I’m No Barbara Wa-Wa

Citizen Neil came up with this great concept- bloggers interview bloggers. It’s sort of a pay it forward meets everyone is someone phenomenon that’s sweeping the blogiverse. I’m fully behind it. And that’s not just because Neil pinched my behind at TequilaCon ’07.

I am the Diva commented after me on Neil’s post so I have the honor of interrogating interviewing her. Here are my questions and her answers- read, learn and enjoy!

1) You recently announced that you are pregnant (congratulations!). What part of the pregnancy are you most excited about and most dreading?

This is my very first pregnancy, so every new thing is pretty exciting. i am looking forward to that second trimester though. i have it on good authority from several mommies that the second trimester is when you start looking really pregnant, and you get lots of energy – something i’m lacking right now – and i also hear that 2nd trimester sex is worth the entire pregnancy! 😉 so lets hope that last one’s true… but really all of these things pale in comparison to thinking about actually holding my little baby when it’s all over. as far as the dread, i’d have to say i’m not really looking forward to the delivery process… and things like hemorrhoids and nipple chapping/cracking while breast feeding don’t really appeal to me either, my main dread is that i won’t be a good mother and somehow let down my child. but i think that’s a normal fear.

2) What do you consider your best attribute?

i really like to think that i’m a funny girl. at least, i hope i am, in my blog and in real life. but i think it’s probably loyalty. if you and i are friends, we’ll be friends forever… i am extremely loyal – almost to a fault.

3) Do you have someone you look up to? Why?

ooh, this is a good question. i’d have to say my mom, mostly because…well, she’s my mom. she raised 4 kids while my dad worked and when things were tight, we never even knew. She decided at 42 to go to University to become a teacher – we actually ended up at university at the same time. She got the travel bug when my mom and dad went to Belize for their 30th anniversary and they’ve continued to travel since… and even the fact that my mom and dad have been married for over 30 years give me hope…She’s great.

4) How did you get into blogging?

i’ve been journaling almost my whole life. Ever since my parents gave me a diary for christmas at age 10. back in the ‘olden days’, you had to actually use a pen and paper to record your thoughts, lol. i started my first blog in university and had exactly 2 readers. i’ve always loved writing, and i found blogging as a reason to write, and a platform to get criticism and feedback. i think my writing has improved since then – hopefully… as i moved from a daily account of what my day was like, to finding more creative ways of writing.

5) I see you are a fan of Tegan and Sara. (Awesome, me too!) What is your favorite song of theirs?

only one? uhm, i’m a big fan of “Living Room”, but “Take me Anywhere”, “My Number”, and “Freedom” are all great ones. I just saw them live for a few months ago – and the highlight is their banter back and forth. hi-larious.

6) What’s your favorite outfit?

Pre-pregnancy, it would be jeans and a tee shirt, but these days i tend to gravitate towards anything stretchy, and unfortunately my stylish outfit of choice is sweatpants and a big tee shirt of B-rad’s. comfy. of course, i wouldn’t leave the house in that. lol.

7) Out of all the Seinfeld episodes, do you have one that you love the most?

I love the backwards episode, and any episode starring Puddy. Seriously, Puddy is hilarious. It’s really hard to pick just one episode because each episode has a brilliant gem of hilarity in it.

8) When you’re feeling blue, what cheers you up?

painting is very relaxing, mostly cuz i tend to need a little bit of solitude, i can shut myself away in my ‘studio’ room, plug my iPod into my ears and just paint. really, i just need time alone to recharge a little. That, and a good cuddle from my Mister…and if he’s not around, there’s always the RockChick. lol – just kidding.

9) Do you have a saying you are known to over-use? What is it?

in blogging, i tend to use ellipses all the time for no reason… see? in my regular speaking, i don’t know if i do or not. not that anyone has ever mentioned anyway.

10) If you could change one thing about you, what would it be?

I would give myself more confidence, and more lyrical creativity. Song writing with B-rad tends to be frustrating for him and me because i lack the confidence and frustrating for me because i don’t have the lyrical creativity that i feel i need. everything else about me is perfect….lol…just kidding.

“Still, cause I don’t want to move a thing/and that you fit right into me/and all the things I don’t want they’re full/of love and longing/take me by the hand and tell me/you would take me anywhere. . . “ – Take Me Anywhere, Tegan and Sara


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  1. That was great. I think this interview thing should be a requirement before you start blogging. It’s going to be fun watching her blog posts from her pregnancy announcement to her giving birth, with all the ups and downs.

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  3. Great interview! It was a fun read – of course you really couldn’t go wrong when interviewing the Diva. 🙂 But this is a neat project and gets everyone out a little from their regular haunts and into new lights. Good job to you both, Diva and Sizzle!

  4. Another fabulous interview! Maybe Neil should get some Nobel Prize for services to Blogging?
    Pssst Sizzle? I love your blog, I’ve been lurking here for ages too – I’m being braver these days ;o)

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