2nd Annual Blog Crush Day

blog crush dayIt was fairly recent that I discovered the woman who I am crowning my with my blog crush tiara this year. I think she found me first but once I got wind of her, I was hooked. I always look forward to her posts. Maybe it’s because she lives in one of my favorite cities or works at a non-profit too. Maybe it’s because she’s quirky and funny and plays the flute. I like her authenticity and how she shares her struggles. I like her sense of humor. I kinda wish we could go get a cocktail and dish a little.

So basically, I think she’s awesome. Well, duh. That’s pretty obvious.

My blog crush this year is Abbersnail from Bright Yellow World. You should check her out.

Hey Abbersnail! I’m sending you big love from the Pacific Northwest! 😉

Below the jump you’ll find a list of the other revealers. I’ll be updating the list all day. (If you don’t want to dedicate a post to it or do it more on the down low, feel free to leave a comment with it here.)

2008 Blog Crush Day Participants:

Co-Founder: Internal Monoblog


Snackie’s World


Quarter Life Crisis

Refuse to Blog

Bueno Morning



Skrinkering Hearts


Kaply Inc.

Radioactive Girl

It’s Like I’m . . Magic

Win or Lose, We Go Shopping

A Light’s On

Danza Della Vita

The Torn Pages


The Lisa Show

Memoirs of a ‘Gee

That, my friend, is a dark side…

Secondhand Tryptophan


Six Exits


Danza Della Vita

Princess Sparkle Pants Rocks the Blog

The Itsy Bitsy Monkey

The Price of Convenience


All Bully, All the Time

Snarkwife Dot Com


Andie Pandie

LV Gurl

That, my friend, is a dark side…



This is not my life.

Wondy Woman

Say it, don’t spray it!

Bright Yellow World

American Twentysomething 3.0 


36 thoughts on “2nd Annual Blog Crush Day

  1. Awesome list. Bright Yellow World is about to get a whole new world of fans! Now the onus is on everyone else on your list to post their very own crushes. This is a great idea, Sizzle – love love love it as a way to discover new blog (and possible future crushes…)

  2. Ack, the pressure! Now I must reveal my crush. I think I’ve figured out who it is, just need to write something as articulate as she would.

    Can’t wait to check out Bright Yellow World, and I love that she’s local. We should have a Seattle blogger meetup one of these days. I’m game!

  3. I thought about trying to do this for my entire blogroll and why I liked them but then I felt a little overwhelmed by the task. I can’t just pick one:)

  4. Whew! Thought of it last night at midnight, but knew whatever I wrote would be unintelligible. Thanks for the reminder this morning. I’ve revealed!

  5. Thanks for linking me… I had the same reaction when I saw your blog… I was like, “um i didn’t write this post. wait that’s my picture.” Then I realized we just had the same layout, LOL

  6. this was such a great idea!! i’m swamped at work today so i won’t have time to dedicate a post to it, but two blogs i am TOTALLY crushing on right now:

    nilsa (www.newsomi.com)
    holly (www.nothingbutbonfires.com)

    these women are both absolutely lovely, amazing, witty and sweet. i look forward to seeing new posts in my reader by them every day.

    happy friday!!

  7. i could barely keep up with my google reader before today and now? yeah, i’m gonna have to quit my job so i can read all these new and fantastic crush-worthy blogs.

    also? one way to actually get traffic on a friday is to start a blog craze. 😉

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  9. Hello Sizzle,
    I’ve been missing in action for the past four months spreading my wings as a professional cartoonist. I cannot believe my childhood dream finally came true 29 years after the fact. But I must truthfully say I miss reading your posts. So before I head off to dream land I wanted to pop by and for sure to wish you a blessed and safe holiday season! Hope you will continue to be your sizzling self in 2008 and I look forward to another year of silenting stalking your blog 🙂 Be well. Amy

  10. Thanks for including me – I thought this was a great idea to spread the love and make someone’s day! Will be reading from now on! WW x

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