Down She Goes

We were at the hospital until 2:00am last night.

Let me explain.

All day I’d been feeling weak and incredibly cold. Like cold to my core. I couldn’t get warm. I felt achy all over and just thought it was really bad PMS. I went home and got immediately into bed where I slept off and on for about 2 hours. I got up to heat some water for the hot water bottle and that’s when it happened. I felt very dizzy and light headed, the next thing I knew there was blood.

I was very disoriented and still, hours later, I can’t really tell you the proper sequenfloorce of things. I must have fainted and cracked my head on the small blue stool in my kitchen. (There are still traces of blood but The Fella tried to clean it up so I wouldn’t have to see it.) I called The Fella who rushed over. I called my Mom who told me to hang up and call 911. I called 911 and they came. My sis called and I was on the phone with her when I went over to my neighbor’s house. I was afraid I’d pass out again and the paramedics or The Fella wouldn’t be able to get in the building. Apparently, I was profusely apologizing to my neighbors. I don’t really know her and she had company. I was bleeding a lot out of the back of my head. It wasn’t pretty. I wasn’t making any sense. Head trauma can do this to a person.

We went to the emergency room- The Fella and my brother-in-law, Double B. They helped me piece together what happened and fill out paperwork. They got me into a gown, hooked me up to an IV, blood pressure machine and heart rate monitor (is that what that thing on your finger is?). I texted some friends to let them know what happened then got scolded for using the cell in the hospital. (It interferes with the electronic equipment they said.) Double B left to call some of my friends and get some sleep. The Fella stayed, holding my hand, saying, “You’re my brave girl.” as they stitched up my head. (And he’s coming down with a cold himself- he’s such a gem.) Though, he wouldn’t take pictures of me like I asked. My reasoning being- this has to go on the blog! You don’t faint from fever (102 degrees when I arrived at the hospital.), cut open your head so they can see bone (that’s what they told me- ewww) and get stuck in a stupid gown and head wrap without documenting it. Am I right? Right.head trauma

I’m currently sporting a very sexy look. Hair matted with blood that can’t be washed until late tonight and a gauze head wrap. I’ve got a massive headache and I feel pretty weak. Today was supposed to be my last day of work before vacation. Guess “vacation” is coming a day early.

It’s always something.

I can’t even think about the hospital bill. It makes my head hurt worse.

P.S. To The Fella: I’m going back to bed this instant! I mean it! (You’re dating a blogger, whatchagonnado?)