Learning To Love Me

vdaypourelle.jpgMy dear Snackie came up with a brilliant idea yesterday- make today about self-love. And I quote: “No more “how much do I love thees” rather ask yourself the question, “how much do I love ME?” Even if you have someone on this special day, take the time to think about yourself, list your good qualities, have some positive perspective on who you are and treat yourself better than you ever have. “

The rules of “Self-Love Day” are 1) I post one nice thing about myself and 2) you post one thing you really like about me. I made a list because, well, I am me and we all know I love a good list. Do not feel pressured to make a list though, if you have more than one thing to share, let the love flow. Join the self-love revolution!

Here are my self-loving props:

1. I love that I am a sensitive person. It’s totally okay with me that I get teary hearing people’s stories. Being empathetic is a good trait in my book.

2. I love that I am a great listener. The fact that this great listening comes sometimes with “advice” is something I am working on. Ahem.

3. I love that I am a sassypants. It helps me get away with a lot.

4. I love that I am a morning person and yet still wish my cats would let me sleep in a little longer.

5. I love that I get cold when it’s 71 degrees out. Oh wait. That’s what Harry likes about Sally. Scratch that.

6. I love that I am thoughtful. The people that I love KNOW that I love them.

7. I love that I make people laugh. At themselves. At me. At life.

8. I love that I have freckles and that the freckles on my left arm make a face, if you look at it right.

9. I love that I will organize all the sugars in the little holder thingy at a restaurant without knowing I am doing it. And when I do realize it, I laugh at myself. Somewhat sheepishly.

10. I love that I am geographically, technologically and spatially challenged.

11. I love that I can spell words like solipsistic but sometimes can’t figure out when to use choose or chose.


34 thoughts on “Learning To Love Me

  1. I love that I’m First! Woo-Hoo! 🙂

    I love alot of those things you mentioned, too. But what I really love about you? You are never afraid to be a friend to someone, and reach out always to people visiting your blog. You feel like a friend, from day one. *hugs*

  2. Knowing you only through the interweb, I have to say the #1 thing I love about you Sizz is that you are so in tune with other people, and especially, you are empathetic and caring as a result.
    Well, and of course you get why LOST is awesome! :o)

  3. I love the fact that you are so in touch with your emotions and really strive for personal growth. You may get in a slump or you may be unsure if what you are doing is healthy but instead of making a snap decision to change OR staying in the icky moment, you feel then you fix. That is a truly hard thing to do and I admire that about you.

    That, and the fact that you introduced me to the best breakfast in the world!

  4. I love that you are honest and conscious of life, no matter what it entails. It may be tough, but girl, you aren’t missing a thing and so many people do. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Wait, I DO get cold when it’s 74 degrees out! Living in the desert does that to a person.

    I read Sizzle everyday because you usually write something that makes me smile and laugh, or makes me stop and ponder. You seem like someone I would be friends with in real life. As opposed to this fake, blog life (HAHA! I kid, I kid…) You’re great!!

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Sizz! 😉

  6. I love that you adore sending and receiving mail. I also love how you make everyone who knows you feel special.

    I’m honored to know you! Happy Valentine’s Day.

  7. I’ve been a lurker up ’til now. I’m still trying to recover from that February 8th post you made. What a life.

    I love how honest and how absolutely unique you are. There isn’t another blog on the web that’s like this. And I bet you’re like that in person, too.

    You’re one of the most entertaining writers I’ve ever read. I hope you keep writing for a long time.

  8. I love that you care enough to send snail mail. That seems to be a rarer and rarer quality in a person, and it always feels great to get REAL mail from someone.

  9. I love your sense of humor and your willingness to talk even about the most trivial crap out there. You’re also one of the most genuine people I’ve met on the Intarwebs. I like that about you. I can’t think of a single person out there whose life wouldn’t be better with you in it.

  10. Love Me:

    1) I love how I can always be counted on as the one who will read the directions.

    Love You:

    1) I love that you really do get cold when it’s 71 degrees out. And that you knit really long scarves…

  11. Loving the new digs.

    But loving YOU even more on this here, Valentine’s Day.

    In a platonic way. (In case anyone is watching me leave this comment.)

  12. Your openness and willingness to take risks in life and in writing inspires me.

    As for myself, I love that I find playing DDR both great fun and a zen experience.

  13. Hmm … Love me: My humour. And the fact that while I can get pissed off at someone or something I don’t seem to have the capacity to stay mad for long. I move on.

    Love you: tenacity. You seem like someone who may fall down but always, always gets back up and tries again.

  14. I love how open and honest and introspective you are. How you keep an upbeat and positive attitude. And I love(d) your blogger profile pic. It was the cutest thing.

  15. i love the fact that you make everyone feel like they are the most special person on the blog block. (thanks for emailing me back and forth when i’m so lonely!)

    i love the fact, i can truly relate to you, even if i’ve never met you.

    and finally, i love the fact you are such a thoughtful person. whether it be recommending a book, a cd or sending a care package of condoms. you truly are special!

    happy valentines day!

  16. I am a little late, but I love your smile. It is so welcoming when I open your blog. I love that you cry at commercials. It makes me feel better when I find myself tearing up at cheezy movies and commercials. Hope you had a great date with Finn. Valentines Day is great with the little guys. They may not show up with flowers but they sure do make you smile.

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