A Friendly Interrogation

*This post is written by my very good blogging pal, Gorillabuns, who was given the task of interviewing me. The answers to the questions though? Those are all me. And any text in italics because I just can’t seem to keep my mouth shut. Enjoy!*

Neil came up with a genius plan to learn more about other bloggers in the great big world of bloggydom who may or may not be BIG TIME or saddled neatly in your current feed burner. His deduction is: everyone IS someone and they deserve their moment to shine. To be heard. To be discovered. Basically, everyone deserves their 15 minutes.

I commented on his site and much to my delight, Sizzle commented right after me. I will be asking random questions of the most fabulous Miss Sizzle. First, I must start with the undeniable fact; Miss Sizzle might quite possibly be one of the first commenters on my site and for some ungodly reason, she has stuck with me through horrible grammatical and punctuation errors, drunken posts (who am I kidding, most of my posts are drunken mish-mash), and histrionic ramblings. She makes you feel like she is your best friend through thick and thin (and believe me, I’ve had a LOT of thin on my part.) She’s steadfast and true and sadly, I’ve never met her in person. I hope to remedy this situation one day.

*Me too!*

Quite honestly, I have the distinct advantage of reading her for the past 2+ years and STILL have a few questions I don’t think I have had the pleasure of reading the answers to or knowing the end sum of them. So hopefully, you’ll learn more about her and what a wonderful, kind and thoughtful person she remains to be (since she’s all popular and stuff).

A person anyone would be quite privileged to call a friend.

*I so didn’t pay her to write that!*

So….Let the questions commence! (below the jump)


1) Knowing what we do (or some may not) about the history of your relationship with your father; what would you say/do if you had one more minute with him? (Yes, this is such a loaded question and I ask because I have such HUGE unspoken issues with an alcoholic father as well. But WAIT this questionnaire is all about you, isn’t it?)

I’d like to think I’d give him the biggest hug ever, tell him I love him and hopefully, that I forgive him.

(Woah, way to make me tear up at the first question, friend!)

2) What is your one biggest regret?

Not being there when my Dad died.

3) What is your greatest extravagance?

It used to be getting my hair done before I met my friend Streets and she hooks me up with a great dealio. I pay $25 to get my brows waxed. Is that extravagant? And my favorite food is sushi which I prefer to eat as often as possible. I’d say that’s a luxury.

4) Okay, you may not want to answer this one but I’m going to ask anyway, because I just have to ask. You have mentioned in past that you have had only one big, true “O” and it occurred with the “Tomato.” Have you since experienced such a pleasure? And if so, I won’t ask with whom (because I do have some lady-like tendencies)

Yes, my first and only “O” was with my first boyfriend who later came out of the closet. (Hi, Tomato!) While he wears this truth as a badge of honor, I’m pretty frustrated and embarrassed about it. It’s not for lack of trying! And yes, maybe I need to go to a sex therapist. Because seriously, this lack of O business is getting really, really old.

*This is no way says that my lovers have not given it their best effort. Many have. Some were just jerks. Like that one guy who said, “What’s the point then?” AS he was having sex with me. Yeah. You. You’re an asshole.

5) Don’t even ask why I’m asking this question – maybe because I had a conversation about this very question with my husband the other night and he had no interest in knowing my answer. Why? Why don’t you want to know? I want to! I SHOULD know… So, here it goes, feel free to delete if you want to: How many people have you slept with in you life? (If your mother is reading this, you might want to delete this one.)

Slept with = intercourse? Let me count. . . 17. But there was a period where I dated a lot and that number may or may not be higher. Ahem! Thank goodness for oral sex or this number would definitely be much higher. (Hi Mom! I practice safer sex!)

6) Quite obviously, I have sex on the brain so I’ll ask this one in addition – where has the most interesting place you’ve had sex?

Depends on what you consider interesting. And what you consider sex. Backseat of a car seems so cliché…but it wasn’t my car and there was a baby’s car seat in the back with us. Cramped? Yes.

7) What is your favorite curse word?

Fuck. (But I also say “balls!” a lot.)

8) Whakittiest is your most treasured possession?

I don’t put a lot of emphasis on material objects but I suppose my ring from my Mom (she used to wear it when I was a kid) and my Grandmother’s ring. I don’t “possess” my kitties but I treasure them and their sweet, spazzy, furball love.

9) What is your greatest fear?

Besides falling from great heights? Hurting people’s feelings unnecessarily? Being forced to eat Jello?

Mostly it is that I will come to my time to die and feel as though I have not lived.

Which is from one of my favorite quotes: “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover I have not lived.” -Thoreau

10) How many of your ex-boyfriends are you still friends with?

3 “boyfriends” (Hi Dumpling, Tomato and Mikey!) but the number goes to 7 if we include those I went on dates with but never got serious enough with to call them “boyfriend.”

11) What is the first thing you notice in a man?

Physically: eyes and smile. Personality: sense of humor.

Also? Bad hugger? Bad sign!

12) What is one thing you love about yourself?

Personality: My sense of humor and ability to laugh at myself.

Physically: My four eyes.

13) Do you think being exposed to the Catholic religion at such a tender age totally scarred you/fucked you up? Made you believe/disbelieve in God? (Surely, I didn’t make up you being raised Catholic, right?)

I was raised Catholic (good memory!) – Irish Catholic Mom, Welsh Canadian Agnostic Dad. While I don’t think it emotionally scarred me, it did shape how I see the world. I like to think I’ve taken the good from that and dropped the rest. I am no longer a practicing Catholic even though I consider myself a spiritual person and attend service as often as I can at a church of religious science. I like learning about people’s beliefs and feel that we all find our own sense of “faith” in our own time.

I was lucky to attend an all girls Catholic high school. (Thanks for getting a job there, Mom, so we could afford for me to go.) I had a great education there and it helped me get ahead in college because of how rigorous it was.

14) How long have you known “The Fella?” and when EXACTLY did you know you should venture into a relationship with him?

People have asked me this question off-blog and I forget I never wrote about the beginning of our relationship…just that first kiss. Next month we will have been together for six months. Originally when we met (on line, via a locals dating site) we were both not looking for something “serious” so we said we were “casually dating.” A few days after meeting, I received a text from him saying, “Save me from casual dating.” Apparently he was out on a date that wasn’t going so well. I later explained that while I wanted to be supportive, I didn’t actually want to receive texts while he was on a date with someone else. It was prohappy couplebably then that I realized I kind of wanted him all to myself. That there was something promising between us. That I wanted at least a shot at making it more than just casual.

We met while I was in the midst of a bad heartbreak and he actually was incredibly supportive through that. One thing I love about us as a couple is that we are really great friends first and foremost. We look out for each other, respect each other, and have a relationship based on honesty. There is nothing I cannot tell him. This makes me feel very loved and incredibly safe.

Have I mentioned he’s really wonderful? And a super great kisser?

(end gush)

15) How did you come up with the blog name Sizzle?

An ex of mine used to call me “Sizzle.” And while he is not one of the three I am still friends with (for good reason!), he did leave me with this parting gift. Much better than leaving me with a STD, dontcha think?

16) You have mentioned your desire to not push out a kidlet or two. After reading what a wonderful relationship you have with Finn, I wonder if you would reconsider this decision if the right moment presented itself? Planned or unplanned.

I will tell you, I’m not so keen on the whole carrying the baby around for 9 months and pushing it out of my vagina. I’ve seen that shit up close and woah! I am very impressed with any woman who has given birth or who is a Mom by any means. I’ve always thought that I would end up being a fostelittle bundler parent, actually. I guess because I never saw myself getting married. I figured it was either/or. I find the love of my life and live happily ever after… or I adopt/foster a child and they are actually the love of my life. I suppose I should rethink that. . .

I’ve loved many men in my life but have never had that perfect combo of timing, readiness, and desire to have my own kidlet. I adore kids though. And my nephew is my favorite little tyke in the whole world. I’m crazy about him.

“Some people remember the first time/Some can’t forget the last/Some just select what they want to from the past/It’s a song that you danced to in high school/It’s a moon you tried to bring down/On a four-in-the-morning drive through the streets of town/Come on come on, it’s getting late now/Come on come on, take my hand/Come on come on, you just have to whisper/Come on come on, I will understand. . . “Come On, Come On, Mary Chapin Carpenter

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  2. Thanks for sharing!! The part about you and the fella was soooo sweet, it made me smile a big huge “happy for you” smile.

  3. Great interview, thanks for being so honest about everything. My mom doesn’t read my blog and I would never tell how many men I have slept with on my blog. Ok maybe I would…. but only if the right person asked and I could figure it out. (I’m joking)

    thanks for posting this.

  4. THIS is an amazing post. I learned so much about you and feel THAT MUCH CLOSER to you … cuz, there’s nothing wrong with O-handicapped women finding absolutely wonderful and amazing men. Amen to that, sistah!

  5. while he is not one of the three I am still friends with (for good reason!), he did leave me with this parting gift. Much better than leaving me with an STD, dontcha think?


    Much better 🙂

  6. Wonderful Interview! Well-done, gorillabuns! (no wonder you are so many people’s fav blogger!)

    –and Sizzle? That pic of you with the Fella? Beautiful. Million-dollar smile, that. Thanks for answering the questions so candidly. You are awesome, yeah.

  7. Oh I loved this. Really great questions (and answers!) to questions one wouldn’t necessarily think to just blog about randomly. Thank you for being so candid with us!

  8. what a fun interview!! Thanks for sharing. And let me just say that I loved your how we met story and I’m right there with you on the kid thing (only in our case, it’s pretty official by now).

  9. I had no idea that it was Let’s Learn About Sizzle Day! That was wicked!

    I love kids and still don’t really want to be a parent, and when I say not really, I mean I’d like to name a kid, but that’s about it.

    This would be why I am the Uberaunt.

  10. Yay! I’m in another one of Sizz’s posts.

    And I can totally back up everything she said about How We Met.

    I love you, baby, and I don’t care who knows it.

    So there. 😀

  11. I learned a lot from this interview. Good job on both of y’alls part. I started to say you were more candid than I could have been but then I remembered that I did blog about dildo shopping today.

  12. That was an awesome interview. So happy to hear the “How we met story” finally.
    And I say “balls” all the time – peple think I’m a nutbar.

  13. Great questions and answers! It makes me wish I could steal some of those questions for my interview…to bad I already sent them!

  14. I started writing my theory on your ‘O’ experience, or lack thereof, but it just sounded really dirty. I know your readers are a highbrow lot.

    I’m going to start saying ‘balls.’

  15. I loved reading this! This was great to learn things about you that I didn’t even think to ask. Speaking of not thinking to ask….only one ‘O’ in your life? I don’t even know what to say.

  16. My God. Gorillabuns takes no prisoners when she asks her questions. Hire this girl for Interview magazine. I completely learned new things about you, sizzle!

  17. Good questions and great answers! I’m so glad I’m around to catch this interview! I really enjoy it. You have a warm, funny, and clear personality – it’s so rare. I especially love your story with your boyfriend. Awww… LOL

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