Tune Me In

I need new music suggestions. I am tired of the same old songs in my iTunes. Can you help a girl out?

In the past month or so I’ve been over-listening to the following artists:

  • Tegan and Sara
  • Sara Bareilles
  • Iron & Wine 
  • Ingrid Michaelson
  • Smoking Popes
  • Against Me!
  • Miles Davis
  • Ella Fitzgerald

As you can see, my tastes run from punk to jazz to indie folk rock to emo. I’m pretty open when it comes to music so please, please, please send your suggestions my way. What are you grooving to? What do you recommend?

Let’s hear it for promises/Something sealed with a kiss/Let’s hear it for big mistakes/That you just couldn’t resist/Let’s hear it for bucket seats/Let’s try it like this. . ./Let’s hear it for letting someone totally ruin your life/Let’s hear it for love/Let’s hope it’s everything you hoped it would be. . .” -Let’s Hear It For Love, Smoking Popes


44 thoughts on “Tune Me In

  1. Hmmm… Give “Cause and Effect” a listen… their songs “Vicarage Road” and “Stay” are a good place to start (from their “Sunrise” EP). They’re kind of a male version of Tegan & Sara (but not really).

  2. I really like the band, A Fine Frenzy…try them on for size! Other than that, I am not much help because I do the same thing that you do!

  3. Ben Harper – Blues/Soul, He sings his own songs and also happens to be a great musician.

    KMFDM – I didn’t think I’d like the whole Electronica/Industrial movement, but these guys rock and no two songs are remotely the same.

    The Strokes – Rock n Roll baby!

    The Vandals – Great band, been around forever. They’re mostly punk/rock with very amusing lyrics.

  4. Funny you should ask! Today iTunes is offering Blake Lewis’s new song, “Break Anotha”! It’s a hip, kind of bouncy song, and very addictive. 😉 It is already up at #67 on the Top100.

    People are loving that song. Try it, you’ll like it!

  5. i know we’ve noticed that we have similar taste in music before. i like a lot that you mentioned… i hear a fine frenzy is good too. im very into feist, ben harper, joe purdy, jim bianco, kate havnevik, imogen heap, joshua radin, and damien rice. let me know if you want specific songs to download!

  6. I second Tobiwan with Ben Harper. You also might want to try Imogen Heap or Kate Havnevik (One of my favs) if you don’t mind UK sound. Also, from Grey’s episodes I’ve really started to like Kendall Payne.

  7. I like Sandra and Brookem’s suggestions, respectively. Here’s a list of the top of my head that you might like (in no particular order):

    Sondre Lerche
    Tom Waits
    Chet Baker
    The Bad Pluses
    The Weepies
    Mason Jennings
    Beautiful Girls
    Belle & Sebastian
    Brett Dennen
    The Sleepy Jackson
    Joshua James
    The Feeling
    Fruit Bats
    The Magic Numbers
    The Pipettes

  8. When I’m bored at work, I’ve been listening to Kanye West’s Stronger. It just has a beat that kind of perks me back up. I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to music, and probably not that surprising, much of what I listen to are movie soundtracks.

  9. I don’t know if you already listen to any of these, but here’s my list:

    Sarah Harmer
    Cloud Cult
    Tilly and the Wall (They tap dance in lieu of drums)
    Sufjan Stevens (esp. Come on feel the Illinoise)
    Aimee Mann
    Amy Winehouse (she’s kind of crazy but the music is good)
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    M. Ward
    Mates of State

    If you’d like any specific song recommendations, send me an email and I’ll let you know.

  10. Check out the cd Neverending White Lights.

    I actually think you need to listen to some good Canadian rock… check out Theory of a Deadman …

    dont let the name scare you off!

  11. Mike Doughty, Prefab Sprout, Elvis Costello, Kate Bush and Lyle Lovett just released a new cd with his Very Large Band. I still love his Joshua, Judges, Ruth cd. And I like Eminem.
    Email me if you want any specific titles, dude.

  12. hmm off the top of my head, some you I’m sure you know already:

    -Matt Pond PA (myspace.com/mattpondpa)
    -Gemma Hayes (myspace.com/gemmahayes)
    -Coconut Records (yeah it’s Jason Schwartzman’s band but it’s hella good – myspace.com/coconutrecords)
    -Dragonette (cool electro pop – myspace.com/dragonetteband)
    -Let’s Go Sailing (myspace.com/letsgosailing)
    -Great Northern (myspace.com/GreatNorthern)
    -Earlimart (myspace.com/Earlimart)
    -LoveLikeFire (myspace.com/lovelikefire)
    -The Happy Hallows (myspace.com/thehappyhollows)
    -Gliss (myspace.com/gliss)

  13. Feist has been on a loop for the last couple weeks at my house…also a Jenny Lewis and Neko Case fan. The Knife is good but they’re totally off the wall (in my mild-midwestern opinion).

    This was a brilliant post, now I’ve got more ideas for music…

  14. Here’s a list of what I’ve been listening to recently, with “clues” on the random stuff:

    Andrew Bird
    The National
    The Decemberists
    Pete Yorn
    Hugh Masekela (jazz)
    The Idan Raichel Project (Israel/Ethiopia)
    Neko Case
    Rokia Traore (Africa)
    Seu Jorge (Brazil)
    Alan Toussaint (New Orleans jazz)
    Eddie From Ohio (an indie band from Virginia)
    Bettye Lavette (motown)

  15. When I’m feeling that way, I make a smart playlist in iTunes that filters by last play date to bring up stuff I haven’t listened to in a long time.

    Other no cost options to try:
    Pandora: you can type in an artist or song you like, and it will play songs that have similar features that it thinks you will like.

    Hype Machine: an online music aggregator with a broad range of searchable music.

  16. When I want something new without having to put any thought in it, I stream 89.3 the current from Minnesota Public Radio. Love the variety, and not what you think of when you think of public radio.

  17. I read this post and instantly thought, “I don’t know what that is! I hate it! *click*”

    Now, why would I think that? 😉

  18. Today I listened to Lyle Lovett’s ‘It’s Not Big It’s Large’ and Springsteen’s new record, ‘Magic’. I love them both, for many reasons.
    Now there’s a couple randoms for ya!

  19. If you don’t already… which I am sure you do… listen to John in the morning at KEXP 90.3.
    Panda and Angel
    Carissa’s Weird
    Band of Horses
    All local bands, related to one another. Though, obviously Band of Horses is no longer just local. (And may not even be claiming Seattle as home anymore)
    If you only try one, start with Panda and Angel.

  20. I think you would dig Aimee Mann, if you don’t listen to her already. Lost in Space and the Magnolia soundtrack are my favs.
    I was going to suggest Belle & Sebastian but somebody beat me to it.
    Classic Bowie never fails to make me smile, and a little ridiculous 80’s alterna-pop (i.e., Men Without Hats, Psychadelic Furs, Elvis Costello) is always fun too!

  21. Sizz-
    It seems like we have very similar music taste! A lot fo the artists I was going to suggest are up above already. (For example, I totaly second Mates of State!) I think you might like the Ditty Bops as well.

    I was trying to find a way to email you directly so as not to appear less like a total narcissistic jerkoff, but I think you might like some of the stuff my band does. Casual Carpool you might like at the myspace link (and you can get that song for free).
    If you do like the music at all, I would send you a free CD – we are on itunes, but I don’t know how to gift digital downloads.

    Anyhoo, happy listening (to everything) – I get a lot of good recommendations off blogs like stereogum and music for robots and the owl mag.

  22. OMG. YOU didn’t come to ME first?!
    I am shocked!
    just kidding.

    ok here is my current list of faves:
    young galaxy
    the age of rockets
    SEAN HAYES = we just saw him at Doug Fir. Fab!
    rilo kiley
    grace potter and the nocturnals
    kate earl
    laura veirs
    over the rhine
    rogue wave
    the wailin’ jennys
    xavier rudd


  23. oh iron and wine…so in love! That was one of our wedding songs..well I mean artists. Totally agree with above recommendation for Jose Gonzalez, you will not be dissapointed. Huge Jacob Zachary fan, I think you have to listen to him through MySpace or VIRB….personal friend too, he is incredible.

  24. Hey i think you should definatly check out Martina Sorbara. She’s the singer from Dragonette but her solo album is a lot different than the band. As far as I know it’s her only solo album.
    Also if you check out Tilly and the Wall listen to Sing Songs Along. For some reason it reminds me of Against Me.

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