Totally Inconvenient

I thought maybe I was just being a bit of a hypochondriac. That’s typical of me sometimes. My eyes were burning. My energy level felt low. I was achy all over. I figured, maybe, it was just really bad PMS and my fatigue from working so much catching up to me.

But this morning, I awoke to that dreaded heavy feeling in my chest. Oh yes, my first winter cold has come.

Damn you germs!

Being sick is never convenient but with me, I tend to get a cold at the exact time a big holiday hits. Like, in case you weren’t in the know, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I’m hosting 5 people at my place- cooking the bird and the mashed potatoes and gravy. I’ve got an apartment to clean, errands to run, music mixes to make, AND I have to be at my sister’s tomorrow morning at 6:00am to take them to the airport.

My boss has been pushing for me to take today off since I’ve been putting in the extra hours and I think I just might have to do that even if there is plenty to be done. I’ll pop in for a couple hours and then head to the store where I will stock up on things like vitamins, juice, tea and kleenex. This cold is NOT going to beat me! I have plans. I have things to do. I have vacation days to enjoy!

Preparing for the worst but expecting the best- wish me luck.

“I asked for the truth, every time/And now the ugly details/Are stuck in my mind /And there’s a premonition/I keep putting off/And the more time passes/The more I get soft/I’m standing up there in a weakened state/And it’s not great/All that time/Did it pass while you were looking back/Waiting?/Often I’m waiting on the one/That maybe won’t come/Waiting/And I’m not saying anything/You think that I forgot/Cuz I’m not saying anything/But I’m thinking a lot…” -Weakened State, Sarah Harmer


25 thoughts on “Totally Inconvenient

  1. Colds always seem to happen like that, don’t they? I got my first winter cold while I was in VA being a maid of honor. I drank a lot of Emergen-C and also took Zicam – I really think that helped!

    Feel better – and good luck! And also: Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I feel your pain Sizzle. I’ve been fighting the same cold for over a week now.
    Take care, take the time off and enjoy your day tomorrow. Have loads of fun:)

  3. Luck to you, sista! I’ve been feeling a cold coming on for days now…it’s a tease. I bet it will slap me in the face as soon as Monday arrives. (I’d rather be sick over the weekend, since I don’t have any time left to take off this year at. all.)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. So sorry you’re not feeling well when you’ve got to be the hostess with the mostess tomorrow! Why is it the under the weather feelings ALWAYS show up around holidays? I know all too well about sickness not kicking in until then. urrr….

  5. Kick the cold, fight the lines at the store and go have yourself a very merry Thanksgiving. Oh yeah, one other thing, don’t be afraid to delegate. People love to help, so you’ll make them feel better and maybe lighten your own load in the process!

  6. 😦 I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, Sizzle. Get well soon! Like tonight.

    I take 1000mg of Vitamin C everyday. At least, I think that’s Vitamin C.

    I took Friday off so I can have a four day weekend! Because I know you were concerned about my work schedule 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you console your self with a fantastic feast. Feed a cold, starve a fever. Whoa. I’m sounding like… my grandmother. Feel better soon!

  8. Sending cranberry sauce kisses, for a speedy recovery, and big fun today! 🙂
    Happy Thanksgiving! feel better, bb.

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