Snow Lessons

It snowed more again last night. I can’t help but run out into it and watch it fall from the sky. It’s so pretty. I wish it didn’t have to end but alas, during the night it turned to Seattle’s regularly scheduled weather program- rain. Sigh. Good-bye sweet snow, I will miss you. (Neilochka, this snow angel is for you.)

I managed, in typical Sizzle fashion, to completely bite it on my way out to my car yesterday morning. I was wearing non-sensible shoes. I know this now. But to my credit, it looked like snow, not ice and my car was a mere 5 feet away from my apartment so my thinking was “even if these shoes are ridiculous for snow, I’ll barely be IN the snow so just go ahead.” To make matters worse, I had a trash bag in one hand and my purse, lunch bag and keys in the other. Forget about balance. It all shot out from under me when I hit that third and final step on the landing. A nice coating of ice layered it, along with the entire sidewalk. My ridiculous (but cute) shoes slid and with my hands full, I was unable to grab the railing. Everything I was holding splayed out around me as I tried to gather myself up and regain my composure. Sadly, no one was around to see this masterpiece of klutz theater. Damn if falling on ice doesn’t hurt. Clearly, boots are in order. Lesson learned.

So far this week I have learned:

1) Ice is slippery.
2) Snow & ice require you to sacrifice your fashion sense. Kitten heels are not appropriate when trying to get from your apartment to your car even if they look really cute with your skirt and sweater. Put on your boots. (First, go buy some.)
3) Mittens should never be left where crazy, wool-hungry kitty can eat them. (The pinky finger on my right hand mitten is missing the tip. Dottie!?)
4) Whatever I thought were “warm” clothes in California, are not “warm” in Seattle. I need some sweaters and socks stat!
5) “Snow is like a penis. If it isn’t 6 inches, there’s no point.” (Thank you, RayLol.)


19 thoughts on “Snow Lessons

  1. They are adorable shoes though! The snow/ice mixtures sucks, it takes a while to get used to!

  2. I really lust for your shoes, I must say. Welcome to the race to find snow boots that will keep your feet warm, dry, and underneath you while still looking stylish. Good luck, soldier.

  3. Some of those are hard lessons to learn. Glad you weren’t hurt too badly in the fall. That said, it’s totally something I would do, and something I actually do, at least once a year. I seem to have “no fun shoes in icy weather” amnesia.

  4. Fortunately, my work attire is casual, so I’ve been wearing hiking boots for the last three days. They keep me from slipping and my feet are nice and toasty (I highly recommend SmartWool socks). Glad you didn’t hurt yourself:)

  5. dumpling- then what do i call them? they have fingers but are not quite gloves. they are made of mitten-like material yet they have individual fingers.

    i am stumped.

    ๐Ÿ™‚ sizz

  6. I think you’re supposed to do the snow angel lying on your back, not your front.

  7. In the snow…
    Cute shoes: in a bag.
    Boots: on your feet.

    In the office…
    Cute shoes: on your feet.
    Boots: in a bag.

  8. For as much as I hate cold, I love love love sweaters! They are so much fun- welcome to the sweater-wearing club! ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for your last post, I’m with ya. All that craziness is great fodder but fodder don’t warm the bed. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Oh my gawd honey… sorry had to giggle a bit. Yeah… welcome to our world in the Dakotas! Forget sensible shoes. Bring out the clunky ugly boots with fur and very thick sturdy hard plastic bottoms. This year I purchased moon boots on ebay. Forget about looking “darling” that’s what the movies are for…. you bundle up, you stock up on soup and plenty of kleenexes and between now and end of April you pray you don’t fall on your ass more than once. I have “yet” to have my first winter fall…..but I know it’s coming. Cheers.

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