Down She Goes

We were at the hospital until 2:00am last night.

Let me explain.

All day I’d been feeling weak and incredibly cold. Like cold to my core. I couldn’t get warm. I felt achy all over and just thought it was really bad PMS. I went home and got immediately into bed where I slept off and on for about 2 hours. I got up to heat some water for the hot water bottle and that’s when it happened. I felt very dizzy and light headed, the next thing I knew there was blood.

I was very disoriented and still, hours later, I can’t really tell you the proper sequenfloorce of things. I must have fainted and cracked my head on the small blue stool in my kitchen. (There are still traces of blood but The Fella tried to clean it up so I wouldn’t have to see it.) I called The Fella who rushed over. I called my Mom who told me to hang up and call 911. I called 911 and they came. My sis called and I was on the phone with her when I went over to my neighbor’s house. I was afraid I’d pass out again and the paramedics or The Fella wouldn’t be able to get in the building. Apparently, I was profusely apologizing to my neighbors. I don’t really know her and she had company. I was bleeding a lot out of the back of my head. It wasn’t pretty. I wasn’t making any sense. Head trauma can do this to a person.

We went to the emergency room- The Fella and my brother-in-law, Double B. They helped me piece together what happened and fill out paperwork. They got me into a gown, hooked me up to an IV, blood pressure machine and heart rate monitor (is that what that thing on your finger is?). I texted some friends to let them know what happened then got scolded for using the cell in the hospital. (It interferes with the electronic equipment they said.) Double B left to call some of my friends and get some sleep. The Fella stayed, holding my hand, saying, “You’re my brave girl.” as they stitched up my head. (And he’s coming down with a cold himself- he’s such a gem.) Though, he wouldn’t take pictures of me like I asked. My reasoning being- this has to go on the blog! You don’t faint from fever (102 degrees when I arrived at the hospital.), cut open your head so they can see bone (that’s what they told me- ewww) and get stuck in a stupid gown and head wrap without documenting it. Am I right? Right.head trauma

I’m currently sporting a very sexy look. Hair matted with blood that can’t be washed until late tonight and a gauze head wrap. I’ve got a massive headache and I feel pretty weak. Today was supposed to be my last day of work before vacation. Guess “vacation” is coming a day early.

It’s always something.

I can’t even think about the hospital bill. It makes my head hurt worse.

P.S. To The Fella: I’m going back to bed this instant! I mean it! (You’re dating a blogger, whatchagonnado?)


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  1. Holy crap! So glad you’re OK, but dude! That’s scary. I’ve now officially got the chills thinking about your exposed skull bone.

  2. Oh my gosh, how scary! Thank God you were able to get to a phone and get to the neighbors house. Get some rest and I hope you feel better real soon!! 😦

  3. Ahhh Sizzzzzzle!!!!! What a scare! I’m so glad that you’re okay and are able to find humor in the whole situation, and come back to the blog world and report it all to us!

    Hoping you get better real soon!


  4. Holy head injury…remember mine? I wobbled over to neighbors too and it hurt like a mother…thankfully there was no blood or ambulance involved, but I can relate to the pain and blacking out. I’m so sorry…but man, you even look cute in your head wrap :o) Happy healing and get some rest Sizz – P.S. I puffy heart the fella.

  5. Oh my GOD Sizzle! I got the Flickr pictures first, and thought WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED??!!?!?!

    (Then I darted over to your blog, updates must be there!)

    Thank goodness you’re okay! Thank goodness The Fella was with you. That is so scary.

    Please take it easy and rest up!

  6. Holy scary!!!

    OMG, at least they got you taken care of!

    And um, you were totally right: there should have been photos documenting all of that!

  7. Oh my gosh, girl, I am so glad you’re okay! That is so scary.
    I’m glad you have many people to take care of you— and yes, go back to bed! Heal up soon!

  8. Poor Sizzle!!! You have a good man if he will stand by you in the ER. πŸ™‚
    So, do they have any idea what’s wrong? Perhaps you just overexerted yourself and came down with a mega-bug?
    Good heavens, feel better soon, you poor little doll. 😦

  9. ouch! thank god you’re okay though… sounds like the flu – my boyfriend suffered the same thing (sans the stitche) and he couldn’t get warm to save his life… i hate being sick, more than anything, so have faith that you’ll be better in a day or so… at least i was…

  10. OMG – I am so glad that you’re ok. I saw your pictures on Flickr and wasn’t sure if you were wearing a fake bandage to cover the fact that you are a bloody axe murderer or if you almost got axe-murdered!! Poor doll!!

    Feel better soon!

  11. Sorry very glad your okay and that the Fella was there so quickly.
    Hopefully the headache will subside. And I concur with whit – a santa hat should cover the bandage just fine.
    Take care of yourself Sizzle.

  12. Oh my God! Woman, you need to take care of yourself! That sounds so bad. I hope you’re taking things easy now. Get that fella of yours to give you lots and lots of tlc, okay? Feel better soon πŸ™‚

  13. Sizzle!! Yikes! I’m sorry that you hurt yourself and are feeling less than amazing but I’m happy to know that you have so many people around you to help take care of you (and monitor your blogging while you recuperate!) . Wishing you a speedy recovery filled with many ‘get-well’ presents and good wishes! Feel better!

  14. Oh my word! I saw the pictures on Flickr and ran right on over here to read what happened – you poor thing! I absolutely HATE fainting (I’m anemic and so it happens to me once in a while) and to cut yourself up on top of it?

    take it easy!

  15. Oh my. Sounds like you didn’t recover from that cold/flu you had recently. I say call in sick to work and take it easy when you’re sick like that. I remember a post about handing out cookies where you were really really sick.. Your health and well being comes first. If you’re sick again.. take the time for yourself early on before you run yourself into the ground. Does your work not provide health insurance for the hospital bill, no? If not, ever consider changing jobs? You are very talented/bright. Take care.

  16. I cannot wait to hear more of an explanation of what the hell happened to you, but I’m with Foo…even in a head wrap and gown, you still look adorable! How do you DO that??? (And I know you don’t believe us, but it’s true. I think it’s your eyes, or something, girlie.)

    Feel better soon. Yay for you being ok!!

  17. Oh, man, how awful…but that head wrap IS pretty kick ass, so maybe it wasn’t all bad. Hope you heal quickly.

  18. Our mutual friend just told me what you texted her. Dude!! 102 is like some serious craziness. So glad your mom made you dial 911. If watching House has taught me anything it’s that 1.) It’s not lupus, and 2.) Head wounds bleed like a mofo.

    Seriously, I’m soooo glad that you’re okay.

    P.S. That head wrap is teh sexy.

  19. Wow, holy crap! I wasn’t even going to read blogs today but something told me to go to yours for some odd reason.

    I am so glad that you are alive, even though you are injured. I have to laugh that you wanted pics for the blog…that is so me.

    Get better and rest rest rest!!!!

  20. Geez…can’t leave you alone for a couple of days without you going and hurting yourself??? Seriously, I’m glad you’re okay and it sounds like you have a great support team. Who could ask for more?

    (If you’re listening, “Fella”…you done good.)

    Recover quickly, dear one… we want you to be able to enjoy the holidays ‘pain free’! {{hugs}}

  21. Sizz, are you ok? Wow a head crack is no little thing! IΒ΄m so glad you had the fella and your family there with you, that must have been very scarry. IΒ΄m glad youΒ΄re better. Cuidate!!!

  22. Holy cow!! So glad you were able to keep it together long enough to get to the hospital. Now I agree with your Fella…take it easy.

    Though I can totally relate to the urge to blog!

  23. OMG, Sizz! Despite the veil of humor over it all, that’s pretty terrifying. (Course I probably would’ve tried for ER action shots for the blog too if it’d been me πŸ˜‰ I’m glad you had people nearby to call and that you’re feeling well enough to post.

    Take good care of yourself and don’t overdo it even if you’re not done with xmas stuff! I’m sure your family and friends will understand.

  24. OMG — I’m glad that you’re okay and home and able to even type this out. I’ve fainted a few times before (even in public) but fortunately never cracked my head open (even after hitting slate with my forehead). Thankfully, you had people that were around to take care of you. Don’t you have an ER co-pay that limits how much you’ll have to pay?

    Sounds like this was your body’s way of saying that you need a break for the holiday.

    I hope you’re feeling better soon and that headache/cold gets the Hell out of here!

  25. holy crap, woman! thank god you had the presence of mind to call people (and 911)! but the blogger in me absolutely loves that you photodocumented it all. πŸ™‚

    hope you feel better soon – take it easy!

  26. Gosh, Sizzle! I’m glad you’re OK and got to the hospital. Do they know what caused you to faint?

    Good for the The Fella for standing right there beside ya. And good for your neighbors, too. If my previous crazy neighbor had shown up with blood coming out of the back of his head making no sense, I’m not sure I’d have let him in πŸ™‚

  27. Okay so I saw a girl in the mall tonight wearing something similar on her head. Sadly, I do not think hers was a medical bandage but more of a ‘fashion accessory’ gone awry.

    And yes, I already commented once on this post, but I wanted you to know- you aren’t alone in your bandage wearing. Young Canadian girls are (apparently) making it the new fashion trend. You are ahead of the fashion curve my friend. Well done.

  28. WTF? I hope you are doing well! Take advice, and REST!!!!

    and really, you MUST take a day off from BLOGGING to REST!!!!

    and, will this head wound mess up your sassy hair? yes, i totally asked this question.

  29. Holy crap! I’m really, really sorry this happened to you. I can’t believe this happened to you. Yikes!

    But on a funnier note, we now all have confirmation that you’re a “head case.” Heh. πŸ˜‰

  30. I’m so glad to hear you’re ok! Wow! Did the doctors find out what caused it? I sincerely hope it was a one-time thing. Take care of yourself!!

  31. The flue that is going around is awful… I hope it was just dizziness from that.

    I hope you are feeling better and enjoying your vacation. Sounds like you need some rest.

  32. First of all, I’m glad you are alright!!! Now go back to bed. Secondly, You’re totally correct documentation. I can tell you were disoriented, otherwise we’d have pictures of blood, and stool, and kind neighbors.

    The finger thing measures blood oxygen saturation and pulse (I have spent a lot of time in hospitals, you pick up on stuff like that.)

    Lastly but certainly not leastly Good on ya Fella!!!! Take good care of our Sizzle.

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  34. Omigahhh…*dashes up to look at the newest blog for info*

    I hope you are feeling alright. head injuries are nothing to fool with. Take it very easy, this weekend!
    (gentle hugs)

  35. Sorry for my late comment sizzle. I am happy you are doing better, but sorry you had to go through all this. At least you get an extra day off, right? πŸ˜‰

  36. I didn’t finish!

    Oh my! My poor little internet buddy. Are you feeling any better? Did you ever find out what happened? I hope someone is staying with you this weekend.

    Big messy hugs!

  37. geez I get busy and leave blogland for a few days and you go and crack your head open… how come you still look cute with your head wrapped in gauze?

    the fella sure was there for you!

    sounds like he’s a keeper!

  38. Aw Sizz! I take a few days away from the computer and come back to read about this. How awful!! I hope the nauseau passes quickly and you’re back to usual real quick. What a way to end the year! ((((hugs))))

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