I’m not perfect.

This is not a newsflash or an epiphany. It’s just truth. And sometimes, well sometimes, the truth can pierce even the strongest armor.

So excuse me while I figure out how to mend the tear.

“I don’t know what I’ve done/Or if I like what I’ve begun/But something told me to run/And honey you know me it’s all or none/There were sounds in my head/Little voices whispering/That I should go and this should end/Oh and I found myself listening. . .” -Where I Stood, Missy Higgins


55 thoughts on “Tourniquet

  1. I don’t know if you can mend those tears sometimes.. just a patch of forgiveness is a good balm though and it heals itself in no time at all.

  2. even though i like to THINK i am perfect at many things, i know that i’m not and i’m perfectly fine with that… i’ve always felt a bit ‘off’ and find that’s been way more enjoyable than striving to be something i may not be happy being… you ARE perfect, in your own way – relish that… :o)

  3. I just opened a wonderful cabernet. I will have one for you Sizzle.
    I hope whatever it is, you are able to heal.

  4. Well, seems like a good old-fashioned apology always does the trick for me.

    I’m sure no one expects you to be perfect…well, except maybe you. 😉

  5. Sometimes it’s in our imperfection that we find truth. And sometimes it’s just a pain in the ass. I hope yours is somewhere in between, dear.

  6. Ironically we are the only ones who expect perfection from ourselves, and other people get used to our facade. Let them get to know the real, flawed you. If they stick around, they are meant for the long haul, and someone you need most. (Esp in a man and life-partner. Life isn’t a fruit basket, and innertruths will out.)
    Let the man in your life see and love all of You, not just the pretty outside part. *hugs*

  7. Nobody’s perfect. The imperfections, though… that’s the “good stuff.” Those are the bits that make us unique. Those are the parts that people miss when we’re not around.

    You’re great, and I believe in you!

  8. If the duct tape doesn’t work, may I suggest caulking? Because those two things can mend just about anything. 😉

    No, seriously I hope things get better soon.

  9. Hey, I hope everything is going well for you. Just read your last post on passive aggression, and seems like I should go back a bit to catch up on what’s up with you. Thanks for adding me on FB, by the way!

  10. Sizzle– Somebody loves you! Lots of somebody’s in fact.
    Put your pretty red lipstick on, and give us all a kiss! 🙂
    Please feel better sweetie.

  11. I’ve held off from commenting on this post cos I saw you had heaps of messages saying pretty much what I would and I thought maybe you wouldn’t need another. But it’s been a few days and you still haven’t posted so, as lame as it’ll sound, I want to say exactly what everyone else has before me.

    I hope whoever has upset you/you’ve upset is like me and loves the fact that no one’s perfect. I love imperfections.

  12. Say it isn’t so????? I am sorry that you are reeling right now, but if anything I have learned from reading….you aren’t afraid to take the bull by the horn and face your fears or dififcult situations. Happy healing.

  13. Geeze, I’m so freakin late that I can just give a big ditto to what everyone has said, mostly.

    But, that’s sort of a cop out in a way?

    Anyway, just wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you, and honestly? I think you’re really wonderful.. you’re one of my favorite bloggers. Keep your pretty chin up and know that I’m thinking of you.

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