from his car to my front door, you guessed it, he had stuck them on A) my mailbox and B) my car. Luckily (for him!) he didn’t go overboard with the car stickers. I would have had him in his boxers stripping those stickers off in the pouring rain if need be. I’m evil like that.

But that isn’t where it ended. Oh no! A true prankster takes the joke to the limit. He stuck them on the cat’s tags, in the fridge, on my pillow, cell phone, coat, a candle, the toilet seat, and a tampon. Apparently P is very nimble and quick because each time I got up and went to a different room he ran off to stick a sticker somewhere new. I am surrounded by “Live the Life Comcastic!” and “Things that are Comcastic!” stickers.

I’ve been given the hint that there are 2 more I have yet to discover. Hmphf! I am so going to have to get him back for this. Any ideas?

*The picture is blurry, sorry. And yes, that is a “I (heart) Comcast” sticker shaped like a t-shirt on his forehead.

14 thoughts on “P Stands For Prankster

  1. I’m always a fan of the “plastic wrap over the toilet” joke – just do it at his house so you don’t have to clean up the ensuing mess. That, or if he has a sprayer on his sink, tie a rubber band around it so when the water is turned on it sprays whoever is in front of the sink. That one never fails to crack me up.

  2. I love little notes/ stickers hidden everywhere…

    Please let us know when/where you find the last two.

    And I shall let you know if I can figure out any sort of suitable revenge for P.

  3. Leave a giant poster on his front lawn that looks like a “Wanted” sign and tell them of his Comcastic crimes against humanity. Or wait until halloween and gather up all your neighbors old jack-o-lanters and leave them on his lawn. (This one works really well 5 days after Christmas too because no one ever knows what to do with their dead trees.) OOOO my favorite one from highschool was to buy a HUGE box of plastic forks and fork his yard. You stick them in the ground all over the place. He walks out and all he sees are fork handles.

  4. um. so friends? dating? more? less? what the hell is going on? stop being coy. leave that for a japanese pond.

  5. My favorite thing was a joke between me and a friend in college, who once said he thought Barbara Walters was “hot”. We photoshopped Barbara’s head and his head onto porn pics and hid them everywhere…taped them on the inside of his car visors, on the rearview mirrors…

  6. That is a rather delightful prank, I must admit. My king of pranks is a former boss, who once helped me fill a student’s dorm room with 1,000 little plastic army men. Ah, memories! You need to think of a suitable sticker to counter with… you should contact verizon LOL

  7. put sand in this sheets.

    i’m with bob. are you dating or not????? inquiring minds want to know!

  8. I’m with mrs.ca – that’s always good for a laugh (at HIS house, of course). I hope they peeled off easily!

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