Spoke Too Soon

Remember how I said yesterday that I was “finally feeling almost not sick”? Uh, yeah. I might have jinxed myself because holymotherofgod I have been blowing my nose for 12 hours straight. How can a person have that much mucus!? I slept for shit because I had to wake up about every hour to clear out the phlegm factory. Gross! I know! I had to sleep with two pillows propping my head up so I could attempt to sleep without a coughing fit which has led to my neck feeling incredibly sore. I’m a mess. It’s not pretty.

I bought some generic cold medicine and took two doses of it yesterday before heading to bed. . . and subsequently have felt MORE sick after taking that then I have the entire weekend. Is it possible medicine can make a person more sick? How?

And of course not going into work is a very bad thing since we have two huge events this week but I am not fit for human interaction. How can I get anything done when I am sneezing, coughing and blowing my nose every few minutes? I have so much work to do but it’s just going to have to be done from home today. That’s it. I have made the decision. I must stay home lest I get more sick and am unable to fulfill my duties at the events later this week. Now THAT would be bad.

Have I mentioned how much- how very, very much- I hate being sick?? It’s so inconvenient!

“And all the suffering that you’ve witnessed/And the hand prints on the wall/They remind you how it’s endless/How endlessly you fall/And the answer that you’re seeking/For the question that you found/Drives you further to confusion/As you lose your sense of ground/So don’t forget to breathe/Don’t forget to breathe/Your whole life is here/No eleventh hour reprieve/So don’t forget to breathe…” -Breathe, Alexi Murdoch


28 thoughts on “Spoke Too Soon

  1. Poor Sizz! It is a crime that we have to feel bad about staying home sick in this country. I am quite sure that your co-workers appreciate it!
    Feel better!! (I am hoping I escaped the cold my dad was coming down with as I was leaving their house, fingers and toes crossed…)

  2. Noooo!! I thought you were on the homestretch of that nasty cold of yours! Take good care of yourself lady, make some tea, and just relax today! I hope you kick that beast soon!

  3. And you should stay home because getting others in the office sick would be counter-productive. Especially if they too are involved in the events.

    Give yourself as much love as the fella does and maybe, just maybe, you’ll begin to get better.

  4. Feel better. If your new gym has a steam room, I HIGHLY recommend it — even better if they happen to have eucalyptus spray. That is about the only thing that actually helped me when I had a cold a couple weeks ago.

    And the way you talk about The Fella makes me so very, very happy for you — all sorts of warm fuzzy feelings.

  5. Every time I wish you would feel better… you end up getting sicker. I must be cursed! Here’s some reverse karma psychology for you… DON’T get better Sizzle!


  6. I’m going to get sick soon, I can just feel it… well mostly I just feel that being surrounded by sick people and college students doesn’t give me much of a shot….

  7. I got sick last week. No one around me is sick. I’m thinking, I caught it through you via the internet. It’s the only possible solution. I hope you feel better soon!!

  8. Yeesh! Feel better 😦 I know it’s hard and you feel icky when you wake up, but try to get a lot of sleep! I hope you’ll be ready for human interaction soon enough

  9. Send someone for hot and spicy chicken soup from your favorite Asian restaurant. The hot stuff will drain your sinuses, and there the magic unknown healing in chicken soup. Feel better!

  10. How can a person have that much mucus!?

    I’ve wondered that very thing before. No one has ever answered it to my satisfaction. Those endless mucus colds are not fun. *Hugs* I hope you’re feeling better by the time you read this.

  11. I’ve been sick as well with the same thing. My nose is so red/sore that I look like Rudolph and even Ted said last night “your nose is really gross…but I feel for you.” Fortunately, I seem to have started to dry up (after three days of this crap!) and I’m doing better today. I hope you’re feeling better soon!

  12. You’re the second person online who’s said they’re sick now – I seriously thought I was the only one. I’ve been on the sofa in a state of dazed phlemgyness for about four days now :/

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