Each Fork in the Road

Thanksgiving was wonderful in spite of my early rising (5:30 am to take the family to the airport), my head cold (vitamins, sleep and tea really do help), and a roasting pan that was a smidge too large for my small oven. The turkey turned out deliciously moist, the potatoes not lumpy and the gravy a tad salty but who cares when there is so much to ingest- candied yams, brussel sprouts and homemade cranberry sauce a la Hillz, cheesy cauliflower and sausage stuffing a la Wookie, potsticker appetizers and bottles of vino a la Faithy, rolls and beers a la Putzy, and a cheese plate and mud pie a la the Fella- we feasted like royalty and laughed like we were all a bunch of comedians.

I am thankful for so many things but this year, maybe more than any other year, I am thankful for every wrong move that made it right. This song keeps playing on in my head:

Somehow I find myself far out of line
from the ones I had drawn
Wasn’t the best of paths, you could attest to that,
but I’m keeping on.
Would our paths cross if every great loss
had turned out our gain?
Would our paths cross if the pain it had cost us
was paid in vain?

There was no pot of gold, hardly a rainbow
lighting my way
But I will be true to the red, black and blues
that colored those days.

I owe my soul to each fork in the road,
each misleading sign.
‘Cause even in solitude, no bitter attitude
can dissolve my sweetest find.

Thanksgiving for every wrong move that made it right.
-Poi Dog Pondering

This place that I am in- it’s right where I need to be. Life. Is. Good.


14 thoughts on “Each Fork in the Road

  1. Mmm, you’ve made me hungry now šŸ˜‰

    I’m glad your cold didn’t manage to spoil it. I’ve been useless with a cold since yesterday morning. I still feel ready to drop :/

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