I’m A Head Case

I really appreciate all of your concern and sweet comments. I’m slowly feeling better if not still light-headed and sleepy. As my blog brother Kevin said in his recent comment, this is certainly confirmation that I am indeed a “head case.” Heh. That made me laugh.

Kapgar said:

Holy crap! I’m really, really sorry this happened to you. I can’t believe this happened to you. Yikes!

But on a funnier note, we now all have confirmation that you’re a “head case.” Heh. 😉

And then someone else, AKA “Santa,” commented hours later, confirming I am a “head case” but I don’t think they meant it in the same way. What do you think?

New comment on your post #1701 “Down She Goes”
Author : Santa (IP: , 207-105-108-4.ded.pacbell.net)
E-mail : santaclaus02252007@live.com
Whois : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
It seems as if many bad things have been happening to you lately, doesn’t it? Its called karma. Remember, you reap what you sow. I think you know what I mean, don’t you? I’m not buying your constant victim act. Maybe the other people who read this bog do, but not me. If I were the “fella” I’d run for the hills. He has no idea what he is getting himself into, but he’ll learn soon enough. You’re crazy. That’s why no one has wanted to marry you and that’s why no one ever will.

Merry Christmas

I am about 99% sure I know who wrote this. It smacks of him and his cruelty. It’d be just like him to post something mean on a post where I had cracked my fucking head open and had to go to the Emergency Room. Because apparently, I am a bad person playing the victim in his mind and I don’t deserve any kindness. If this is the person I think it is, I could say very mean and spiteful things back to him but I won’t. I’ve cut off contact with him for very good reasons. This comment is just one piece in a long list of evidence as to why I had to.

I deleted it out of my comments because it did what he wanted it to. . . it hurt me. And then I decided to post it here for all of you to read because I don’t keep secrets. Because I’m not perfect. Because sitting back and letting this person’s words play over and over in my head isn’t going to do me a damn bit of good.

And because if I didn’t, I’d start believing this asshole is actually right. And he isn’t.

He isn’t.


52 thoughts on “I’m A Head Case

  1. Maybe you won’t say mean nasty things back to him– but the rest of us will. >:-/

    That’s just like a coward, to kick someone when they are already down. And, FWIW guy, if you are going to post sucky things, use a different name than Santa, who is the Saint of GIVING. The poor woman has a virus, it doesn’t make her mental.

    Hear that Sizzle? We who actually *like* you may have been teasing about you being a “head case”, dark humor, all that…
    but not a one of us here believes you to be anything less than wonderful. It’s the odd person who does not believe it, that needs to have their proverbial head examined. The rest of us would gladly make you chicken soup, and help keep you safe and tucked in while you heal.

    So the 102 fever, how’s that going?

  2. What an effing asshole.

    Sorry. But that is the truth.

    You know that is not true 🙂 I’ve never even meet you, and I think you rock 🙂

  3. While I don’t think whoever this person is was right, even had he been… that’s below the belt. To say something that cruel and vindictive in your COMMENT SECTION, as an anonymous person, that’s B.S.

    If you’re going to be an ass, at least be up front and honest and claim your comment. It’s still horrible, it’s still rotten and mean and about the nastiest thing you can do, but it at least shows you have some balls and that you at least are entitled to your opinion.

    And seriously… talk about kicking a person while she’s down! Honestly, I think he needs to be worried about Karma!

    Hope you’re feeling better! And while it’s easier said than done… try and forget about him and the comment. DON’T give him any more satisfaction.

  4. Eh. People like that just… piss me off. I got a few nasty comments lately and I always am amused that the nasty commenters are never brave enough to use their real names. Thank goodness you know that’s not true. You= effing awesome. Happy holidays!

  5. I totally agree with TC. Even if for some ungodly reason all of this were an act and you’re not really the soft-hearted, caring, non-profit workerbee who makes volunteers cry on her tours–it is totally inappropriate and spiteful. I don’t think karma cares much for that either. While a rather Christian motto, “Judge not lest ye be judged” probably spins well on the karmic wheel too.
    I get so sick of internet chickenshits who pull crap like this.
    Every blogger I’ve read and admired turned out to be just as awesome in real life. And I am quite confident if I finally meet you in person one day, my record will still hold true. 🙂

  6. What an asshole. You should post his REAL email address (even better if it’s a work address) so all of your blogging friends can sign him up for random news letters, porn, spam. You name it. Sounds like karma is going to come his way soon enough.

    Hope you’re feeling better.

  7. Ok, I confess: “Santa’s” comment made me laugh. The jackassery of it! Ending with “Merry Christmas,” no less. It strikes me as so fucking ridiculous as to be hilarious.

    I’m sure I’d take it personally if someone had posted it to me, but c’mon, the irony of talking about karma and then smack-talking someone… who’s just been to the ER? I hope you can come around to seeing the humor of it.

  8. He definitely isn’t. I know it’s not easy, but try not to let it get to you. There are a lot of people out there who know that you’re a fabulous person, and he’s full of crap. 🙂

  9. Oh, and “Santa”? It’s “sew” not “sow”. That’s a female pig. And it’s tough to reap one of those properly, I’d think.

    Why do jackasses that don’t like you or respect you (like we do :)) even read your blog? Duh! If you don’t like someone, go away! Fucktard.

    Someone called my house around 2 and a half years ago. All they said was, “What goes around comes around!” I never could figure out who they were or what they meant or why they even called me. Anonymous twit. I hate that sort of shit…

  10. Oof, what an ass! You’re all kinds of fabulous Miss Sizzlelicious. Don’t let asshats like this get to you. He can’t even spell the word blog!

  11. Don’t listen to this garbage…this person obviously has so much misery in their life that it’s spilling onto other people. Wash that funk off ASAP.

    And talk about karma. If I were him I’d make sure I looked both ways before crossing the street. 😉

  12. Ugh. How old is Santa, really? I was hoping childish, vindictive and just plain hurtful things like that ended with high school.

    And, when you think about it, he’s the one who’s crazy and borderline obsessive. He’s got a bunch of bad Karma working it’s way back to him.
    Silly, stupid man.

    PS-You are fabulous!

  13. Faithsista in her comment is incorrect. Sow also means a female pig, but as a verb means to plant. Check your dictionary.
    Hey and by the way doesn’t it seem like everyone is buying the alleged constant victim act. Am I the only one that sees the irony in that?!?

  14. How awful. Although you have to admit that for someone who believes in karma as he seems to, it seems like a very shaky thing to do to purposely hurt someone even if he believed what he said to be true. Does he think he is above karma?

    You are awesome, and I know you know I think so. Don’t let the words hurt you. That is all they are, words. Empty meaningless words from someone who wasn’t even sure enough of those words to leave a real name. I have taken to just ignoring anyone who doesn’t have the balls to leave a name. I don’t even understand why they would be here reading if they felt that was true about you. Now I am going to stew about this too! Mean people suck!

    I hope you are feeling better!

  15. Anyone who impersonates “Santa” to be mean clearly has no idea what karma is really about.
    Ice your head, and when you’re not on any meds, have a drink and toast to a life free of tools like that! 🙂

  16. I don’t know Santa or what’s up his butt, but I DO love how people think that if they leave a shitty comment without their real name attached that it is somehow anonymous. There is NOTHING anonymous on the internet. And if Santa knows that, he’s wanting someone to respond. So sad.

    It’s like those people who “troll” message boards, just looking for a fight. Pretty lame and sad that they have nothing better to do with their lives.

    On the bright side: no matter what icky words he hurls at you, you should know that you’re obviously important — and not to only those of us who DO like you — why else would he seek you out, read what you write, then even bother to comment? So disregard what he said and instead look at the fact that he did anything at all… means he still likes you too. Do you (or any other normal person) dedicate the time to spy on people you hate and/or have no use for? No.

    Anyway, people love you. Including me. xoxo

  17. I listen to Colin Cowherd a lot…he’s a sports talk guy and hilarious.

    Anyhoo, he says that Gary Sheffield (who plays for the Tigers) would always complain about the Yankees (who he used to play for) because he knew that he’d screwed up on leaving NY.

    So he complained about the very team that he’d willingly left.

    Perhaps that’s what your ex is doing?

  18. Also, what’s the dealy-o with “rebellious” up there?

    People. It’s a blog. Someone *else’s* blog. Want a forum for your personal opinions? GET YOUR OWN EFFING BLOG.

    I also adore you and think you are lovely, and the comment made me laugh out loud. What kind of childish prick would get so riled up about absolutely nothing at all?

  19. Two words for him: stupid motherfucker.

    I am not a violent person and I would like to kick “Santa’s” teeth in. First of all, you are SO not a victim — you’re honest enough to admit when things bother you, and deal by thinking them through and actually facing emotions head-on instead of pretending everything’s okay. Seems brave to me — not victim-ish.

    And you know what? It really says something about a person when they: a) don’t have the balls to post under their real name, b) post anonymously on your blog instead of calling or directly confronting you with their feelings (because…egads…then you’d have a chance to respond!) and c) they wish unhappiness on anybody.

    Speaking of karma? “Santa,” I have a feeling some is coming your way. Jackass.

    (sorry, blog guard in me coming out again)

  20. According to my Scoobie Snackie Freaking Doo skills, this IP comes from down here, but more towards LA County…Montebello, Pico Rivera, Bell Gardens to be exact. Of course, that could be a person’s work IP but with the Pac Bell part associated with it, I am guessing not.

    I think it’s cowardly when someone doesn’t use their real name. Sniveling baby ass cowardly punk ass beyotch as a matter of fact. Dickless wonder.

    If someone has something to say, they should just email it and say it. This is your place to say what you want.

    Snackie Doo

  21. What a jerk! Karma all right! That’s why you’re surrounded by people who love you and care about you and he, well, he needs to send this little “gem” to feel good about himself. But don’t you worry Sizz, he will be taken care off, and not neccesarily by Santa, but by something greater and much more powerful.

  22. It’s always best to let your feelings out and not keep them inside rattling around. And YOU’RE right and he’s NOT!!!! The mean people out there just like to kick people when they’re done, so don’t let him make you believe that you’re not a great person. Those of us out here in the void clearly like you a lot, and I hope that cancels out anything bad that he left you feeling! Just look at all the support you have! Take care, and a truly Happy Holidays!

  23. I’m always amused people like that are scared to own up to their words.

    Sounds like you’ve already done the best thing you can do. Sometimes you have to cut people out. They’re like a disease.

  24. Oh, Santa, how small and helpless you must truly be. You’re no better than a bully on the playground, pushing little Susie into the mud as a way to make you feel better because Daddy drinks too much and then he beats you. You can’t find any happiness or fulfillment in your own life and somewhere along the line you got to thinking that trying to screw with the happiness of others might just make your pain seem less bad. Unfortunately, you got it all wrong. That emptiness in you? The gnawing, constant feeling that you’ll never be whole or complete or worth something? Yeah, that doesn’t go away by hurting others. It’s yours to keep forever, or at least until you stop engaging in acts of unmitigated douchebaggery. And how I pity you, to mount up your most direct attack in sad, ignominious anonimity, the best attack you can put up and all the more pathetic in its helplessness. Kick and scream all you want to, worm. You will NEVER be as good as the people who you try to hurt. I’ll give you a clue as to why. It’s because of the 30-some-odd people who posted before me (your own idiotic comment excluded). We are made better by the people we surround ourselves with, made more complete. But you, you who can only take and not give? You only shine a great big spotlight on how truly useless, worthless and totally deserving of our pity you truly are. But you won’t get any. We save it for people we love. And that leaves you back where you started. Alone, trying to fill the emptiness inside. Get used to it, because it’s far worse than karma: It’s your future, and where karma can be changed, your misery is assured.

    Or, in short: You’re a tool.

  25. Once you truly begin to believe in yourself, words like he wrote won’t even get a second thought by you.

    You don’t have to wait for someone else to believe in you first. Be bold. Take the leap. Know in your heart and soul that you’re simply awesome. Your spirit of goodness surrounds you every day. All you need to do is let yourself see and feel it.

    Words are just words. They don’t mean a thing. Look around you. Look at The Fella and your family and friends. They have shown you repeatedly that you are a good person and that you deserve to be happy. All you have to do is believe it within your soul.

    Once you let the past go, you will know in your heart that you have never been anything less than a truly awesome woman with a gift of caring, compassion, joy, and unconditional love and that you give of yourself every single day in ways that are immeasurable to friends and family.

    Believe in yourself. So many others believe in you. Draw from their strength to rebuild your own.

  26. LMAO at Sandra… best quote ever:

    “I am not a violent person and I would like to kick “Santa’s” teeth in.”

    But seriously… if you broke up with someone (a long time ago) and it was bad/bitter, etc… WHY would you even bother to READ much less COMMENT on their BLOG?

    Get a life jerkwad.

  27. HE ISN’T RIGHT. He has a stick up his ass and no soul.

    Honestly, what kind of a person is he if he has the audacity to write something like that to someone??

    Santa needs to dig the stick out and hit himself over the head with it.

  28. two words for that person – ass hole… and you’re not a head case by any means and even it WERE true, then we’d all be right there with you… people just suck!


  29. Why is he reading your blog if he doesn’t like you and thinks you’re crazy!! Sounds funny actually.. ‘That’s why no one has wanted to marry you and that’s why no one ever will.’ I would pay no heed to this moron. Sounds like he wanted to marry you or somethin .. why does he care who’ll marry you.. or more appropriate who you want to marry. Don’t pay any heed to him. loser has nothin better to do. Ba hum bug!

  30. so, you are now write a “bog?”

    how appropriate he would write this word due to the fact he was the bog that contained blood sucking leeches that sucked your soul dry. and he’s innocent, right? HARDLY!!!

    yeah, meet me in an ally and i would TOTALLY have your back.

  31. what an arse.
    he so is not right.
    i have another blog friend that recently got some nasties and did the same thing – deleted the comment but did a post about it.
    good for you both!
    and down with the anonymous foul mouthed, chicken poo commenters who aren’t brave enough to comment without hiding!

    double boo

  32. He’s an ass! There’s always some dick who wants to run you down, isn’t there? It always works too, even if it is only for the seconds when you’re reading it. I don’t get how people can get pleasure out of treating people like that.

    You freely admit you’re not perfect (who is???) so what he said was completely pointless anyway. Idiot!

  33. My head is spinning. I have been so swamped with my own life I didn’t even know you hurt yourself. Worse yet, I didn’t even know there was a fella! What a crap blog friend I am.

    I’m just glad you’re feeling better. Let it be known that whomever wrote that note, and I do hope it’s not who I think it is, is a dickless fuck. Not only is he not right, but he knows he’s not right. He proved that by not having the balls to post as himself. What a hateful little pussy.

    My potty mouth comes out when I’m pissed.

  34. First, pay no attention to the truly brainless. You and your sizzly goodness have no reason to engage in a duel of wits with the unarmed.

    Second, I hear the reason most men engage in this sort of behavior is due to a profound lack of sexual ability. Tis a pity really anyone has to make themselves seem better by berating others.

    Next time he (or anyone else) is seen engaging in such behavior, just smile and know the real reason behind the attack. Poor, poor guy. Maybe you should just go ahead and give him a new nickname.

    Perhaps “Shorty” is appropriate.

    Have a wonderful Christmas Sizz.


  35. What a jerk! I just came from another friend’s site who had someone post a nasty comment about her as well — what’s with these bitter people that are unhappy with their own lives that have nothing better to do than bring down others around them! I’m so sorry that someone said that to you.

    On the other side of the coin, I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling better!

  36. I’m late, but he’s a cock sucking douche. A cock sucking adulterous douche. Oh yes Santa, I know who you are. you cock sucking adulterous douche. Back off and grow up. Just because Sizz has finally had enough of your hateful, unhealthy antics you lash out at her.

    Cock sucking douche.

  37. So I am slow to read and respond but my comment still applies: Fuck him, clearly he isn’t reading the same blog and you ROCK!

    End of story.

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