My Blog Crush of the Year

Dear Karl,

I just wanted you to know that ever since I first read your guest post on Snackie’s World I’ve been . . . smitten. I have a soft spot for funny men and YOU are funny. And smart. And sarcastic. And silly. And complex. And introspective. And incredibly sweet. You’re a talented writer- your posts and weekly columns in the paper prove that. Oh and I totally think you are cute. (blush) I hope my crush on you doesn’t interfere with our friendship. Or that you don’t mind if I flirt with you. Or, um, write your name all over my notebook and draw hearts around it.

Undying love & devotion,

19 thoughts on “My Blog Crush of the Year

  1. Excellent choice, Sizzle! He won me over completely with his series of videos! Good thing he’s coming to TC07!

  2. Wow, I just came here to get your link so I could finish my crush post and was I shocked and awed to see Karl!

    Ahem, noooooooooooot ;).

    Karl is a great guy so you picked wisely, number one!

  3. Awwww. This is nice! All the love and positivity is just making me feel good and stuff.
    I caved and revealed a crush today…not a blogger per se, but a web presence nonetheless!

  4. Yep, saw this coming, but it’s sooo adorable anyway! You two are made for each other.

    What a great idea today was, hon!

  5. After reading the first few articles, I can definitely see why you’re crushin’ on Karl!

  6. Wow. Karl’s got ALL the hot chicks after him, doesn’t he? That was a hilarious post with the picture. The picture definitely put you over the top.

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