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sewing machineSewing while medicated is not recommended. It says so on the very bottom in the left hand corner of the box in teeny tiny print. I ignored the warning and went to class anyhow. It’s only a two part class. If I had stayed in bed I would have had half sewn pj bottoms. Little did I know that’d still be the case when I left class last night.

I hauled my sewing machine down to class in the hopes that I would get a first-hand lesson in how to work the contraption. After she loaded the bobbin and had it all set up, she tried it out and complained something was wrong with the belt. Great! So much for that.

As I carefully, painstakingly followed her directions inching the fabric along the 5/8ths line, keeping a steady rhythm with the pedal I managed to sew a semi-straight line along the outer seams of each pant leg. Yay me! I showed her my work and that’s when she said I had pinned the wrong pieces together. Two fronts and two backs sewn in that configuration will not make a pair of pants anyone can wear.

Now you tell me.

My teacher is a skilled seamstress but as a teacher? Kind of flighty. I was particularly frustrated because she skipped over reviewing my pinning last week even though I was remarking that I thought I was doing it all wrong (and guess what? I was!). So there I am, blowing my Rudolph nose for the umpteenth time, wishing I was lying down and having to rip out all the sewing I just did, press it all with an iron and repin it. Motherf*@#&!

After that I was on fire with frustration so I whipped right through the rest of the sewing as the teacher yammered on about New York vs. Philadelphia, fashion school and boyfriends who are hermits. That was all a fine and good way to pass the time as we sewed but it was difficult to interrupt her for further instruction since she was so intent on conversating. By the time 9pm rolled around I had material that resembled pants but no hems and no waistband. As she whipped through the remaining instructions I lost interest. It kind of sucks that we don’t get to actually complete the pants in the class. We can go back into the store to finish up or try it on our own at home but apparently my machine isn’t in working order so… now I am left with unfinished pants and a strong desire to stay in bed for at least three more days.

I did sign up for the skirt class though. I’m a glutton for punishment.

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  1. Poor you. Take care. Sounding rather miserable at the moment…

    I’m trying to get inspired to start sewing again. As a teen, I sewed everything I wore, then got bored with it. About time I got with it again, I think!

  2. I’ve made one pair of pants. Had to go and turn one leg of a pair of my pants inside out to match how you’re supposed to sew it so I could understand what the heck they were saying in the directions. Haven’t sewn since. Now, I could have avoided all that agony if I would have just asked my mother for help, she is an awesome seamstress. But, as a stubborn daughter, I would not do this (now you can see one reason I crochet). I will tell you I’ve matured (ha!) and I will gladly ask sewing questions to her if you need help. Good luck!

  3. No one should ever be subject to ANYTHING that I have ever sewn. My mother tried and tried to teach me and I never was any good at it.
    I can handsew a tear but that is it.

  4. Where did you take this class? Please don’t tell me Hancock Fabrics. The instructor seems like a real piece of work.

  5. At least you are making the effort. I bought a sewing machine last year and it’s still in the box. The picture looks really nice though.

  6. “Motherf*@#&!”

    That’s not what I assumed little old sewing ladies say. I thought it was something like, “Oh mercy sakes alive, I’ve just stitched this fabric to my hand. Margaret, will you kindly bring a little club soda to clean up the blood? And a tourniquet, if you would be so kind. Motherf*@#&!”

  7. The logical part of me would say “okay, deep breath, remember the learning curve, it won’t always be this way.” The other part of me would say… well, let’s not get into that for today. Let’s just listen to my logical half. 🙂

    Good luck, I bet skirts are easier!

    P.S. I’m still going to place an order one day, so hang in there!

  8. I was particularly frustrated because she skipped over reviewing my pinning last week even though I was remarking that I thought I was doing it all wrong…

    This sentence… is just funny. You crack me up. Feel better soon! *hug*

    I’ve oft thought I’d make a good hermit.

  9. Here I thought you were going to say that you stitched a red checkerboard piece of fabric to your right feeder hand. That would’ve made for an interesting photo. So long as the bloodloss in combo with the medications didn’t make you pass out first.

  10. See, my mom taught me how to sew, which is almost just as bad since she gets distracted by my pesky siblings. Have you looked into online tutorials? That’s how I learned to sew a zipper!

  11. Come to my house and we’ll do shots and sew. And I won’t even charge you! I gua-ran-tee you’ll get something made. Won’t say it’ll be jammies pants, but sure will be fun to see in the morning what we made!

    I bet Karl would show up 🙂 Maybe Dave, if I have an internet connection.

  12. I can not sew to save my life. I still have awful memories of junior high when I had to rip the stupid neckband out of my sweatshirt 10 times before the teacher just did it for me. I keep trying to learn, and have broken two sewing machines in the process. Maybe it’s time for me to give up, but that thought only spurs me on and makes me want to learn even more.

  13. So your teacher doesn’t live up the the saying, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”

    This series of sewing posts are giving me nightmares about 7th grade home-ec. Like when we started the sewing unit, and the home-ec teacher told us a cautionary tale of a former student. He wasn’t watching while operating the sewing machine and the needle pieced his nail, right at the “moon.” He passed out with the needle poked all the way through his finger, which was still in the sewing machine. The visual still makes my stomach flip-flop. Hmmm, in retrospect that story sounds a little urban legend-ish. Well, on that note…

    Enjoy the skirt-making class! I do think it’s cool that you’re learning a new craft. I fear that when all women born before 1960 eventually pass away, there will be nobody left that knows how to sew.

  14. I’m secretly obsessed with learning how to become a master “seamster” (male version of seamstress?). My dream is to one day sew a sleeve for my laptop out of a polyester-nylon blend. Then I have to learn how to embroider so I can decorate said sleeve with my initials (preferably in a flowery font).

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