Welcome Home, Fella

in bed

After 6 days and 5 nights apart. He’s home.
This makes me very happy.

“Somewhere there’s music/How near, how far/Somewhere there’s heaven/It’s where you are/The darkest night would shine/If you would come to me soon/Until you will, how still my heart/How high the moon . . .”– How High The Moon, sung by Sarah Vaughan (one of my Christmas presents from The Fella)


19 thoughts on “Welcome Home, Fella

  1. Awesome, it’s hard to be away from loved ones during the holidays. It has been a long time since it last happened since we both didn’t enjoy it.

  2. Well it’s about time you got some ho ho ho in your holiday. Here I was going nuts just dealing with the fam and you are little miss head trauma. Good gravy girl, stay snuggled up and get better!

    ps. he’s a hottie.

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