Third Times a Charm

Hi Friends,

Did you miss me?. . .Maybe just a wee bit? Because, well, I missed you.

I took a little hiatus. Maybe you noticed. Maybe you didn’t. I forced myself into a self-imposed blog exile because. . .well, because I needed to wrap my head around some things- like why on earth is my sense of self so easily shattered by another person’s meanness. Especially if said persons are people I neither respect nor care for all that much. I needed to work on my resiliency. I needed time for the feelings to shift. And I decided, for once, to not do all that processing publicly.

Six days felt like a long time to be away from blogging for a gal who usually posts 5 days out of 7. It was painful but liberating to put the blog down. In my absence I realized that not everything needs to be blogged. Woah! Wha!? Really? Um, yeah. I’m an over-sharer by nature and this blog is a reflection of me so it follows that I would over-share on the blog. I’m an open book. Emotionally transparent. A heart on my sleeve kind of chick. But maybe I need to learn not to be all the time. I had a growth spurt, I guess. I’m still not completely sure where that’s left me but I couldn’t let today go by without a post. Because today is special. Today marks my three year blogging anniversary.

{Insert wild dancing and general mayhem in celebration here.}

When I began this blog, it was a modest attempt to inform my friends and family about my goings on instead of employing the mass emailing medium. Now, years later, there are more people reading this blog who have never met me in person than those that have. It’s a strange and often wonderful reality, this blogging world. And I get a lot out of it. This blog is my space. My special space. I think for a spell I forgot who was in charge here. (That’d be me.) I got caught up in the what ifs and the wonderings. I let other people’s supposed opinions of me influence how I feel about me. And that’s just complete and utter bullshit. Besides, who knows me better than me? No one. (Ok, maybe my sister.)

Over the years I’ve met so many people through this crazy little blog and have truly been humbled by your outpouring of affection, support and camaraderie through comments and emails. I never thought that my first post would have brought me here. To all of you. Thank you. I would not enjoy blogging as much without you. I’ve said it before and I will say it again- I adore my readers. (With the exception of those who leave untrue/hurtful anonymous comments and then continue to look at my blog every day because…why? I’m at a loss. Those people I could do without but couldn’t we all?)

So let’s get back to the business of Sizzle, shall we? Because during my very brief sabbatical there were a few things I would have shared with you. Such as:

  • The rat that ran behind my feet while I sat in my supervisor’s office.
  • The disappointing fro yo excursion. (I know! Fro yo that disappoints? Indeed it did!)
  • My Saturday night cryfest. (Ok, maybe I would have kept that to myself…or not, knowing me and my over-sharing.)
  • The post office lady who had the nerve to tell me they don’t have “free tape” – whatever stupid post office lady! (Huff!)
  • How I missed living in CA because I wanted desperately to vote in the Primaries.
  • Rain, rain and some more rain. And my inability to wear proper foot gear for such weather.
  • My astounding over-use of the word “season” in an email. Seriously, it was epic. And not necessarily on purpose.
  • Pondering: Is it soy that is giving me gas?
  • Receiving a text that said, “Are the chicken balls good?” (I was just as confused then as you are right now.)
  • Lost is back on- weeeeeeee!
  • How my obsession with organization is reaching an all time high as I plan my upcoming move. Lists upon lists!
  • Note to self: Follow the Crest White Strips instructions instead of leaving them on for too long. My teeth hurt, damn it.
  • How my boss said in passing, “You know you have too much style for Seattle, right?” (She’s from NY so this is a compliment, right?)
  • My current infatuation with the soundtrack of Once.

See? You didn’t miss out on much.

It’s good to see you though.




66 thoughts on “Third Times a Charm

  1. Yay, Sizz is back! And on her 3rd year anniversary. That’s quite an achievement considering where this started.

    Your extensive blogroll (which I noticed I had the honor of being added to recently) is a prime example that you’ve touched many other people besides yourself. Haha, you touch yourself.

    Seriously though, it’s great to have you back sizz.

  2. Thank God you came back, I love your writing! Emotionally I click with what you say and “over share”, I always look forward to what you say next.

    The fact that Once is CD number 4 in my 6 CD playlist furthers my connection with you! The real question is which is your favorite track?

  3. Yeah, you are back! Happy anniversary.
    I think you might have too much style for a bunch of social workers, not for seattle. Proper footwear is overrated, until you step off the curb into a small lake. And lastly, the soy conversation is a regular one in our household, so I think it must be true.
    The froyo sucked? Perhaps we just don’t know good froyo here? Because some people are talking about it like it is the second coming.

  4. I’m glad you are feeling better about things. I too am an over- sharer, and sharing too much had been a problem for me. I have been keeping a secret from the blog public and I have to say it is nice to have things for yourself.

    Welcome back. Happy anniversary. And did you get the CD? I have to check out the Once soundtrack you are the second person to mention it.

  5. Welcome back!! You were missed, but this seems to have been a hard week for everyone. I probably SHOULD have taken a hiatus instead of spending so much time whining to the ‘net at large. πŸ˜‰
    Happy Blogiversary!! So so so happy I found you, and I really hope I get to meet you in person one day!

  6. Congrats on three years! I’m so glad you commented on my blog a few months ago, because I maybe never would’ve been made aware of your presence on the internet, and how sad would that be? I always look forward to your new posts, and I wondered what was up this week with the no new sizzles. I bet it felt good to unplug. I need to do that, too.

    I’m so glad to hear you like Once. That means we can be friends in real life, too. I hope we someday get to meet, ‘cuz you seem like a truly awesome person.

  7. The Once soundtrack is the best thing ever. I bought it on itunes before I was even done watching the movie on Pay Per View. Best ever!

    I’m glad you are back. Happy blogiversary.

  8. Sizz, I so TOTALLY missed reading you! I have another friend in Seattle, originally from California, and he HATES the weather you guys have been having.

    To be honest, you are one of my blogging heroes. I’ve recently started pulling back on my oversharing due to outside thoughts, and I think you’re incredibly brave to keep doing it.

    Happy blogiversary! Many happy returns. Jep.

  9. Awww, Sizzle. Happy Anniversary! What amazes me is, over time, we allow ourselves to become more comfortable opening up on our blogs … maybe more so than in real life. And next thing you know, your blogging pals, people you’ve never met, know you more intimately than friends who have known you for years. I find myself keeping that in check … not that I’m holding back on my blog … but, that I’m also opening up in real life to the people who matter the most. Anyhoo, it’s been a pleasure to know you and I look forward to many more SIZZLING posts!

  10. What gets to me is that people from real life read my blog. I open up more in my blog than I do with real life people (like I said, walls upon walls upon walls), so it’s hard for me sometimes because I feel like I’m exposed now. My overactive imagination won’t let me rest. I keep thinking they’re using it as reunion gossip fodder. Heh.

    I never understand why people bother with mean, spiteful comments. They can just close the window, and really, who hates enough to bother?! But what I don’t understand even more is how anyone could do that to you. I haven’t known you very long but dude, you are so likable! I just don’t get it.

    Happy blog anniversary!!! I’m glad I found you. I only wish I did sooner.

  11. Happy blogiversary! This must be the season for rodents–I just this week had a horrible encounter with a mouse. Maybe it’s because it’s the Year of the Rat. Ugh.

  12. Welcome back Sizzle! Many congratulations on your 3 year anniversary too. I’m really glad that I de-lurked and said Hi, this is a very comfy corner of the web, that’s for sure :o)

  13. 1. Woohoo! I missed you!
    2. Happy Blogiversary!!!!!!!!!
    3. (Over)share away. I love that about you. I think that’s the whole point, to realize that we aren’t alone in those moments that feel awkward, you know?

  14. Yes, I did miss you. Welcome back and happy blogiversary. Oh, and I did notice the White Strips thing on your gmail message. Makes me think I never want to buy the thing. And finally, I would take the style comment as a compliment.

  15. Happy Blogiversary, hon! Here’s to many more.

    (Does Dave2 get a royalty every time someone uses that word?)

    I love that you’re an over-sharer. It’s good to know I’m not the only one. Plus, it feeds my inner voyeur.

    P.S. Is everything OK with you and The Guy? Your comment the other day has me worrying.

  16. Congrats on your 3rd anniversary.

    Yeah I did notice you weren’t posting.

    And even if you just do 30 minutes, sometimes those White Strips can hurt your gums. Or maybe my mouth is over-sensitive.

  17. Happy blogiversary! πŸ™‚

    I vote that you enjoy it – and then blog about what wild and crazy things you did. I mean, isn’t that what recharging the blog batteries is all about?

  18. It’s good to have you back Miss Sizzle! From one hiatus-er to another, I get the need for that. Hope that you are doing alright and know that yes, you WERE missed!

    Happy 3rd year of your blog! Party time!

  19. Hi, you recently added me on facebook. I added you back b/c you look somewhat familiar, but I don’t know if we actually know each other. I live in Seattle as well, and was just wondering how you came across my Facebook?

    P.S. I like your blog

  20. In December I had a very strange situation with a malicious commenter AND I received an e-mail from someone calling me, among other things, a “neurotic exhibitionist” broadcasting my righteousness and hypocrisy on the Internet.

    The commenter was a man masquerading as a woman who told me he was working on a post-graduate project based in part on my blog, which he said, his professors all thought sucked and wasn’t worth reading.

    It’s been six weeks and I’m still not fully over it. Their words rise up in my consciousess at the worst moments.

    And of course, they make me question why I leave myself so vulnerable to these types of attacks by exposing so much.

    But if I don’t do that, I’m not me…

    So anyway Sizzle, I really understand where you’re coming from, and I’m glad you’re still around.

  21. Yay! Happy blogversry! (I shortened it on my own 3 year, so no, that isn’t a typo. It’s a *word* dammit! :P)

    And I love to have whiter teeth, but why does it have to hurt so damned bad?!

  22. Nothing wrong with a hiatus to clear your head!

    I struggle with the same issues with blogging sometime, but the benefits outweighs the downsides (STUPID TROLLS).

    Happy you are back, and loved the bullet-point update.

  23. Welcome back! *Hugs ya tight* I was going through Sizzle Says withdrawals!!!

    It’s easy for me say this to someone else (I can never take my own advice)… but try not to take to heart what some asshats may say. Happy Blogiversary!!

  24. Woo Hoo – 42nd commenter!!!!

    Welcome back and happy 3rd blogging anniversary. That really is an impressive feat! Disappointing fro yo? My heart bleeds to know that something like that is possible. In fact, I find it more disturbing than the rat in your sup’s office.

    And lastly, yes, the too much style for Seattle comment is most definitely a compliment. But let me ask you how I should take my friends telling me that I DON’T have ENOUGH style for San Bernardino, CA? The comment stings a little, actually.

    Again, welcome back Sizzle!!!!!!

  25. It’s not the soy πŸ˜‰

    Happy three years! That’s a feat to be proud of!

    I took a two day break this week and felt so proud of myself… ha ha! Sometimes you need it!

  26. So glad you are back! πŸ™‚ (About the soy, my vote is on yes — I recommend trying hemp milk. Sounds weird, but is really good and not gas inducing. Also, it’s very creamy and great on cereal. Did you really need that much information?!)

  27. I’m glad the blogiversary got you back out. At least, that’s what I assume brought you back.

    For as we all know, it’s not that we need more time. We just need more deadlines.

  28. Hey Siz! We took a hiatus at the same damn time! Sounds like things are good in your world. I hope your move goes smoother than mine did!

    How was the movie Once? I keep picking it up for some reason haven’t actually rented it …

  29. Sorry I am so late, but happy Sizzle-versary!

    The reason I am late is because like you, I’ve had an epiphany of late. Used to be that the first thing I’d do every morning is read blogs. Then as soon as I got home from work, read blogs. I always was like “I have to stay caught up!”. I realized that I wasn’t enjoying it when it became more like a job. So I stopped letting it consume me and now can comment where I want to, not where I feel like I have to. Breaks are good!

  30. Welcome back, lady! And a belated happy {insert word of choice here}-versary!!! It’s great to see you steppin’ out in style again. πŸ™‚

  31. Welcome back and happy blog-a-versary! I can relate to having the need to step back and take a blog break. I went through some stalking right around the holidays and felt that I had to close down my blog. Of course, I only made it a couple of weeks before I started up my current blog. I just couldn’t keep away.

  32. I love, love, love Once and its music. Ted and I saw Glen Hansard with The Frames at Bumbershoot and then we saw he and Marketa at The Moore in November. Awesome show.

    I hope things are better for you. It’s your page and I think you should write about whatever YOU’RE comfortable with. I think that your outpouring of emotion and baring your soul are the reasons why people identify with you so well. Even though I don’t probably post as much about my personal side, I often have the same thoughts/feelings as you, so I guess in a way, I feel there’s the “bond” there. You know, me and the other 50 people that comment each day:)

  33. Welcome back and happy 3rd anniversary. It takes a lot of dedication to keep a blog going for such a long time. I have only discovered you the last 3 months, but your sport has become one of my favorites. Here’s to many more years!

  34. YAY! I’m glad you are back. It’s kind of refreshing to hear that a frequent and big-time blogger such as yourself finally needed a break! I constantly go back and forth with mine- so I am often amazed by those that just plug away with such consistency.

    Congrats on 3 years!

  35. I’m so bad… I was gone at the same time and didn’t know you were gone. Guess that means I didn’t miss much – you did me a favor, not as much to catch up on? LOL!

    At any rate, CONGRATULATIONS! 3 years… it does fly, doesn’t it? I’ll always remember you were about the first person I found out here in blogland and I loved you immediately. You touched a nerve and I found so many things about you that I could relate to. Imagine that, clear across the country? Isn’t the blogverse amazing? Well, three years have gone by and I love you as much, if not more, than ever… and I’m glad to see so many other people have come to find you. You have a lot to share and wisdom beyond your years. Here’s to many years to come~~~

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