I’ve been employing this new tactic lately. Whenever I slip into negative thought pattens I try to immediately hault them and shift my focus back to a positive view. Like when I worry about money, I reshift to thoughts of financial abundance. I fill myself up with a secure feeling and visualize myself already financially secure. Because it will happen, I just don’t know the “how” of it yet- which my controlling side is really struggling with. To have faith. Faith without a set plan with known outcomes. To just trust that it’s all going to work out. Because really, it does, just not always the way we had hoped.

The Fella inspired me with his own list of things that are making him supremely happy (I was on his list, awwww) so I thought I’d do the same. Because looking at the bright side never hurt!

Reasons why I am currently supremely happy:

  • I’m meeting up with my hair stylist Friday night for a cut and color. (Pictures forthcoming.)
  • I have a hot date with The Fella tonight. And that I fall in love with him more each day.
  • Jenny Two Times is coming for the weekend- shopping! pedicures! laughter! cocktails!
  • I’m having drinks with coworkers to celebrate pay day- a whiskey & ginger ale please.
  • Waking up to kitties snuggling me and purring.
  • I’ve got an interview for a fantastic opportunity- fingers crossed but lips sealed for now.
  • Spending time with my nephew. Every time I see him he is smarter and cuter.
  • Realizing that time and distance are, in fact, healing that old wound. That hold he had on me for years is disappearing a little bit more every day and I feel freer because of it.
  • I completed that report with, surprise, surprise, many goals exceeded.
  • The sun has been out. It’s still freezing but the gray is gone. I must have jinxed it because all I see is gray out my window but hey, at least it isn’t raining.
  • Tomorrow is the start of a three day weekend!
  • This show.
  • Crest White Strips are working. My teeth are getting whiter.
  • I’ve got tickets for the sold out Ingrid Michaelson show on Monday.
  • My apartment is clean and my closet is organized after I filled 7 bags for donation.
  • Wearing cute outfits to work instead of just throwing on whatever I can find. All day I feel better about myself when I put a little effort into my overall look.

What is making you happy today? Share your joy with me.

“I went to the doctor, I went to the mountains./I looked to the children, I drank from the fountain./There’s more than one answer to these questions/Pointing me in a crooked line./The less I seek my source for some definitive/The closer I am to fine.Closer to Fine, Indigo Girls


35 thoughts on “Positivity

  1. Today I’m happy to have had time to read my book this morning.
    I’m also happy to be going for margaritas with my lab girls.
    And I’m happy to have that lovely clean-shaven legs feeling… (sometimes it’s the little things!)

  2. That I was feeling blah today and trying to decide what to do for lunch – other than eat my blah vegetable soup, and my honey texted me asking if I wanted to meet him for lunch. Yes! I replied. Yay!

    I love your list and am ridiculously excited about your haircut and color! I love the how to look good naked show, Crest whitestrips, 3-day weekends, clean space, donating, and looking cute. Good for you!!

  3. This is what we in the AA refer to as a gratitude list. I make one every night.

    I am one of the luckiest people alive. I have friends and family who are supportive and loving.

    I have food in the cupboards. I have a roof over my head.

    I don’t have kidneys, but other than that I am healthy.

    I have kitties. Evil, bent-on-world-domination kitties, whom I love.

    My home theater system is pretty sweet.

    See? I have lots to be grateful for. And about plans? There is an old Jewish saying that goes like this:

    Man plans. God laughs.

  4. You beat me to it! I actually posted about it before I came over and read yours… guess we were on the same wavelength today!

    I like that show, too. How inspiring is that? Very nicely done.

    I’m glad you have so many good things in your life. I will hold good thoughts for the “prospective” career change as well, of course, everything else wonderful in your life. You so deserve it. We both do, right? 😉

  5. what is making me happy today?

    – having my grande skinny mocha from starbucks
    – being inside while its cold and snowing outside
    – being sore from yesterday’s workout (though it really hurts to sit down and pee!)
    – today’s thursday and tomorrow is friday
    – eric and i will be enjoying a great, cuban dinner tomorrow night to celebrate our 3rd anniversary


  6. I am happy that I don’t have to report to jury duty today as I did for the last two days.

    I am also happy that I received my time off request form for the year and can now start thinking about vacations.

  7. I am happy that I managed to zip my lip yesterday.
    I am happy that the wind really isn’t going 45mph quite yet.
    I am happy that my cinnamon crunch bagel was so delish.
    I am happy that I have such amazing friends.
    I am happy that I am losing weight.

  8. I have super-exciting, super-top secret plans this evening… not even my mother knows!

    I’m happy for spontaneous decisions:)

  9. I am happy that faith in what-is has led Spouse thru a very rocky work week–and despite a major work-cut, he is perhaps even better off now for it all! 🙂 His job remains, and maybe things are even improving! It feels good to have faith pay dividends.

    I am happy also, for your smiling face today. Thanks.

  10. What makes me happy about today?
    I don’t have to go to work tomorrow.
    I’m treating myself to a Godiva hot chocolate from starbucks this afternoon.
    I had an amazing night with Boyfriend last night.
    I’m going dancing with the girls this evening!
    And Sizzle seems happy 🙂

  11. Whoo, that’s a great list. Are you familiar with Cognitive Behavior Therapy? That’s one of the tenets, replacing negative thoughts with the positive.

    I’m happy that it’s a 3 day weekend and the sun is shining.

  12. I am happy that my mountains of paperwork will be done ahead of time…I am beating my goal by about almost three weeks.

    I am happy that getting done early will free some time to plan my art classes.

    I am happy that I have had more help and support with the paperwork than I EVER expected.

    I am happy that I had a massage last night and have another Saturday. I will be even happier as I get less and less sore from that damned car accident.

    I am happy I got to go to yoga this week and was even invited to a wine tasting by a classmate.

    I am happy I am drinking more water.

    I am happy that my only plans this weekend include a massage.

    More than anything, I am happy that I have been married to an amazing man for two months today…

  13. Also, I am happy that I get to visit my sister and my nieces next week.

    P.S. I LOVE Closer to Fine. That song makes me happy.

  14. My daughter at 15 months and can strut her stuff in 4 inch heals.
    I now have a balcony that overlooks water.
    I am on my way to being single again.
    I have found the time to read.
    My parents are visiting me for the weekend!

  15. I’m on duty this weekend and my other coworkers very naturally have filled my weekend with fun things that I can do while being on duty. It’s hard not to be bored out of your mind on these nights, and it’s impossibly sweet to be thought of!

    It sounds like you, my friend, have found the secret to some serious joy!

  16. Realizing that time and distance are, in fact, healing that old wound.

    Lord, am I starting to realize that too. Unfortunately my wound still has pus in it. I’m hoping one day it won’t hurt at all.

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  18. Advil Cold & Sinus and the thought of heading to the blogger meet up we have in KC tonight. It’s the little things that help me along…

  19. Hmm.

    1. That I had a cupcake after lunch and didn’t feel even moderately bad about it.
    2. That I’m proud of the way I’m living my life.
    3. My friends.
    4. NYC.
    5. I’ve stuck to all my mid-January resolutions so far.
    6. I’m actually sticking to a budget!
    7. My family.
    8. My new electric toothbrush (my teeth feel AMAZING).
    9. My friend Colleen is coming to town today!!
    10. Chick flick season is here, and I’m up for the fluff.

  20. that i’ve not thrown-up in the last five hours?
    my mother came by and dropped off a case of sprite.

    yep, that pretty much sums it up.

    hope you have a wonderful date with the fella!

  21. So, I finally thought of something. I’m happy that my 3 favorite men- my husband, my dad, and my brother, are all at my house right now working on installing a new sink and hooking up our new dishwasher. Other than the happiness the thought of finally having running water in the kitchen brings, it makes me happy that the three of them get along.

  22. Spending time with my nephew. Every time I see him he is smarter and cuter.

    I could do a longer list, but really… that’s the #1 thing 🙂

  23. I got an offer on my house after 5 long months on the market! This means I can live in German without the stress of having to pay a mortgage in the U.S. Wahoo!

  24. Um, I’m happy that I have a Nintendo Wii. Seeing as how I hardly know a soul in town, it’s a great escape mechanism. You know, because it keeps me from leaving the house and actually meeting someone.

  25. This is awesome! I’m enjoying a great cup of tea, some new books from the library and knowing that dinner is ready to go!

  26. Those are great reasons to be really happy!

    And I’m trying to do what you do to … look at everything with as much positivity as I can … sometimes it’s so hard though when people can be such douche bags.

  27. Aw, positive and pretty!

    There are a few crest products can you tell me which one you are using. I have been thinking of trying a tooth whitener too….

  28. I just put Shake Ya Tailfeather on my iPod last night. I can’t believe I just now thought to download it. That makes me happy.

    Oh, and the snow Wednesday, of course 🙂

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