I Dyed A Little

I had to put off getting my hair colored because we didn’t have the right kind of gray coverage dye meaning I would end up with two-tone roots. That would just not do. As Streets was drying my hair after cutting it she said, “Let me try something.” Abald spray bit worried, I let her spray this hair powder onto my roots. And you know what? It covered up the gray! I felt like I was on one of those hair club for men commercials though but seriously, it would do in a pinch while I waited for Monday and my actual dye job.

I had an interview on Sunday. (Hold your horses, more on that another day.) I sprayed some of the hair powder on my roots before I left hoping that it’d effectively cover the gray and my interviewers would be none the wiser. As I sat across the table from them sipping my latte, I had the distinct feeling that one of them, the woman of the duo, was staring at my hair line every time she looked at me. Every. Time. Of course, I became paranoid.

Throughout the hour I spent talking to them, it kept happening. I started to sit up straighter and tilt my head back and to the side thinking maybe that would keep her from seeing the top of my head. I probably just looked odd, like I was posing. I tried distracting her with witty asides thinking that if I kept her engaged and laughing, she would forget to stare at my roots. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Um, no. That didn’t work. She’d look me in the eye for a spell but then her eyes would inevitably dart up to my hair line.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Did I do a shoddy job? Are there noticeable speckles of brunette hair powder on my forehead? Is she a Hair Nazi? (Her hair was very well coiffed with a good dye job.) At the end of our meeting, we shook hands and exchanged pleasantries all around and I made my way back to my apartment.

I walked in and said to Jenny Two Times, “Can you tell I sprayed that stuff on my hair? Does it look noticeable?” Granted, the lighting in my apartment is pretty craptastic but she claimed that, no, it looked fine. Then Dokey showed up so of course I asked her too. She agreed, you couldn’t tell. Then what the hell?

In Junior High I had a classmate who would stare at my eyebrows when she would talk to me. It would unnerve me. I finally blurted out once, “Is there something wrong with my eyebrows!?” She seemed taken aback and claimed that they were fine. (They were.) Then why did she do that? When someone is staring at one part of your face like that it is unsettling. Like, do I have a huge booger hanging out of my nose or sleepy eye gunk in my eye or a zit that’s looks like it is about to burst? WHAT?! Stop staring at me! Aack!

There’s eye contact and then there’s. . . that.


Swivet: a state of extreme agitation.

I was practically in a swivet after the Hair Nazi Inquisition.Β 


36 thoughts on “I Dyed A Little

  1. Oh, that would make me paranoid, too. I’m sure your hair looked fine – I’m sure it was just a weird thing of hers – but, man, if that happened to me… Yeah, I’d double check with everyone around!

  2. I have used that hair dye spray before, isn’t it great. I’m sure your hair looked great. I wouldn’t read too much into the woman’s staring.

    And thanks for your comments. Fuck those folks who are out to be mean. Karma will get them in the end.


    As for the readers and TMI, I guess we’ll figure it out as we go, right?

  3. Oh gosh I hate that! Like when someone keeps looking at your sleeve or something and you want to look so bad to see what the hell they’re looking at. There’s never anything there.

    Hope something good comes from your interview!

  4. Oh boy! That would definitely fill me with self doubt! I’m sure it was just her issue, but if I were you I would have asked everyone too!

  5. Back in middle school, my band teacher used to make us go to auditions for the all-state band. Sitting across from the panel of adult judges, in my peripheral vision, I could see this one man shaking his head while I was playing. Could’ve just been to the beat, but it felt like the hook to pull someone offstage.

    I would’ve been freaking about my hair too. Fingers crossed that the interview turns out how you want it to regardless.

  6. I refuse to believe you get gray hair πŸ™‚

    (And um, I’m not the most patient person in the world, so if you could hurry up about the interview thing, that would be swell. Thanks.)


  7. Some people are just odd like that….when I was interviewing for my new job, people would constantly watch my hands. Of course, it doesn’t help that I talk with them a lot.

  8. Z- I kept thinking, maybe she’s just looking at the bookshelf behind me. But I didn’t believe it.

    Hotpinksox- It’s pretty cool how well it covers though it made my hair feel all dry.

    Jen- I am here to amuse. πŸ˜‰

    Melissa- It’s looking hopeful!

    Tori- Thankfully after tonight I won’t have to use it for awhile.

    Tracy Lynn- I have absolutely no doubt about that!

    Claire- That would have made me wonder too. Things look promising with the interview. Fingers crossed!

    Angella- I wouldn’t mind it if that was the case. πŸ™‚

    Diva- Thank you for concurring.

    LVGurl- It makes me giggle too.

    Raisingrainbow- If I see her again and have perfectly dyed hair and she does it AGAIN I will know she just has a thing about looking at people’s heads. And it wasn’t my spray on color at all.

    TC- You better believe it baby. I could practically be Emmylou Harris! Sincerely. More info coming when I know 100% on the gig.

    Buns- It doesn’t stain it, no. It washes right out. But I saw that it kind of colors the scalp which looks kind of odd…if you are looking super closely. (Like I do.)

    Hilly- You do talk with your hands a lot. πŸ˜‰

  9. I hate when people do that too! I immediately excuse myself to see what’s up.

    And that photo of the man? A little creepy. I don’t know why.

  10. It might be one of those things where she wants to make eye contact but is too distracted to look at your eyes, so she looks at your hair. At least she wasn’t looking at your chest, right?

  11. That is completely ooky. Of course, perhaps you were just being paranoid about it because you knew you sprayed stuff there… maybe?

  12. Hey maybe you need to tell us the brand of spray stuff. Never know when a girl could use it (like for a big meeting the week before getting your color done after waaaaaaay too long to set the appointment!)

  13. I’ve never tried the powder stuff. Instead I use this crayon-like thing that you have to wet for root touch-ups. And it definitely works. The rest of the time I hide the roots with headbands and scarves.

  14. LVGurls comment makes me laugh! I SO totally get that! LOL. (I bet you were thinking that same thing too, Sizzle!:-) Hee!

    Never used that stuff, but I can see where in an interview it would make you feel very conspicuous! I hope it was just an oddity, a coincidence. Working with a hair nazi who stared at you like that all the time would be distracting!

  15. I’ve never even heard of hair powder. I think I trust your friend. I bet you looked great (aside for the odd kink in your neck as you tried to hide those roots) and interviewed very well. Good luck!

  16. You know, right between the eyebrows, just a couple hairs up, you can see someone’s third eye. If you stare intently enough, you can find out secrets that the person is hiding, and possibly glimpse a little into their soul.

    Of course, if they catch you, it all backfires. So I guess that’s good for you.

  17. I just cannot imagine going through all that trouble with my hair. I’ve got gray and it’s going to stay. Course, it’s not all that visible (yet), except in my beard. TONS of grey in my beard. I think grey is sexy myself.

  18. Ha! I used to have a friend in high school who always looked over your head when she was talking to you. It used to drive me crazy!

  19. Hahaha, I’ve actually met a handful of people like that! It is unsettling, especially if it’s your friggin interviewer!!

    I have the habit of looking at someone’s lips if they have sunglasses on. I try not to, but it’s weird if I can’t see their eyes!

  20. A friend of ours had a girlfriend that CONSTANTLY stared at my boobs. She.never.looked.up! I wanted to smack her…instead I just chugged back a little more wine cooler (I’m a drinking pansy.) She annoyed me…so I named my ‘spare tire’ after her.

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