I’ll Take Sprinkles On That ‘Do.

Sizzle (with glee): My co-worker told me there’s a new fro yo shop at the end of Broadway. I totally have to go! I loooove fro yo.

Fella (In a tone of disdain): Why do you keep calling it that?

Sizzle (so innocently): What? “Fro yo?”

Fella (Crinkling his nose): Yes.

Sizzle (slightly indignant but still excited at the prospect of frozen yogurt): That’s what we’d call it back in California. Maybe you’re not West Coast hip enough to get my lingo. Pennsylvania boy! Whatevs.

Fella (aka Mr. Comeback): It sounds like you are referring to someones hair style. “That’s some ‘fro, yo!”


Toothsome: 1. agreeable, attractive; 2. of palatable flavor and pleasing texture, delicious

I love fro yo because it is so toothsome, especially with sprinkles on top.Β 


38 thoughts on “I’ll Take Sprinkles On That ‘Do.

  1. When I first heard ‘fro yo’ (mind you, I was born and raised in so cal) it was about a month ago.

    I was like huh? Fro? Huh?

    It took me a minute to process.

  2. LOL, I really enjoy the conversations you have with the fella.

    I’m from the West Coast, and at first even I thought you were talking about a hair salon.

    I guess I’m not West Coast hip enough to get your lingo either! πŸ˜‰

  3. Everytime I hear about FroYo I think of the episode of the Simpsons where the little old Asian man is selling mysterious charms and frozen yogurt. Homer buys something (I think the possessed Krusty doll? Or the gorrilla paw…) and the Asian man tells him it comes with a free FroYo…which is also cursed, but comes with your choice of toppings. Ha ha. πŸ˜€

  4. Growing up the only place we really had frozen yogurt was at TCBY, so when we wanted some we’d say, “Can we go get TCBY?” My sister still calls it that to this day. I can’t say that I’ve eaten any frozen yogurt in years, so I don’t know what I’d cal lit.

  5. Wait, people *don’t* call it fro yo? In high school business class, our mock business was called “Fro Yo To Go” and it was a drive up yogurt place ;).

  6. Yo…Fro Yo was the total HS hangout. All of my friends worked there and I used to bring in a tumbler to fill up for free :o) We don’t have Fro Yo’s in Sacto….but we do have fro yo. hah!

  7. Oh, it took me, like, five minutes reading the RSS feed to realise, DUH, fricking hell, you’re talking about frozen yogurt.

    That’ll teach me to read fast and miss the ‘portant stuff.

  8. that’s too funny… never heard that term before but i liked his comback… i worked at TCBY in high school, man, those were the days… we used to eat so much crap while working… never understood why i didn’t weigh 200 pounds… wait a minute, i was only 17 – bingo! ;o)

  9. I, too, thought you were referring to the hairstyle in which the hair extends out from the head like a halo, cloud or ball. (Definition from Wikipedia.)

    Teach us more west coast hip lingo, please πŸ™‚

  10. Is it the one across from the piroshky place or is there another new one? One of my coworkers keeps dragging me there, and so far it hasn’t been open. But at least I get to have my vivacci.

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