Cramping My Style

This whole head injury business is really putting a damper on my plans. As much as I’d like to, I can’t stand up or walk around for very long without getting light headed which means I have to sit. Sitting is boring. Sitting is wholly inconvenient when I have errands to run, people to take and pick up from the airport, muffins to bake and a friend to visit in the hospital. Stupid head injury!

The headache has subsided though so I’m grateful for that. And I’m sleeping a lot so that’s got to be doing some healing good. Dokey drove me around on errands yesterday. Target 3 days before Christmas is scary but Target 3 days before Christmas when feeling easily disoriented and woozy? Frightening. Good thing Doke was there to guide me around and help me make decisions lest I still be standing there trying to figure out what to purchase. She put her hand under my elbow like I’m an elderly person too frail to maneuver the crowds. It was, sadly, necessary. And appreciated.

I decided if I can’t run around doing all the stuff I wanted to do, I can at least focus on the craft projects I started that are supposed to be done by Christmas. Bad movies and tea and knitting. It’s one hot kind of evening in the Sizzle house. The Fella is off in Florida until Thursday so I can lounge around the house in his pj bottoms and ripped up shirt and miss him while I recover. As I was finishing up a scarf, I attempted 6 times to add tassels or fringe to the end but for the life of me could not remember how to do it. I tried many different ways. I even looked it up on the internet but to no avail. I just simply could no remember HOW to do it. And I had done that very thing just a week prior on a different scarf. WTH?! I usually have an incredible memory that is both a blessing and a curse and now I can’t remember how to make tassels!?

Then after a couple hours it suddenly just came to me. I hung up the phone with Hillz and wham-o, it was there. I quickly grabbed the unfinished scarf and added the damn tassels before it left my banged up noggin again.

So yeah, I’m slowly getting better. Thank you for all of your well wishes! My Mom arrives today and while I am always happy to see her, this injured woman really, really wants her Mommy. Nothing heals like the TLC of my Mom.

“Listen just a little bit harder/The hearts tell the truth/Is it just a pistol on the edge/To keep you moving/You’re looking like you’re looking for something/And now, you’re surrounded by silence, whoa. . .” -If Only, KT Tunstall


16 thoughts on “Cramping My Style

  1. Sorry you’re still woozy. Don’t let the tassle thing get to you. I remember hitting my head as a kid and my brother asking me stuff to make sure I wasn’t concussed like, count backwards from 10 (which I well knew how to do). I totally got stuck on 7 which, of course, freaked me out. Tried a couple more times, kept glitching, and was sort of between tears and laughter, but once I calmed down it came to me. Hang in there!

    And don’t overdo it. Movies are a good thing!

  2. Is Target three days before Christmas with a head injury similar to that mask the bad guy wears in Batman Begins then sprays that stuff in their face? Ha ha, did that make ANY sense?

    Moms are the best at this sort of thing. Feel better soon, girl 🙂

  3. I’ll never forget the year I had the worst case of strep my doctor had ever seen and my mom and I ate cocktail shrimp on New Year’s Eve. 🙂 I think I fell asleep at 9pm…
    Hope you continue to feel better, and have a great holiday!

  4. I want my mom when I’m not well, too. It is a wonderful comfort, one’s mother. I know she’ll be glad to be a comfort, too. 🙂

    Merry Christmas, Sizzle. Take care of yourself, and let the love just sink in. You’ll heal-just give it time, and be gentle.

  5. Very happy you are slowly getting better. And happy your Mom is coming in to town soon. Doesn’t matter how old you are, everyone needs their Mommy in times like this.
    Take care of yourself Sizzle and Merry Christmas.

  6. Target 3 days before christmas…. the traffic at the mall and the parking garage alone is enough to keep me away.
    Rest up, you now have the perfect excuse for not getting all your christmas stuff done.

  7. Glad to hear that you are on the road to recovery! I would totally want my mom right around now too if I were you. You hang in there and have a very Merry Christmas!

  8. You’re right. Mom can fix anything 🙂

    I was at Target Saturday, too!!! Although, probably not the same Target. Ours was out of buggies, so I had to maneuver stealthily around the store until I found an empty one, and snatch it.

  9. After my many adventures in Target these past few days, I cannot imagine doing it injured. You are one impressive woman! I’ve got a sympathy cold that’s knocked me on my noggin … slept 11 hours last night! Glad to see you’re slowly getting better and take advantage of having your mom around!!!

  10. Holy Crap! Miss a few days , miss alot. So sorry about your head injury. Glad you have lots of good folks to take care of you. Lay low and be kind to yourself.

  11. Target two days before Christmas? Brave, very brave indeed! Hope you recover quickly and Merry Christmas!

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