All In A Day’s Work

Yesterday while I was hanging out with my nephew, he discovered a barrette. He hmeclippyeld it in his little hand, looking at it quizzically. Then he put it in his mouth. “Nope, not right,” he thought. So he tried sticking it in his ear. “Hmmm, this might be where this goes but I’m not convinced.” He handed it over to me and I unclipped it and fastened it in my hair. His eyes lit up. So THAT’s what it is for. (And yes, I look very silly.)

So I did what any crazy Aunt would do. . . I picked him up and carried him into the clippybathroom where, as he stood on the toilet seat, I took the barrette from my hair and placed it in his. His hand reached up to touch it and he grinned. I hoisted him on my hip so he could see in the mirror. He saw his reflection and his smile beamed. He looked so ridiculous that I started laughing. Like really laughing. He looked at me, looked at himself in the mirror and threw his head back (just like how his mom laughs) giggling like a little crazy person.textingfinn

It was the best moment. I’m still smiling because of it.

Promptly after he had to text all his friends to tell them about it.

Being an Aunt is the coolest thing ever.

(Has nothing to do with this post: You guys rule with all those musical suggestions! I’ve been checking them all out and now I have like 1000 My Space musical friends. Awesome!)

” My head rings of you/A melody that’s hard to sing out/Twisting around/With no cadence/And no root/By dissonance/I sing of you…” -Your Melody, Greg Laswell


25 thoughts on “All In A Day’s Work

  1. I LOVE that kind of laugh from kids! How awesome that you got to experience it. I wish my brother or my husband’s sister would hurry up and have babies. I have a feeling I would be the fun aunt like you are.

  2. Oh he is so cute!! I love it when babies laugh like that! I just love babies in general. You know, the laughing happy chubby ones 🙂

  3. I totally agree – being an aunt rocks because you get to be so silly. And there’s nothing quite like full-on baby laugh. The great cure-all! 🙂

  4. Ahhhhh!! That is A-DORABLE! I love when little ones crack up like that because someone else is laughing, and even though they might not fully “get it”, they just KNOW something hilarious is going on.
    Props too for not being shy about putting a silly little barrette in your nephew’s hair. 🙂

  5. The absolute best part of being around little people is showing them new things. Re-experiencing the joy of things like barrettes are what makes it all worth while.

  6. most of the time, i think children show us the wonder in the smallest of things and that sometimes, we take ourselves waayy too seriously.

    you are by far one of the coolest aunt’s i know.

  7. My nephew wears a barrette (from our childhood no less) because his hair is so long and gets in his eyes. My sister has taught him to say “My name is >>> and I’m a BOY.” The barrette looks awesome.

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