I am a special dork.

I emailed my upstairs neighbor to ask him if he could turn down his amp when he’s practicing guitar. He’s been playing after the 9:00pm quiet hour time and while I can usually let some rule breaking slide, it was really pretty loud forcing me to turn up my TV or put in earplugs to sleep some nights. I am not a night owl while he, being the musician type that he is, is. I wake up at 6am. I generally am in bed before 11. I’m a real party animal at the ripe age of 34. Woo! Let me tell ya! Anyhow, I was all nervous to craft the email just so making sure I didn’t sound bitchy. Gawd, I think I need to reread “Anxious To Please” because seriously, he was playing awfully loud. I had every right to put in that request. Thankfully he was kind about it if not succinct in his answer (“sure”). And quite possibly, I am actually 84 years old in this 34 year old body.

Get off my lawn, kids!

I’m diligently sorting through the muck in my mind. Time helps. And solitude. And knitting. (Seriously, it calms me.) And the fact that come Thursday at 1pm, I will be off from work until Jan. 3rd. Oh blissfulness! I can make it. I can make it.

If this isn’t enough Sizzle for you today, why not check out my friend and fellow Seattlelite’s blog, Kaply, Inc. where I am guest posting as part of her Twelve Guests of Christmas.

And yes, I feel special.

“Love I get so lost, sometimes/days pass and this emptiness fills my heart/when I want to run away/I drive off in my car/but whichever way I go/I come back to the place you are/all my instincts, they return/and the grand facade, so soon will burn/without a noise, without my pride/I reach out from the inside. . .” -In Your Eyes, Peter Gabriel (though I am listening to Sara Bareilles’ cover of it)


23 thoughts on “I am a special dork.

  1. Timely, your post today! 🙂

    What is that old saying tho?
    “Pardon me, but would you mind moving over? You’re standing on my hand.”
    We apologise sometimes for stuff we shouldn;t even feel guilty about. Me too, definitely. *sigh*

  2. Oh the stories we could exchange about being 34 with loud upstairs neighbors. I have a college student living above me and her normal waking hours at home are 11PM-3AM. She loves Law and Order and I can pretty much tell you every episode she’s watched (because a number of times, her TV has actually woken me from deep sleep – yes, it’s loud). Thankfully, she rents and I own. Plus I’m on the Board for our condo association. So, when I ask her to SHUT THE F*** UP, well, she listens. And if not, her landlord certainly will. 🙂

  3. Seems like the right amount of Sizzle for the day.

    There’s really no excuse for amped guitar playing in an apartment building. Doesn’t the guy have a pair of headphones he can plug into the amp? Then he can crank it as loud as he can and Pete Townshend his ears to oblivion.

  4. don’t start with your horror stories about noisy neighbours! I’m moving out next month and I don’t want hideously noisy neighbours!

  5. I am the same way with those kinds of email requests, revising and rewriting. Funny, I’m not at all like that when I just open my mouth and yell at people. Probably good I don’t do that so much any more.

  6. i could have just walked up there but i figured he wouldn’t hear my knocking.

    ok, who am i kidding?! i was totally avoiding face-to-face confrontation because i felt guilty about having a need that was in direct contrast to his apparent need to play his guitar loudly past quiet hours.

    so there.

  7. “This is my new number” – that’s pretty funny. And no one texted you back?

    I am the neighbor who is in bed by 9 every night during the week, but then parties balls until 5 am with them on weekends. My neighbors can’t figure me out.

  8. um, when I lived in apts., I was the worst 87 yr old man out there. Any extra noise that was not appropriate was not acceptable to me. Ugh, I was more worst enemy.

    Way to tell em!!

  9. Dan has been playing Rock Band every night until midnight and I fear getting the same email/letter from our neighbors. Guess the house thing helps a bit, but I know you can definitely hear it from the porch/driveway.

  10. Glad to hear you were nice about it – sometimes I catch myself and how I react to others. I like the “you’re standing on my hand” politeness if I actually choose how I react. But sometimes it’s BANG, oops, did I accidentally shoot you for standing on my hand? So sorry…

  11. Oh how I hate the face-to-face confrontation. I think you handled it well tho. And, sometimes I think I am also 84 years old in my 33 year old body. Sad. Whatever, at least I look good for 84. ha!

  12. Hmm…note to myself for when I pick up my guitar again. 😉 Ha! Right! I’m like an 80 year old woman when it comes to needing my sleep!
    Congrats on the much needed extended vacation. 🙂 Enjoy!

  13. When my downstairs neighbor came upstairs to complain about the noise being made from my BF playing Rock Band, I was so embarrassed. I had never met him before and on first meeting he sees BF wailing on the fake drum kit!

  14. I am like an old woman now too! I used to go to bed around the time I now get up for the day! I knit (which I know you know) and am trying to figure out the line between it being hip and young and cool, and just knitting old grandma stuff. I am about to start a blanket that the pattern calls an afghan. I can’t call it that because that just sounds so grandma to me and I am not ready to be there at 32!

    What are you knitting? Have you checked out ravelry.com? I swear I don’t get anything from them for mentioning them, I just think it is the coolest site ever.

  15. Did the email to your neighbor work? I know he said “sure”, but has he obliged? That was my one huge gripe about living in apartments, the noise from above. I swear our neighbor upstairs did lines because you could hear what sounded like a razor blade dividing up the white stuff and then suddenly lots of activity. I may have called the police once and he may have not answered the door.

  16. People can be sooo inconsiderate! I hate having loud neighbors! You seem so nice and it was considerate to email. IF he gets loud again just send him SPAM!

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