I spent 3.5 hours at the ER today. They said I could go to this part of the ER called “fast track” but apparently there isn’t anything fast about “fast track.” The waiting room was full of people with mysterious illnesses. My poor Mom was with me and she’s suffering from the 24 hour bug that’s making its way around our family. First Double B and Finn, then Doke, and now my Mom. Me? I’ve got a mild concussion so I feel nauseous and light headed and not hungry most days since I cracked my head on that stupid stool. I got my stitches out though. It hurt since they were tied into my hair in some spots. I could take that discomfort if I could just stop feeling queasy. The nurse said I could feel this way up to 3 weeks. Um, no! I don’t want to feel like this one day more.

I’ll tell you one thing, in the midst of all this I feel grateful for my relative health. If this is all I have to complain about? I’m pretty lucky. I feel bad for everyone who has had to put up with me though because I have been cranky and irritable and not myself. I’ve missed two shows from this stupid virus (last Thursday with The Fella and tonight with my sis and mom for a holiday show) with pre-purchased tickets no less! This hasn’t been the best holiday season for us. Too much sickness.

I am glad the holidays are almost over. I just want it to be the new year. I need a fresh start. I just want to feel healthy again. I can tell you one thing- there are going to be some serious changes to how I live my life.


26 thoughts on “Holi-daze

  1. I’m sorry you’ve spent so much time at the hospital lately, but I’m glad your stitches are out. Enjoy your time with the family and the Fella.


  2. Concussions are bad! Oooooh, do take care of yourself. Use the holidays as an excuse to take it easy. You’re not letting anyone down, even if they did pre-purchase tickets. Everyone wants to see you get better. And that’ll make all our new years better!

  3. I’m sorry you’re feeling so lousy- what a bad time to feel that way too. Thinking of you lots. I also just want it to be the New Year. I’m done DONE done with 2007.


  4. Did they give you anything for the queasiness?
    I hope you are feeling better soon. It is amazing, and often really rotten, how our bodies tell us to slow down. 😦

  5. Aww, Sizz — feel better! I bit the living crap out of my tongue on Christmas and it’s still numb, so maybe we can have weird health things together. 🙂

  6. i’m sorry that you’ve been feeling like crap – i had the flu, 2 years in a row, over the holidays so i can totally relate… there is a light, at the end of the tunnel – just take care of yourself, and those around you, and soon you’ll be as good as new… :o)

  7. I hope you do get to feel like yourself in the New Year, if not before. Health speed bumps are either a wall or a wake-up call– here’s to choosing the latter. 🙂

  8. Here, here on the changes sweetie. I can totally relate to that. I’m starting to make changes but it’s harder than I hoped it would be.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  9. I’m sorry you’re still not feeling well. Hope it doesn’t take 3 weeks!

    I hate to rush time, but I am looking forward to the new year/fresh start too. Here’s to big self-improvement in 2008!

  10. I’ve been sort of self-absorbed so I’m just reading about your injury. I had a concussion a few years ago after a car accident. It took a while to not have a headache and to not get that dizzy feeling when you first sit up in the morning. Just take it easy because your body needs time to heal. Feel better soon.

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