Please Let Today Be Better

I woke up with a list of things I wanted to accomplish yesterday. I spent 20 or so minutes lying in bed, slapping the snooze button and shooing away pestering cats, going over the day in my head.

It was going to go something like: morning routine (shower, tea, blog, breakfast) with a few minor Christmas-related packaging/present stuff then off to the post office, the DMV, work, then babysitting, then the grocery store, craft store and home to craft. I was going to get stuff done!

Oh Sizzle, you optimist. You’re about to get your bubble burst.

I managed to get one package out in the mail (look for it Dumpling and Jersey Girl!) so I was feeling rather accomplished as I made my way to the Department of Licensing. I got there, took my number and perused the driving pamphlet while I waited for my turn. And then I waited some more. 45 minutes after I had finished reading the booklet from front to back, I was still sitting there. I should have brought my knitting. I could have been getting things done. I was bored out of my mind.

I finally got called up to the counter by a female employee who seemed less than enthused to assist me. I greeted her and told her I needed a Washington driver’s license. She let a few moments pass as I stood there waiting for her to say something to me like what I was supposed to do next. I finally asked her. Her response was something like, “It’d help to see your picture ID for starters.”

Uh, okay. Am I supposed to read your mind? I need a license for the first time in this state and you expect me to just KNOW everything you need from me? After we fill out a bunch of paperwork she asks me for proof of residency.

Oh shit.

Yeah, I didn’t bring any utility bill or anything with me. “Ma’am I cannot issue you a license without proof of residency,” she says with exasperation in her voice. Like I was even suggesting she just let it slide. Her attitude wasn’t making my foible any easier to bear.

So I drove all the way back home to find the proof and then turned around and went right back to her. I get to the counter. She types some stuff. I write a check. She asks to see my ID again.

I can’t find it.

My purse is the size of a small country with only one pocket. It’s not the smartest purchase I have ever made but nevermind that. I can’t find the damn license though I KNOW she handed it back to me the first time I was at the counter.

I feel like an idiot. I run out to my car and half-way there realize it is in my back pocket. I get back to her counter and say, “Ever have one of those days where you wish you had stayed in bed because nothing is going right?” She responds, “Yeah. Today.”

That makes two of us, lady.

I missed most of work because I was dealing with that mess (from arrival the first time to leaving the second time it took 2.5 hours). I manage to put in an hour at the office before I went over to babysit. I arrived about 30 minutes early but Dokey and Finn weren’t there. So I made myself a quesadilla and tried to calm down.

Finn and I ran an errand during our afternoon together. Normally, we’re stuck at home since I don’t have a carseat in my car but me being the let’s-try-to-accomplish -multiple-things-simultaneously kind of freakazoid, I convinced Dokey to put the seat in my car. Off to the craft store we went where Finn helped me pick out yarn and beads and buttons. He has excellent taste, that nephew of mine.

Right as I turned onto their street, he fell fast asleep, so we hung out in the car for 45 minutes while he napped. Upon waking, I made him a grilled cheese which he gobbled up while simultaneously farting (oh kids!). Then I went home to burn my own dinner and try to relax.

I never did manage relax, honestly, but I did get 8.5 hours of sleep. That should help, right?

“Come on baby/Now throw me a right to the chin/Don’t just stare like you never cared/I know you did/You just smiled/ Like a bank teller/Telling me blankly, have a nice life. . .” -Selfless, Cold and Composed, Ben Folds


20 thoughts on “Please Let Today Be Better

  1. Law of averages says we’re due for a better day. Then again, there’s all those other “laws” to contradict it. šŸ™‚ I hope today is smooth sailing!
    (Also, I hate being stuck in waiting rooms with nothing productive to do. I really felt for you there.)

  2. I’m convinced the DMV is a version of Hell. It cracks me up they asked you for proof of residency and ID. I’ve married twice, so had to get new license each time, in a different state each time, yet neither asked me for a marriage license. Just told me to write my new info ON A POST-IT!! Then, ta-da, gave me a new license with my new name. So, basically, I could lie and be anybody I wanted! They are ridiculous.

  3. You said foible. That is one of my all time favorite words to say out loud. šŸ™‚

    Sleep Sizzle sleep, it WILL make everything all better.

    DMV sucks, plus one can not get in and out in just one visit it is against the law.

  4. I have been feeling sort of stressed the past few days. I finally started sleeping more and it has gotten slightly better, so hopefully the extra sleep will work for you too!

    The last two times I had to go to the DMV I was pregnant and at the one I go to, pregnant or disabled people get to (in fact they FORCE you to even if you say it isn’t necessary) cut in line. It was not so bad. Sadly the next time I have to go will probably seem awful since I am used to cutting!

  5. You definitely had one of those days. I’ve been there! Hope today is better for you.

    DMV can suck my ass by the way.

  6. This sounds like my DMV story. Oh yeah, and my Social Security Card story. It is like you need to reserve a whole day to deal with those mofo’s. If you’re not going to the DMV today, that is a guarantee of a better day! Or are you…?

  7. Didn’t you just write a post about not really being all that into the holidays this year? I no longer wonder why!!! You poor thing! If it makes you feel better, even on their best & brightest days, those DMV people (all over the nation) are in cranky, foul moods. I don’t think they were hugged as kids. They were probably dropped on their heads, too.

  8. LOL! The ending to that story can’t help but make me laugh! (Burned your own dinner and relaxed, is kind of like “Emperor’s New Groove”, where she says, tell us where the talking llama is ORRRRrrrrr we’ll burn your house to the ground. heh.)

    Sorry for all the excitement you had yesterday! Definitely one of “those days”.
    *Sends mind-numbing chocolate chip Xmas cookies-thoughts*

  9. This morning, after the car fumbled its way to starting in the driveway, I ran inside the house to grab a book to read at the shop while I waited to hear what was wrong/for them to fix it. I couldn’t find a book, though. Stared at the shelf, stared at the shelf, stared at the shelf…finally picked Fitzgerald’s “This Side of Paradise” and ran back out to the car. Where I saw my computer bag on the passenger seat. Um, DUH. I could do work while I waited for the car! Oops.

    When I went to get my new social security card a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t realize it, too, is an office that requires a long wait. Thanks goodness they had magazines there that weren’t all baby-related or car-related! I found an issue of Self that was about a year old, but it was still better than nothing!

    Hope today has been better for you, sista…

  10. Here’s a DMV story for ya: I went to DMV yesterday at about 11a to get tags on my truck, there were a load of ppl in there, SRO. I pull #13 off the machine, they’re on #3. Shouldn’t be too bad, right?! I waited about 2 minutes for #4 to be called, then 5, then 6 … turns out every single one of them in line in front of me had left. Heh. Dunno how it worked out, but I love the DMV … this time.

  11. Upon waking, I made him a grilled cheese which he gobbled up while simultaneously farting (oh kids!).

    He made you laugh and smile while doing it though, didn’t he? šŸ™‚

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