I Need A Toolbelt

I hired movers.

My friends are thrilled- that goes without saying. I think there was a collective squeal of delight (“Wheeeeeee!”) when the news broke. I mean, I’ve got great friends but really, there isn’t enough pizza and beer in the world to make up for helping me carry all my crap to a Uhaul and then unloading it and carrying it up a flight and a half of stairs. Besides, now everyone can come to my housewarming party without any shame hanging over their heads. You know, the ones who “were suddenly sick” or who “had to attend a family thing” or who “were taking their dog to get groomed.” Cough! Yeah, those posers.

I’ve been training with my friends who are vacating the Apartment Manager gig. I’ll probably be coming onto the job with a vacant apartment that’s been problematic to rent. There’s also a tenant issue brewing about “an odd smell.” We’re thinking she means someone is smoking the ganja in his apartment. That’s a no no as far as the law and the building rules are concerned so it will need to be addressed. And there’s a pile of “donations” left in the communal laundry room that is not only an eyesore but annoying because guess who will have to haul that stuff off to the Goodwill? Oh yeah baby. Me! Just call me Ms. Sizzle, The Super.

I am very excited and grateful for the opportunity to manage the apartment building. Sincerely. But if one more person says, “You’re so lucky. You get free rent!” I might roll my eyes or snicker. Because, yes, I get free rent but technically I am working for it. I don’t get to just come home and be another tenant. If something breaks, I have to fix it or find someone to fix it. If a tenant complains, I have to diplomatically handle it. If people are shooting up or turning tricks out behind the building by the dumpsters, I get to deal with it. If an apartment needs to be rented, it’s on me to make sure the landlords don’t lose any money. If someone vacates their apartment leaving it a cat pee pig sty, it’s me who cleans it up. People can come by my apartment whenever they need something. I could be in the middle of cooking dinner or in the throes of passionate lovemaking and still, I’d have to handle the issue. I’ve got two jobs now, not just one.

So yeah, I’m totally completely absolutely thrilled that I landed this gig and I know I will do a great job. But it is still a job. A second job at that. But the upswing is, I get to redecorate. And I don’t have to carry all my furniture upstairs because I’m smart and hired movers. But. . .does anyone want to pack for me?

Oh! In case you haven’t heard, tomorrow is Snackie’s Annual Self-Love Day.sld08

The Rules:

1.) Post a banners on your blog and declare February 14th as the day you not only love your one and only, but the day that you love yourself!

2.) Post one nice thing about yourself……then ask others to post one thing that they really like about you.

3.) Enjoy yourself!

Won’t you participate too?


33 thoughts on “I Need A Toolbelt

  1. Yay, thanks for the shout-out on the SLD!

    I stopped moving myself about five years ago. I love movers and love not having to carry things and have everyone yell at each other ;).

  2. Oh I am SO with you on the movers. That is beyond wise, I tell you.
    Though I’m sure your Tales of the Super will be very real at times, I look forward to the “adventure” that will surely come along with your new gig.

  3. After you get your toolbelt, you need to get a “I’m in the throws of passionate lovemaking… please come back later” sign for your door.

  4. hilly- SLD is a great thing, i’m happy to promote it.

    just run-let’s just hope there aren’t any major problems right off the bat. i need to settle in first!

    dave2- will you make me the sign? i’d use it. πŸ˜‰

  5. Can we just call you The Super Ms. Sizzle? Or Ms. Super Sizzle? Can I have a splash of Tobasco with that? You’re gonna rock out in the new digs and the new gig!

  6. I think that if anyone can handle this new job with ease, it will be you.

    Besides, it’s like blog fodder just waiting to happen!

  7. Yay for hiring movers! Torsten and I moved ourselves last time, and at the end of the night as we staggered into the apartment one last time, we vowed never again. No matter how much movers cost.

  8. I told my husband when we moved into our first apartment that we weren’t moving again until we could afford to hire movers. That was 4 moves ago- and still no movers! I guess there is always next time.

  9. nilsa- you go ahead and call me whatever tickles your fancy, girl.

    tc- def. blog fodder!

    alissa, jess, dagny and punchline- i’m so glad i decided to fork over the dough for the movers. they better not be slow though since i pay them by the hour!

    angella- you’re too sweet to me. πŸ˜‰

    will- see? this is what concerns me because as friendly as I am I hate when people drop by unannounced. I’m dreading that part more than having to break up a prostitute and her john in the middle of a deal in the back alley.

  10. Yup, the last few times I’ve moved, I have gotten movers. When it came down to it, I would spend about the same with truck rental and buying friends dinner and being indebted to them. Way better to get the pros to do it.

  11. If we lived closer, I would absosmurfly pack for you, because I would wager that I am the best packer in the whole U S and A.


  12. I”m sure things will work out just fine. Have fun and don’t let the stress get to you – easier said than done, I know.

  13. fluffycat- i’m looking forward to being able to unpack as they are unloading the truck.

    diane- it seems very possible. πŸ™‚

    la- damn the distance!!

    diva- here’s to hoping!

    buns- not really, i’ll email you the deets.

    melissa- that could be very interesting…

    la blogger gal- Maybe I need to pop on over the ganja guy’s house?

  14. the next time i move, i’m hiring people as well – there comes a time where asking your friends is no longer cool (esp. when they have 3 small kids at home)… i’m not even sure i would ask family to help but know my mom would enjoy putting things, where they don’t belong…

    i think your new ‘job’ sounds very exciting! :o)

  15. Hooray for movers!

    I have moved MANY times. Two moves ago my nearest and dearest helped me move and told me I would have to die in that apartment because I had reached my moving limit.

    The next time I moved I called my family.

  16. Movers are the best idea ever. We moved ourselves once and regretted it completely!

    Hopefuly the tenants will be well behaved and polite and not need too much from you. I’m sure you can handle it all though because you are super (ha ha ha…sorry I am so lame!)

  17. Movers are so the way to go. Just before we moved into the house 5 years ago, my Mom offered to pay for movers as a house warming present. First time I ever had not hit up friends and have told everyone since – pay the money.

    I think you’re going to be an amazing super. And the potential for blog material is huge πŸ™‚

  18. make sure they charge you a flat fee and not by the hour… if they charge by the hour, you will realize just how slow the moving process can truly be!

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