Procrastination Is Not My Friend

Yesterday I inadvertently wore my crabbypants. It took me all day to figure out why I was being so short-tempered, irritable and generally a caustic beyotch. (PMS you have horrible timing.) On the one hand, I am stressed at work. I spent the greater part of last week out at trainings which has set me back on too many tasks and on top of that, I am hosting a volunteer appreciation party tonight for 50+ people. There are lots of little details that need tending to and I just can’t seem to get on top of it all. I swear to the baby Jesus that every person who called me at work yesterday was either a) inarticulate, b) a yammerer, or c) an inarticulate yammerer. I had no patience for them. I stopped answering my phone after the third caller. I was very close to hanging a sign in my cubicle that said “Swamped. Buzz Off.” but that probably would have sparked some committee to meet and discuss my inability to be a “team player.” F that!

I have also been putting off registering my car in WA. Why? I have no idea. You’d think after I got a ticket in front of my own house for expired plates I’d get on the ball. I’ve been anxious about going to the DMV because in my mind I made it out to be this big hassle that will involve waaaay more work than I am prepared for. It’s stupid really. I kept saying, “I am going to the DMV today. I AM!” and then I wouldn’t go. So I forced myself to go yesterday only to find out that I have to have an emissions test done before I can proceed. I managed to locate a place to get that done, spent an hour getting lost finding the place, and the entire test took about 15 minutes- 8 minutes of which the attendant spent telling me about her hot flashes and menopause. I shit you not. I guess I just invite conversation with all sorts of people. At least she wasn’t inarticulate.

Is it Friday yet?

“But your smile is a prayer that prays for love/and your heart is a kite that longs to fly/Allelujah, here I am/Let’s cut the strings tonight/So meet me on the corner at eight/Let’s get out of this place/We’ll kiss the first of a million kisses/and let the past fall away. . .” -Fairground Attraction, Allelujah

22 thoughts on “Procrastination Is Not My Friend

  1. My good friend and I have a theory that certain people give off an inadvertent “talk to me” vibe. She and I both have it and people tell their entire life stories to us no matter what. I mostly don’t mind, since I love hearing what makes people who they are, but it happened when I was waiting to get my cancer diagnosis/strategy on how to deal with it and my husband could not believe how polite I was about listening to the lady complain about how her son’s adenoids grew back. I hope she did not feel bad when she finished talking and asked me why I was there and I told her. It wasn’t my intention to make her feel bad, and I only just now realized that she probably felt like an ass for spilling her guts to a “cancer patient”. I have now run on forever, so I will just say I have been having some cranky days lately too, but am feeling much better now.

  2. I have people telling me their way-too-personal stuff all the time. Apparently I’m wearing some invisible shirt that says “I LOVE T.M.I.!”

    So…got those tags yet?

  3. Yep, I had my fussy-pants on too. Yesterday was NOT the day to be messing with me! heh.
    I went with the flow for almost all of the day, but by 9pm? I totally blew up on Spouse. I blew up and had a tizzy fit, I reeeeeeally did. *sigh* Just goes to show you, you can stuff it all down and make yourself behave for awhile–but eventually, it is coming out with the right provocation! LOL.

    Here’s to a better day, all around.*smooches*

  4. The days I’m crankiest seem to be the ones where everyone needs something from me. Or maybe everyone needing something from me makes me cranky. Hmm.

    Either way, cheesecake is the answer. Or shoes. Or maybe a new haircut. Jewelry also works… or booze…

  5. A yammerer is something I really am not a fan of. Especially if I am busy.

    Registering your car sucks. Can you do it online? I do that here, unless of course it needs the ever-so-elusive emissions test. I do not know one person that actually looks forward to going to the DMV.

  6. I hate going to the DMV although it has been quite painless the past few years.
    I had to get an emissions test once in Washington. Those emission testing places are WAY off the beaten path.

  7. Oh honey, sounds like you are having my last week. Know that next week will be better if we are on the same pattern! 🙂

  8. I’m a big procrastinator when it comes to all things involved with my car. For instance, yesterday my battery died and the guy who jumped me suggested that I need to buy a new one. My first thought? “that can wait until the weekend!”


    I’m sorry you’re having a nasty week so far – but on the upside… it can only et better!

  9. …committee to meet and discuss my inability to be a ‘team player.’

    Omg, you know you work at a non-profit when…

    And ya, I need to get my car registered too. =(

  10. How could you be cranky with the Blakester in action last night? Now get your tags and please don’t stack them, hah!

  11. What you need is a wife. Mine was real good about forcing me to register the car in WA.

    I wish she would make me get my CA d.l., I’ve been here over 3 years and haven’t done it yet.

  12. If you wait ’til the last minute, it only takes a minute. Ha. That doesn’t really work for me but it doesn’t stop me from saying it.

    As for people talking to you, I have that, too. It’s not a problem for me so much as a constant reminder that I likely missed my career calling as a bartender.

  13. My period showed up a week early last month, and so did my PMS. I flipped out at work one day, and I couldn’t figure out why I was that upset. I was borderline crazy. The following week I knew why I was that distraught. PMS is stupid. 🙂

    As to hanging up signs at work, there are a few people (myself included) that have a sign up that says “Do Not Disturb.” I actually write my sign on a white-board, so sometimes it says “Please Do Not Disturb.” Everyone ignores it, but normally they read the sign halfway through the initial conversation and leave.

  14. Ah, PMS. Gotta love it! Having a pretty severe case of it myself right now. My problem at work yesterday was too many people talking across the cubicles and aisles. I pulled out my iPod to drown some of it out, but alas it was dead. Just my luck.

    Hope today’s a better day for you my friend! 🙂

  15. I am so glad that there is someone else out there who unknowingly invites these types of conversations…. one of the tenants where I work insists on telling of her female problems every time I speak with her. It’s crazy! What does that have to do with paying your rent on time?!! LOL…

  16. I hate that about “mandatory training sessions.” They’re supposed to benefit us, but they just push us further and further back in our daily responsibilities. Grrr…

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