Calling the Hair Crisis Line. . .Hello?

long hair I desperately need a hair cut and color.

I know.

I know! I say this all the time. I’m hair obsessed. But this time is (slightly) different because I have been purposely putting off scheduling a cut and publicly shaming myself with grown out gray roots and a disheveled mop of hair. Such is the torture called growing ones hair out.purple hat

And what’s a girl’s best friend in these situations? Hats!

Things are getting desperate in Sizzleland. Why hasn’t my hair stylist called me back? So what if she just turned 30 and was probably partying in Vegas- I need her! (No seriously I’m kidding. She should really (hurry up) have a good time and call me (immediately) when she gets back. Streets? You hear me?! I need you!)

beanieLook at me. I’m clearly in pain.

I’m done growing my hair out. It blows and I can’t take the pressure. Besides, I’m not a long haired kind of girl. I’ve done that. Why do I keep saying I want to grow it out? Sizzle! Listen! You’re a short haired kind of gal. Embrace the short haired sassiness.

I’m ready to rock the short ‘do again.

Bring it.

“Rain happens into my room at night,/when there is so much time to miss you./Beautiful changes I’ve seen sometimes,/the clouds changing into reindeer and flying/to places clear of sorrow./Walking around./You know I’ve had enough of this trouble/following me high and low. Now it can go. . .”Walking Around, The Innocence Mission


37 thoughts on “Calling the Hair Crisis Line. . .Hello?

  1. Hate the timing of covering the roots versus getting a hair cut. Most of the time, I end up scheduling them separately because I don’t like going too long with lousy roots and I usually don’t yet need a haircut when I get coloring.

    Now, if only salons would give cut-n-color specials. Then I might be more inclined to time my appointments better.

  2. That’s why Excellence Creme by L’Oreal is my friend. πŸ™‚
    You totally rock the short hair. Go with it!

  3. If you want a recommendation for a stylist, let me know. I really love my girl at Vain. And she’s cheap! Only $31 for cut and style. She does really well with short hair, too. I’ve never been disappointed!

  4. I hear ya… I just want short hair too 😦 But I am growing mine out again… even though I know I will never wear it down! I am addicted to ponytails!

  5. you do rock the short hair quite well.
    i can sort of feel your pain. my sister is my hairdresser (lucky I know) and she is out of town for a month and my eyebrows are in desperate need of a waxing. and I cannot pluck. I’m too sensitive.

  6. You DO rock the short hair. I, however, do not. And with my big frizzy curls, look ridiculous in hats.

    I have a healthy envy for people like you who can not only rock the short hair, but can rock cute hats!

  7. I’d laugh, but clearly I am in NO situation to talk! LOL.
    I keep think I should let it go…maybe just frost it and say to hell with hair dye…and then I saw this morning how much gray I have on my head. Not sure if I have the moxie at-present to rock the blonde ‘do!

    *sigh* We women suffer, while men never even give it a thought. Unfair, that.

  8. I always try to make myself like things I already know I don’t like.

    Hats are cute.

    You kinda look like you’re filming yourself a la Blair Witch project in that last pic πŸ™‚

    This somewhat random, yet succinct comment a courtesy of Bone.

  9. Short hair is sassy. Whoever said that before me, I completely agree. And sassy? It works for you my friend. Fingers crossed you get the ‘do you want immediately. Also, (I know I’ve said this before) but you might just be the most photogenic person ever.

  10. I’m obsessed with hats, too…I wish it were appropriate to wear them work! And I know the feeling where the minute you decide its time for a cut its all you can think about! Here’s hoping your stylist calls you soon…and I look forward to the “after” pictures.

  11. Yes! I love your short hair!!

    I gave up plucking my grays to let them live in peace and grow out. I was advised by my hairdresser that it was better to color them. BUT!! They shed hair color within weeks!! Even permanent color! Waaaaa!

  12. OH. MY. This is MY post today. I have been trying to grow my hair out for my wedding to have options – even if that option includes cutting it all off, but today? Oh, Lord, if I had an appointment and a style in mind I’d be in that chair as soon as I could. I am not cut out for long hair either. Can I just copy and post this into my blog? Kidding – I’ll think of something else to bitch about instead. πŸ™‚

  13. i haven’t had hair, past my shoulders, since 1992… though i have dreams where my hair is longer, it will never happen – i can’t stand growing it out and everyone tells me that shorter hair suits me… why bother with perfection! ha! ;o)

  14. I’ve never had hair as short as yours but did have to go through hideous phase while growing my hair long a year or so ago. I still ponder chopping it here and there but am trying to remember that I actually like it better long in the end.

  15. girls….

    y’all are always wanting to grow your hair out and as soon as you do, you wanna cut it and get bangs or layers or something. Then you get bangs or layers or something and the cycle repeats.

    I swear I’ll never figure you girls out…

    …and I have pretty advanced girl knowledge I’ll have you know.

  16. Stick with the short hair, its totally you. I’m sure long hair would look super fab on you too but it doesn’t scream sassy and stunning the way short does.

  17. I’m growing my hair out and it’s been a tedious process, but when I look at my pics from two years ago, I am making progress! Hair is something that when you want something done to it, you really need to have it done NOW! I’m the same way.

  18. Short hair does rock! I hope she calls you soon. A good stylist is so important. In fact, I am heading back to the US in a couple months and once I got the dates called my stylist to get an appt before I even called my family. For this, I thought of myslef as pathetic, but now I will steal your term and go with “hair obsessed.”

  19. I often fantasize about growing my hair out again…but like you, I’m a short haired gal…it’s sassy and when I have longer hair, nobody compliments me and that just plain sucks.

  20. Well, you’re doing the hat thing quite well! I’d say enjoy yhe hats while your girl comes back, it’s a great time of year for hats anyway ; )

  21. I’m back with a question: Why is short hair never sexy? I get cute, or sassy (per some of the commenters above) is a good word. While I’m not one to turn down a nice “cute” compliment, why can’t it be sexy?

  22. I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to have lovely NO-WHITE_ROOTS for the wedding, when I have to be laid up and wear a stupid neck brace for weeks… arrgghh…!

    I think I’m going to have to add it to my list on Sunday and hope it lasts 3 weeks… πŸ˜‰

  23. I am in the same hair situation, but I don’t mind having some gray in it. I do, however, mind that it grows in every imaginable direction and sure as hell aint as low maintenance as the buzzed look.

    *sigh* I can sense the time is near for me to attack my head with the clippers.

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