But My Bed Is So Warm. . .

I did not miss work.

It’s 7:00am on the day I am returning after two weeks off and I can say, unequivocally, I didn’t miss work. Not one bit. While I am grateful I have a job, these two weeks away from the daily grind have made the proverbial pebble in my shoe feel like a boulder.

I believe it is high time to start seriously brainstorming about my greater purpose. The time has come to think big and get resourceful. I wonder what will be next for me? I hope it will include the following:

  1. Lucrative (No more paycheck to paycheck living.) (I was told that I need to speak in the positive so I’m crossing the negatives out. Thanks Princess!)
  2. Challenges and utilizes my unique skill set (I excel at managing people and really should be in charge of more than just volunteers.)
  3. Flexible schedule and relatively easy commute (Excessive overtime not required nor an hour to travel to and from home to get there. I like to have a life outside of my job.)
  4. Comprehensive benefits (That include holistic health practices and therapy, vision and dental and hopefully a 401K program that actually makes my money work for me.)
  5. Balanced gender mix of (nice) coworkers (I work in a predominantly female environment and while I love my lady friends, my single lady friends would like to meet some eligible bachelors. I could help!)

Hmmm. . .What should I be when I grow up? Has anyone made a pretty drastic career change (like from the non-profit sector to the for-profit sector or from one line of work to another) before? Any tips on how to do this?

More importantly, are you in a job/line of work that you feel fulfilled in? Yes or No? And if no, what do you wish you were doing?

Let’s dream big together!

* * * * * * * *

CANKER– 1: to become infested with erosive or spreading sores (ew), 2: to corrupt the spirit of, 3: to become corrupted.

Working in a job that you do not enjoy can canker your positive outlook on life.


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  1. I so know how you’re feeling; you put my feelings about my job into the words I couldn’t find. It is most definitely a boulder in my shoe, but I, unfortunately, can’t change jobs right now due to being pregnant and insurance companies considering pregnancy a “pre-existing condition”.

    Both my husband and I are having these feelings about our jobs. It is definitely time for a change within the next year. To what, we don’t know. It’s completely exciting and terrifying at the same time.

  2. Those sound good! Though, I’ve worked in non-profit for most of my career, and have always worked in predominately female environments. The organization I work for now has almost 50 employees – 43 of them are women. So, good luck with finding more gender-balanced work. ;o)

  3. I went from int’l mktg manager in CA to running a spa/hotel (which I hated) in FL, where I had moved with the hopes of making a living at writing. And then was suddenly laid off for 4 months (if you’re unhappy and don’t do something about it, The Universe will “help” you along…). After much job searching and visualizing, I landed as senior copywriter for a non-profit health care alliance. Not my dream writing job, but it’s a start…
    No using the words “I hope…” All my ‘voodoo’ books use “I will…” or some other variation of the positive. No negatives, as they draw that to you (“No living paycheck to paycheck” – either just leave it at “Lucrative” or add “I will have all the money that I need/want”.) Keep us posted on the plans!

  4. I can’t wait to read what everyone says is a fulfilling career! I am currently staying home with my kids and have no idea what I want to do when they all are in school!

  5. While I haven’t made a drastic career change in, well, ever. Heck, I’ve worked for the same company for almost 8 years! But, one resource that should come in handy for you is LinkedIn. Think of it as a Facebook for professionals. It allows you to put up your resume and connect with people in your industry (and others that might be of interest to you). I’d be happy to have an offline conversation with you about it. Either way, I hope you have the GUMPTION to move forward with these plans … you have nothing to lose by seeing what’s out there!

  6. My word isn’t “canker”, mine is “congealed”. Sort of like the honey from last summer, that is still sweet, but got lost on a back shelf for awhile. It’s still good, but you have to pry off the lid and poke at it with a knife to get it out. Life like Honey, thats a positive, right??;-)

    I think that if you are restless, then it is definitely time to start looking. You knew this day would come when you accepted the job, however pleasant. Step forward, into the Future. You can be more. Dare to be more. *cold weather hugs*

  7. Yes. The past few days you have very much been in my head. Thank you for verbalizing what I have not been able to…

    I can’t wait to read what people have to say about this. Both husband and I are struggling massively with what we want to do with our lives and finding the financing to make the changes we want (going back to school, maintaining insurance, paying off student loans, replacing my wrecked car, etc…money money money money — MONEY).

    I don’t dislike my current job, but to say I am fulfilled would be a complete stretch. I need something where I can feel like I am using my skills and my creativity. Husband needs to find work that challenges him more…He needs fulfillment as I don’t really think he’s ever had anything close professionally.

    My big struggle is how to get out of education. When I was marginally-employed last year I looked into number of other fields and couldn’t seem to get into anything else. Very disheartening.

    Also, I work with almost all men now. In a school. And I can say that it is absolutely grand to not have all the bitchy drama all the time.

  8. I switched careers exactly one year ago. Kind of non-profit to public… but not your type of non-profit.

    There are a few places that did the work I was interested in… so I chose the place based on their reputation, but more importantly – the people. I enjoy the people I work with, that makes all the difference.

    It was a little overwhelming at first, but the people made all the difference.

  9. Right there with you, darlin’. Just interviewed for a position that would have been a great step in the right direction for me but alas, I don’t think it’s going to work out. I feel so trapped!

  10. Let me know when you get this figured out, I am having the same problem. I think I figured out I need a small fortune to make a career change. Which makes me want to stop thinking about it. I am now hoping for a big lottery win. 🙂

  11. I switched from non-profit to for-profit almost a year ago. For me, it wasn’t difficult at all, because while I cared about the work I was doing, reality was still there biting me in the butt.

    The company I worked for may or may not have had the money to continue to pay me in 2007. I was already working two jobs. I was relying on people to help me and while I appreciated people helping me out, I didn’t want that. My bills needed to get paid, I needed to be able to stand on my two feet, and the only way that was going to get done was through a new job.

    I started looking for positions and I was honest with both my employers and interviews. The reason I was looking was because of the financial situation. I never hid the fact that I was looking, but to be honest, over half the office was looking.

    I miss some things about the non-profit world: flexible hours, more vacation days/holidays off, shorter hours, summer hours, etc., but higher pay and a guaranteed job mean a lot to me.

    Good luck!

  12. I can’t help you with the job issue as I’m struggling right now as well. Not too sure it’s going to get better.
    Glad to hear you are back at work though and feeling better.

    Happy belated New Year.

  13. Sorry, no help here. I like what I do, but it is pretty specialized and certainly is not what I thought I would be doing when I grew up. Then again, I’m only 51… I haven’t grown up yet! 😉

    Sounds like you are on the right track as far as pinning down what you would like. That’s the first step. All the good luck in the universe, sweetie. As you know, I “knew” there was the perfect “fella” out there for ya, so I’m predicting the perfect job is out there, too!

  14. Well Cupcake, it seems you and I have plenty of company in this respect.

    I too did not miss a damn bit of work in 2 and a half weeks. Now that I am back, I feel out of sorts… out of place… disconnected. And my hour-plus commute is not helping much.

    Your list sounds like my list, though I would include on my list:

    1) other creative types with which I could learn from
    2) an ability to help people learn from me.
    3) an atmosphere of fun and possibility

  15. I’m in the same boat, wanting to switch jobs. Lucrative is good. Health benefits are good. Change is good. I have no advice since I’m just starting the process myself.

  16. I went from a job I hate to being able to work at home doing something I’ve always wanted to do- sort of. It’s a good thing.

  17. The only two ways to make good money in this world are:

    1. Go into business for yourself, and/or…
    2. Go into sales.

    Working for a non-profit company in a for-profit office, it sucks this time of year, seeing $10,000 bonuses given out to account managers while our team receives $15 in form of a grocery store coupon. I know some people are called to work for non-profit agencies… but well, those people aren’t trying to pay bills like mine, it seems.

    I wish I could say ‘hang in there’ and ‘it will work out’… but I’m glad you have clear direction and vision for what you want. I think that’s the only way you can project yourself on the career path you want/need/deserve.

  18. What do you do for your non-profit job? If the skill sets are similar, it might be pretty easy to transition to something in a different industry (that’s also not commission-based!).

  19. My little job story: I had my daughter young and brought her up serving beer in various bars. I had no real education and as she hit prepuberty I realized I needed to be home at night with her and guide her through the homework, boys and teenage years … I could not go to school forever, it wasn’t feasible so I did some research, picked the shortest course, with the highest income in a field that I had some interest in. I chose to be a legal assistant. While I would have liked to be a lawyer, the timing was not right … I love my job, I love the law, I make decent money, with good benefits and dont dread going to work… phew sorry so long!

  20. Umm, I have a lot of opinions on career changes. We should talk.

    Short version: I think you can do it. It will be hard but it’s in you… I hear that familiar tone in your “voice.” I’ve had that.

  21. I don’t know what you want to do — but check out Starbucks…. they have some of the best benefits in town. The last time I looked at their website there were a lot of different types of jobs, requiring different skill sets.

  22. Yeah, I’m not really fulfilled at the moment myself. I’ve made some rather drastic career changes in my life with varying degrees of success. The biggest would probably be moving from an electronic radar technician to writer. I’ve always written, ever since I can remember, but it was the first time that I can say I made my living from writing.

    I suppose my best advice would be to investigate any transitions while you still have a full-time job. It’s nice to have that safety cushion (not to mention it’s nice being able to eat). If you can start something else on the side while you keep the full-time gig, that’s probably the way to go until you get a feel for the side thing.

  23. Wow do I think I could have written most of that post! I feel so far away from what I am should be doing and the combo of time off, a birthday and a new year really brought that all home to me. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Thanks!

  24. I’ve gone from a SAHM, non-profit position to an equally non-profit (at this point) new photography company! 🙂 My profit margins are up though, because I’m happy to be a SAHM that can work here and there. I’m constantly challenged and have my own holistic health care regime! It’s perfect.

    Either way, I think the most important thing is to do what you love. Then it doesn’t feel as much like work!

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  26. Huh. I’ve been heads-down for so long I missed this post. Yeah, I’m in the most UN-fulfilling job I’ve ever had… but it paid a full time salary for an hour or two of work every week. And I just punted it, effective Mar. 31st. Fuck.

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