’08 Will Be Great (Right?)

The Fella and I rang in the new year in our pajamas, eating homemade sushi and sipping sake, feeding each other cream puffs while lounging on the couch watching Stardust. (Most excellent flick by the way- do rent it!) When midnight came around we were near the end of the movie and almost missed the obligatory “happy new year!” cheer and kiss. But we’re always kissing. It’s likely we would have been kissing around that time anyhow. We are ridiculously affectionate. (Awww, gag.)

I had planned a brunch to start the new year off right and then almost everyone I invited said yes which put me in a bit of a pickle. How was I going to fit 13 people in my small apartment? Dokey and Double B came to the rescue and hosted it at their house. It was fun to just be mellow with friends and nibble on yummy food. As Finn neared nap meltdown, we took our cue and went home to waste countless hours in front of the Monk marathon. (That show! I love it!) I really am finding myself wanting a Monk bobblehead. Is that so wrong?

I’m afraid to say it but. . .I’m feeling almost like a healthy human again. (Knock on wood immediately.) My dizzy spells are infrequent. The nausea is very sporadic and the least it’s been in two weeks. Now if only I could muster the money for a massage, maybe the right side of my body would stop being so sore. Friends say the cut on the back of my head is healing nicely. Yes, I make them look at it. I can’t see it! My hair is falling out where the scab is. Luckily, I was blessed with my Mom’s thick hair so losing a couple chunks isn’t going to do much damage. I’m wondering though, how soon is too soon to dye one’s hair after head trauma?

Today is my final day off from work. Of course, since I am feeling better than I have for my entire vacation. Because, isn’t that just like life? I can’t say I missed working. That can’t bode well for tomorrow, can it? For all of you already braving the work world again, I’ll do my best to live it up today for you. Just for you.

* * * *

Double B gave me a “365 New Words A Year” calendar for Christmas. I thought I’d share the learning with all of you. Like today. Today’s word is hypocorism. It means “a pet name” or “the use of pet names.” As in: Whenever The Fella calls me by the hypocorism Sweet Pea, I get all mushy inside.


26 thoughts on “’08 Will Be Great (Right?)

  1. Girlfriend, you better be living it up today! Who gets January 2 off?! No one I know. Lucky dawg!

    Also, glad to hear you’re feeling better! New Years sounds perfect! Sweets and I celebrated just about the same way. Minus the sushi, sake and, oh yeah, being up at midnight! hahaha!

  2. Congrats to feeling better Sizzle! And maybe it’s the nerdy side of me, but I’m really excited for this new ‘word a day’ learning that will be going on over here. And your example sentence? So damn cute.

  3. I could post the hair dye question on answers.yahoo.com for you, I suppose 🙂 I saw one on there the other day, “How can the human race survive the next hundred years?”

    I put Eat Mor Chikin. But my answer never gets chosen as best :-/

    Please watch at least one judge show and take frequent naps today for me, as I have to work and can’t.

  4. I’m so glad to hear that you’re feeling better again! I’ve read your posts below, but I’ll just comment on this one in that I hope you have a fantastic, gumption-filled 2008:)

  5. I’m so glad you are feeling better! Sorry you have to go back to work though!

    I would wait a while to dye the hair though! You don’t want it seeping into your brain (I know that is dramatic, but that is how I think!)

  6. Sounds like a great New Years eve and day! I also got sucked into the Monk marathon (that or I got sucked into my couch and couldn’t find the remote, either way a great way to spend a day). Hope you enjoyed your last day of freedom!

  7. Yippee! Your new year is off to a wonderful start!

    I love Monk. I didnt know they had bobbleheads!!! lol I WANT one!

    My mom calls me Monk because of my germphobes and neatfreak stuff!!

  8. Sushi, sake, and pajamas??? Follow that up with sex and you’ve got a recipe for a fantastic New Year’s!

    I’d like to remind you that you never thought this would happen to you. Remember that? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  9. Sweet pea is an excellent hypocorism. I love monk, but missed the marathon.
    Glad you are feeling better, too bad it is just in time to return to work.

  10. Me and my boyfriend kiss way too much too hehe. Affection is good, I tell you! hehehe.

    Your New Years sounded great, by the way. I rang in the year with Take That on the TV, with Ray and my parents and all the dogs 🙂

  11. Stardust … excellent movie. I loved Michelle Pfieffer!

    Monk Bobblehead … got one. :^D I think I posted a pic on my site.

    Kissy face much?

    You’re sounding so much better physically and emotionally!

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