Hey Sizz? Whatcha been doing?

  • sleeping (lots and lots of it)
  • eating leftovers (all gone!)
  • dancing with the fella (I’m teaching him to swing)
  • watching Blades of Glory and Hot Fuzz while high (on life, cough)
  • getting my gray hairs dyed (I’m at least 5 years younger now)
  • waking up feeling like my head was full of phlegm and the fella bringing me tea in bed, feeding the cats and doing the dishes (he’s a gem)
  • staying in my pjs until 5:30pm watching Say Anything and Ghostbusters athe guildnd the Animal Planet while periodically napping and frequently blowing my nose, snuggled on the couch with the fella (awww)
  • finally venturing out of the apartment to see the new Coen Brothers movie (excellent), eat a little Thai food and warming ourselves with specialty hot beverages
  • watching football, reading blogs, wishing there was just one more more day of vacation
  • finally feeling almost not sick!
  • wondering how doing so little can make a person so lazy

“You’ve got a way to keep me on your side/You give me cause for love that I can’t hide/For you I know I’d even try to turn the tide/Because you’re mine, I walk the line…” -I Walk the Line, Johnny Cash


18 thoughts on “Hey Sizz? Whatcha been doing?

  1. Oooo, I really want to see that No Country For Old Men. I hear the bad guy’s really bad and from my track record…I like bad guys. πŸ™‚

  2. OH I found a grey hair the other day and I totally just plucked it right out! WTF?? By the by, I LOVE swing dancing – show him right!! πŸ˜€

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