Day four of feeling like crap. Sleep is hard to come by as my nose has this annoying need to be blown repeatedly and with such force that I fear I may pop a blood vessel or some shit. My ears are plugged. My eyes are watery and tired. I look like hell and am bored of watching movies (so far I’ve watched: Blood Diamond, Babel, Pretty In Pink, and some other movie which, for the life of me, I can’t recall the title of- it was that good or I am that sick). It’s 8:30am and I am still in my pajamas. I think it is safe to say, I am not going to make it into work today.

I hate calling in sick. Part of me feels like a total wimp for not bucking up and going in. It’s not like my line of work requires me to have complete use of my body. I sit at a desk and push paper around and sometimes answer the phone. It’s not entirely taxing but when your mental capacity is functioning at 59% maybe it’s best to just go back to bed. What would I really be proving dragging myself into work?

I think our culture values the appearance of work sometimes more than the actual work itself. Like calling in sick is a weakness. Persevere! Buck up little camper! Pack up your Puffs Plus and get on with it! But all that usually ends up doing is making other people around you sick and you more sick, thus prolonging the recovery time with the added bonus of blame from runny nosed, irritated co-workers. Why is it so difficult to just say “I’m sick. I’m not coming in.” without all the guilt? Shouldn’t we support each other in taking care of ourselves?

I live in la la land with these pipe dreams of idealized work environments. Maybe it’s the cold medicine talking.

29 thoughts on “1-800-IAM-SICK

  1. I agree 100%. I am one to stay home if I’m sick, I know unless I sleep I’m going to be of no use for double the time. Let other people view it as a sign of weakness, I view it as being smart.

    Take care of yourself and feel better soon!

  2. Katie got quick-onset laryngitis last night and can barely talk this morning. She went in to work anyway despite me protesting the decision. Hopefully her boss will have the brains to tell her to go home.

  3. You know, I think you are right- the idea of ‘work’ sometimes being valued more than actual act of work. Which is lame because I work with a few people who do a very good job of acting busy without ever doing anything, but that’s it’s own rant for a different day. I do hope that you feel better soon and am glad to hear that you are at least using the ‘good’ kleenex.

  4. Ugh! Sorry you’re still sick. I think you staying home and not taking all your little germy friends to share with your co-workers is awesome. It always annoyed me when someone would come in all drippin’ and hackin’ and say “I probably should have stayed home, but I just have SO much to do.” Uh, yeah! Well then don’t come around me spreading your nastiness and get to that work.

  5. People are weird about calling in sick…the office admin. at my place has bad knees and a bad back, so 9 x’s out of 10, she’s got some, I hurt, and I’m here, story that makes you feel shitty for missing any time.

    Get better soon Sizz…lots of sleep and bad TV should do the trick!

  6. When I’m sick like that, I like to go in, make as much noise and nose-blowing as possible, and have people squeam and squirm at my germs…

    And delight in being ordered to go home and to bed.

  7. It’s so true! I hate to call in because I have a head cold and need sleep, and hate it even more when my boss is sensible and does call out for those reasons! Ugh, we live in our heads too much!

  8. Our corporate society definitely does not always value health before work. However, I do know that if you are really sick, you should be home. I’m like ED…I go in and hork up all over them til they send me home. Love to have a guilt festival when I am home trying to relax.

  9. You are not allowed to go to work!!!! šŸ™‚ Restock the Sudafed and pop in a new DVD. But no work for you!

  10. I hate being sick but what I hate even more is working somewhere that has an extremely strict absentee policy.
    No matter what happens, I am going to get sick and my son is going to get sick.
    I tend to walk the line of max absences in a year. I hate it.
    I hope you get better soon.
    Hot showers always make me feel better when I am sick.

  11. As someone who seems to have no immunity to germs, I thank you for not going to work sick. I wish my co-workers would stay home when they feel bad instead of coming in and passing their illness on to me. One woman even brought her child in that had strep throat to sit with her since she couldn’t go to school! Great, spare the kids, give it to all of us. So aggravating! It should not be frowned on, as a sick person might miss a couple of days, but if they come in, now a few more will get it and miss days… cost more in the long run…

  12. There’s definitely something to what you’re saying. I have at times felt guilty and paranoid about calling in sick even though I was… like I was worried I didn’t sound sick enough.

    Better to stay home and get well than make everyone else sick though. Get well soon!

  13. I so wish I was at home today; unfortunately, my counterpart on my biggest account is on vacay and there’s big stuff happening…so here I am, cold and all!

  14. Get well!!

    Don’t feel guilty. Think of all the people that appreciate you keeping the plague to yourself.

    How was Blood Diamond, by the way? It’s up next in our Netflix queue.

  15. Ms. Sizzle, when stuff coming out of yer nose starts to be like this deep green- like that stuff in the Exorcist, (check that movie out while yer stuck at home anyways) and you start to see double and you kinda start chanting, it’s time to call 911

  16. So what’d you think of Babel and Blood Diamond? I loved them both.

    And FYI…I think it’s great when people keep their nasty germs to themselves and stay at home when they’re sick. šŸ™‚

  17. I hate calling in sick because I assume no one will believe me. I think it’s because I DID call in sick to a job once and the receptionist said, “Sick, huh? You’re really going with that?”

  18. Please, please, please … Stay home when you’re sick. It use to drive me crazy seeing sick people at work. All I ever thought about was, “Dammit! Now I’m going to get that!” I’m the one who makes others feel guilty.

    But really … it’s not like people are doing actual work when they’re sick and go in to the office. (Well, even when they’re healthy it’s not like they’re doing anything …)

    Anyway … the real point is that people get well a lot faster when they stay home and rest etc. Yes, I sound like my mother but really, it’s true. (I can’t believe I just wrote that.)

  19. Aww. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Lot’s of liquids and sleep. You just got me thinking, I started freelancing from home 3 years ago and haven’t been sick in all that time. Hmmm.

  20. Oh God, you’re worse than KJ. She can’t even enjoy her sick days because she frets so much about missing work.

    Man, when I decide to take a sick, I’m all about it. I try to watch as much TV and consume as much sugar, salt, and saturated fat possible without going into hypogycemic shock. I don’t even answer my phone…unless it’s the pizza guy calling from down stairs. Seriously, I’ve got “being sick” down to an art form.

  21. I always drug my strep-throat infected sorry ass into the office to keep up the appearance of work. But after my surgery in December, and realizing it took my twice as long to recover becuase I’m dumb…welll…the next time I sniffle, I’m staying home.

  22. I hope you’re feeling better! I always feel bad calling in, but my work actually sends me home if I show up sick because they don’t want us spreading the germs around and making other people sick so that they might have to miss work. Plus they give us 3 weeks of sick time a year, so we have to use some at some point.

    Colds are no fun, even when staying at home. I hope yours goes away really soon.

  23. I agree with you that it should be okay to say “I’m sick.” And just to prove the point, I often say that and stay home even when I’m just fine!

  24. I always feel guilty about calling in sick as well, but when I’m healthy, I’d prefer my co-workers stayed home so that I don’t get sick! I hope you feel better soon:)

  25. Dude, I feel your pain! I’ve been sick since last Thursday and am only NOW feeling somewhat normal. I haven’t been at work at all this week but will hopefully return on Thursday…although it’s not like I’m anxious to get back or anything.

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