Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright

It was around 5:45pm where I started to find myself wholly amusing. Like I was commenting on blogs and was cracking myself up. I fear going back over those comments because what if it was all just fatigue-induced hilarity and I’m actually

Let me live in my denial.

Thank you all for the well wishes and positive vibes for my BFF (and me) yesterday. She was chowing down on Mexican food come 12:30 at home resting comfortably enough surrounded by her demanding pets. The procedure went well and it appears her heart is in good shape. There are more appointments and doctors in the future but she made it through the day with flying colors. It also appears that when you use the term “girl friend” people assume you mean “girlfriend” as in “partner.” The hospital staff knew I wasn’t her sister so assumptions were made. Does this mean I am dating two people now? Look at me!

Back at her place, I further proved my Awesomest Best Friend status by enduring episode after episode of People’s Court. I survived only by making fun of everyone on there. When she’d flip the channel to John Edwards, I’d make fun of those people too. I really don’t watch that much TV and had no idea there were so many options for me to ridicule people! I’m just grateful she didn’t force me to watch Hostile 2. I don’t do well with the horror flicks and of course, those are her favorite. Because she and I are exact opposites. I also acted as her secretary, sending out emails to her friends letting them know she was ok and also responding to her personal ad emails. She’d dictate and I’d type (sometimes taking liberties with word-crafting and peppering the responses with some flirting).

There was one question that asked her, “What makes you nervous?” There were five options for the answer like talking in front of 500 people or jumping out of a plane but none of them appealed to her sense of fear. She opted to write her own in: Watching Three’s Company. Her reasoning? Those wacky characters are always getting in trouble and THAT makes her extremely nervous.

She slays me.

We humans are all so damn quirky. I love it.

“Well I wanna know you, wanna kiss you, wanna love you/wanna show you there’ll be no one else above you/and you’re mine/baby, well you’re my sweet, my sweet little baby/you should belong to me/oh smiling and free/yes you should be loving me/you should belong to me…” -You Should Belong To Me, Ray LaMontagne


31 thoughts on “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright

  1. I crack myself up commenting and emailing sometimes, and then I stop and think I am probably not nearly as hilarious as I seem to myself at the time. Still, it’s good to feel funny and not look back. 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Well, I missed the hubbub yesterday because I didn’t read through Bloglines! So glad your girlfriend (does your boy know you’re dating her, too?) is okay.

    Also, I am not nearly as funny as I think I am, especially late at night!

  3. So glad your friend is home and resting comfortably! Will continue sending the good vibes. 🙂
    My friend Heather and I have been mistaken for “partners” on two occasions–when she helped me pick out an air conditioner at Sears, and when we were shopping for a birthday present for my little cousin at the toy store. WTF?

  4. Gawd! You really ARE her BFF if you’ll hang out and watch the People’s Court.

    A good friend of mine likes to watch Judge Judy which I categorize in the same genre and I’ll just never understand the appeal. *shrugs* It’s at least entertaining to make fun of the people on the show.

    Geez, where would be if we couldn’t entertain ourselves at others’s expense?

  5. Believe me, even when you’re not funny, we readers find you very funny. It just changes from laughing WITH you to laughing AT you. Yeah, we’re good like that. :o)

    Glad to hear the BFF is doing better, though I’m not sure how you survived People’s Court. I didn’t know that show still had a life.

  6. This is so sweet and it very much reminds me of the interactions my nearest and dearest and I have – we completely understand and adore each other… and we all think the others are complete goofs! 🙂

  7. Well, now I want to meet your friend.

    And people always think I’m dating my BFF Hol. I don’t have the heart to tell them that, not only am I straight, but it would be like dating my brother on the Ick Scale.

  8. That’s too funny! I swear, I think only in Seattle and San Francisco would people assume that “girl friend” would mean you two were lesbians.

    Glad to hear the test results came through for her:)

  9. OMG I also get nervous around Three’s Company and thought I was the only person who did that.

    I find that when I spend time with my female friends who have a baby, people often think we are a couple. Must be that Bay Area thing.

  10. See, I’ve never understood why people say “girl friend” at all if they don’t mean “girlfriend.” Why not just “friend”?

    Glad to hear yours is doing all right.

  11. I’m glad your friend’s doing better – I only just came online and read yesterday’s post today, if you see what I mean. But why did they make her shave her groin of she was having heart problems? Are American doctors as obsessed with probing women’s girlie parts as they are over here in the UK?

    Heck, if you can make yourself laugh that’s all that matters! Even if no one else finds you funny just do what I do: tell them they have no sense of humour 😉

  12. See, I have never even met you but I knew you were a true and loyal friend. If I ever have that breast lift I’ve promised myself, I’ll be expecting you to be my “girlfriend” for the process.

  13. Considering I didn’t get over here to ‘see’ you until all the drama was over, I’m just glad all went well.

    You crack me up. It isn’t all sleep deprived hilarity…

  14. You’re a very good friend! You know, I can totally see the whole freakout over Three’s Company because I get that way with Inspector Gadget (*cough cough* not that I watch that show anymore…) and it makes my heart pound.

  15. You got to love what other people comment and reading responses can be funny.. Glad to hear Bff is doing well..

  16. That girlfriend thing kills me. My friend and I went somewhere together and she referred to me as her girl friend, and everyone assumed the same thing, only I had three kids with me, so then they started asking questions about adoption/insemination. We toyed with the idea of making things up but then just explained the girl _ friend, not girlfriend thing.

    I TOTALLY get the reasoning on that making her nervous! I feel the same way.

  17. sometimes taking liberties with word-crafting and peppering the responses with some flirting

    LOL You are funny. This is not fatigue-induced. Just a little daily affirmation from Bone.

    Yeah, I try to avoid referring to my guy friends as “boy friends.”

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