These Three Things Are Not Related At All

You guys? It seems like too many of us are in jobs we want out of so how on earth are we going to help each other? Maybe I’m supposed to become a job coach or life coach or something so that I can help you all find your “calling” or as Oprah would say, how to “go to your destiny.” (Did I just reference the O woman? Blame the head wound.) I’ll be doing a lot of thinking on this whole career change business and will get back to you. This is not the last you’ll hear of it, I promise you that.

In other news, I have a love/hate relationship with Trader Joe’s. The TJ’s in my hood has the worst parking. When I first visited the store, I thought the parking situation was kind of unique and very urban. The lot is upstairs and you take an elevator down to the store level. “Cool!” I thought. Um, no you silly girl who grew up in the suburbs. The lot is very, very small. So small that maneuvering my CRV around the tight corners is a very delicate procedure- one that causes me sincere anxiety. Inevitably, I will get stuck on the ramp going into the lot waiting and waiting as customers try to fit their oversized vehicles into tiny spaces. It is then that I will wish I had gone to Safeway where the lot is flat and does not require NASCAR-like driving deftness. But I wanted taquitos and cheese. TJ’s has great prices on both. And it’s a well known fact that I will go to great lengths for both Mexican-inspired food and affordable cheese. If only they’d get a better parking lot, I’d be so much happier. I’d have so much more cheese! Mmm, taquitos!

In other news, I found one way to survive my first day back at work after two weeks and a head trauma: redecorate. I moved my computer and files and office crap around to allow more space for spreading out all my “work” AND it almost grants me privacy. I’m in a cubicle, albeit a cubicle with a window, so I won’t complain too much but my back faced the entrance to my cube. That positioning and the fact that I am usually plugged into my iPod, I’d find myself frequently leaping out of my chair when someone would come up behind me saying my name. “Holy crap! You scared the bejesus out of me!” I tried using a little mirror that I carefully angled so I could see who was approaching behind me. That sort of worked. I have one coworker who I call “Ninja” because holy crap is she stealth! She’s not allowed in my cubicle anymore. She can just send me an email or something. Or slip a note over our cubicle wall (she’s my next door neighbor). I can’t handle the mini heart attacks. So with all that, I just decided to reposition my computer on my desk so that I am facing in a different direction thus alleviating the perpetual anxiety that someone is about to walk up behind me or the constant worry that people are watching my computer screen. In the land of cubicles, we’ve got to do our best to find a slice of individuality and sanity, no?

It’s Friday. I am so very glad for that.


Gruntle: to put in a good humor.

Having an effortless good hair day gruntles me.


26 thoughts on “These Three Things Are Not Related At All

  1. That would have been the first thing I would have HAD to change. I can’t stand anyone being able to see my computer screen! Argghh!

    Glad you’re feeling well enough to re-arrange. 😉

  2. My back is to the door, too, but my set-up is unchangeable. Sucky.

    I’m glad for Friday, too! So nice to have a short week. Hope you have a good weekend.

  3. Ok, living in a Trader Joe-less area, I have no sympathy for your parking woes. I LOVE Trader Joes. Closest one is Atlanta, 480 miles away. Damn them…
    Oh a cheerier note – hooray for the proper feng shui of your office! You should always be able to see the door/entrance to your cubicle, bedroom, etc. from where you’re sitting.
    TGIF indeed!

  4. I love/hate TJs, too. But my beef is not about the parking. It’s about the size of the stores in that they’re too small. If TJs is busy (when isn’t it?), I find myself feeling claustrophobic in the tiny aisles, dodging carts filled with screaming children (why is there always a screaming child in TJs?). And forget about using a full-size cart. That sends me into panic overdrive. Inevitably, I use a hand basket, but by the time I get to the checkout, my arm feels as though it’s going to dislocate from the weight of all the gotta-have-’em goodies in the basket. What can you do? You take the good with the bad, I guess.

  5. I remember when we went to that other grocery store in your area….the tri level one, of which I forget the damned name. Anyway, I thought, “cute..but I would hate for this to be a full time way of shopping!”.

  6. I love your post. I, too, am always intrigued by how many people go through the motions without getting any real benefit from their jobs. My job may not be ideal (though I do really enjoy what i do on most days), but it provides me flexibility to come to work early and life my life after. No nights. No weekends. ‘Nuff said.

    Ahhh, the cubosphere! I have enough seniority at my firm to be able to choose which cube I get. Now, I sit at one with only one way to enter and it’s to my side, so I usually see/hear you coming. I have a Ninja co-worker, too and I’ve officially banned him from coming within 15 feet of me unless I know he’s there!

    Happy weekend!

  7. Holy taquitos and cheese, I’m sure glad it’s friday too.

    I’ve been doing my best to focus on the last day i’ll be in this department. Will I be productive and get lots of work done today?

    Probably not.

  8. We don’t have TJs in Iowa but HoooBoy, do I want one now! Cheap Taquitos?! Be still my heart… I live on their delicious cheesy goodness.

    Happy Friday!

  9. “Gruntle” is like an oaetomotopeia…neat! I like the “sound” quotient.
    That, along with your description of cheese taquitos makes me almost happy.

  10. If TJ’s didn’t have such tasty food, I’d never go, as our’s has a crappy parking situation too. Ever tried the little pasty cups filled with feta and carmelized onions? They. Are. Awesome. I’m not a big fan of processed food, but they’re totally worth it. And possibly the parking situation, too. Enjoy your window!

  11. I hear you about the job thing Sizz. Yet, I’m a vocational counselor and I still have these issues! I don’t know what the remedy is!

    Ha, I am so amused by the fact that you used the word “stealth;” I love that word so much. Sounds like your new cube digs are working well!

    Have a great weekend!

  12. I have a light filter over my screen that causes it to be a dark mass of nothing to people from most every angle, except to my boss…and ironically I don’t care what he sees me looking at on my screen. He knows I do my work, so we’re good. (I think…)

    We’re Trader Joe-less here in KC as well. Back when I worked at the property development place for the horrible boss, we went round and round with them for a while, but there are a couple of issues with them opening stores here:

    – They only want to move here if they can open 3 stores at relatively the same time (within 3 months of each other). Not in itself such a problem but…

    – Due to the liquor laws in Kansas, they can’t carry wine in their store on that side of the state line, and so they can’t open stores over there. Because who ever heard of a TJ’s that didn’t carry wine? Pshaw!

    – So they won’t open because they will not come here if they can’t have stores on both sides of the state line. We’re doomed! (I just wish they’d open on the Missouri side and be done with it, already…)

    Anyway, the parking sucks at EVERY TJ, if that makes you feel any better. They should just be a regular sized market, IMO. Those teeny aisles and the closeness to other people’s proximity it requires when one shops there gives me the willies…

  13. Gruntle? That seems like a word that doesn’t really match it’s definition. It reminds me too much of grumpy. In other (and more important news), I wish I could experience this Trader Joe’s. Canada needs to hop on board. Oh, and Target. I wonder what Target is really like…

  14. I so heart TJ’s; I even have two within 15 miles. Parking isn’t the best, but it’s on my daily route so I can pop in and pop out when need be, plus, I’m a sucker for their recyclable bags… and I know that one day, just ONE day I’m going to win the gift certificate for being a good little recycler.

    Now… on to this cubicle issue… I have the same problem, only in an office, when my face FACES the door. While you are out being Sizzlehero, would you mind figuring out a way to cut down on the anxiety and angst of those who face doors first, and then work your way around to those have their backs to doors….?


    PS. I sent you a text. I don’t know if you knew it was me, but hey, it’s me. I’ll be out in Seattle in April, en route to Vancouver.

  15. ugh, the TJ’s by me has sucky parking as well – must a pretty common thing… and i agree – they have the best prices on cheese – i love stocking up on their herbed goat cheese… i could eat that on everything… yum! :o)

  16. If you become a life coach I will gladly put mine in your hands.
    And a cube with a window?? Unheard of.

  17. Laughing my ass offffffffff…. I was JUST in the shower after watching (ashamed to admit) “Scott Baio is 45 and single” … in this show he hires a life coach … so in the shower I am thinking wow, that’d be a fun job… I know I make horrible decisions but I totally know what I SHOULD be doing … lol … we should start a life coaching company, you in the states, me here! awesome! =)

  18. Redecorating is always a pick me up. I rearrange the gallery about every two weeks.

    If you have ever wanted to live in Cannon Beach Oregon and run an art gallery, we’re looking for help.

  19. I drive a Civic. I hate anyone who pulls into the TJ’s in my area in anything larger. Because if it’s larger (wider) than my Civic, then they have probably taken up two spaces at my TJ. And I hate them. Deeply.

  20. I need to find me a job (again!) before worrying about a career. Will you help me? Seriously!! I need some coaching/support on this one cuz I’m not going through what I did last year again. {sigh}

    On TJ’s… I’m jealous that you have a TJ’s close enough to go to. My nearest one is Lakewood, and that’s not close at all. {sigh again}

  21. I really like my job. (sorry!)

    The TJ’s by me has a similar parking situation, except it’s lot on bottom, store on top. I just park on the street now, that lot is a death trap!

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