I Play Along

The other day The Fella sent me this from someecards:


And I, in turn, sent him this:

banana, take 2

Where’s my $4,000, baby?

“And it isn’t something I need/’til you tell me I can’t/Why wear my heart on my sleeve/When it looks so good in your hand/My heart breaks in a heart beat/And you storm me when you come and go/The taste of something so sweet should have/Warned me ’bout the undertow/Oh, I couldn’t find a better man to let me go. . . “ -Undertow, Sara Bareilles


35 thoughts on “I Play Along

  1. OMG, and she’s making eye contact the whole time! *faint*

    I think you could’ve substituted a bigstick (popsickle) and it would’ve had the same effect.


  2. Ha! But this is weird… and totally true…in fact, I almost posted about this today… Last night I dreamed it was against my religion (not that I practie anything) to eat a banana. I kept questioning what was so bad about eating a piece of fruit, no one could tell me, and I kept eating the bananas and hiding the peels under me bed. Messed up, huh?

  3. My brother in law eats bananas side to side like corn on the cob because he claims real men do not eat bananas head on, but I’m not scared, I’ll eat mine any damned way I want.

  4. I had no idea there was a living to be made by eating fruit. And to think, I ate an entire orange this morning just for the vitamin C.

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