Fun, Laughs, Good Time

Let me get right to the point…I don’t pop my cork for every guy I see.burlesque

Just for The Fella.

I’m going to let you in on a private moment between him and I. As part of my gift to him for V Day, I did an impromptu burlesque dance to “Big Spender” replete with shimmying and stripping. It was a first for both of us as I had never danced for a lover and he had never had anyone dance solely for him. And I’ve gotta tell you. . .there’s gonna be more where that came from. It was so much fun! I suppose I should ‘fess up to a little secret about me: I’ve always wanted to be in a burlesque show. At least now I have someone to practice in front of. It’s a win-win situation.

I got hposition cardim a deck of Position of the Day cards. As we were going through them we noticed a few of them had typos. As far as we both know “craddle” is not a word. We’re pretty sure they meant “cradle” but I guess they figure people aren’t so concerned with spelling when there are diagrams to examine. And new positions to contort into.

Around 2:00am a rowdy bunch of bar goers walked by the bedroom window and woke us up. Then around 4:00am another group of people were talking VERY loudly right outside the bedroom. Two of them decided that 4:00am was the perfect time to have an involved discussion in the foyer of my apartment building. A foyer made of tile and marble where everything echoes. At 4:00am. After a few minutes passed and it appeared they weren’t going to lower their voices or go away, The Fella sat up as if he was going to take care of the situation. I intercepted because he’s the one who had to get up to go to work at 6;00am and he’s the one who sometimes is a wee bit of a hot head. I understand this as I suffer from that proclivity too but I figured it was my apartment so I should deal with it. I walked out there (Naked! Just Kidding.) with my bed head and sleepy eyes and said quietly and kindly, “Hey um that’s (pointing to the wall that is my bedroom) my bedroom and I can hear everything you’re saying.” They were apologetic saying, “Yeah, it’s not that interesting anyhow.” To which I replied with a wiry grin, “Not at 4:00am it isn’t.” They dispersed and I got back into a warm bed to snuggle with my hubba hubba hunk of man.

I took today off. My Mom’s in town and there is furniture to purchase and shopping to be done for the new apartment. Packing to start and donations to drop off at Goodwill. My girl, Supple, lands today for the weekend so there’s dining and drinks to be had tonight and a baby shower to attend tomorrow.

Here’s to the weekend. Have yourself some fun, laughs and good times, my friends.


33 thoughts on “Fun, Laughs, Good Time

  1. va-va-va-voom indeed… i’ve never done a strip-tease-dance for my boyfriend either, might be worth considering… he is pretty handy around the house too so perhaps i can convince him to put in a pole in the basement… ;o)

    have a great weekend and have fun shopping w/your mom… :o)

  2. I love that you did a Burlesque dance for The Fella! What a good VDay celebration!

    So a few weeks ago I was watching Wife Swap (I know, what?!) and a mom who is a burlesque dancer switched with a mom who is a luberjack. Yeah. Imagine the different styles of parenting going on there!

  3. I love it! I’ve always wanted to dance and strip for a lover. I started to once, but he got a little impatient and I couldn’t finish my act. I think I need to get me another guy to try this out with. I will share, when I do.

    Good for you for telling those loud people off. I get that all the time, but from the street, and there’s not much I can do about that : (

  4. Nice!

    I looked at the “craddle” of love last night…after I finished working through my head whether or not I’d reinjure my back I thought, “Two d’s?”

  5. Sounds like a great Valentine’s Day, until about 3-4AM, even though that was technically the 15th and it also sounds like a great weekend is ahead!

    I tried burlesque dancing once. I was asked not to do it again. Ok, I’m kidding. I was asked to do it again. Ok, I’m kidding there, too.

    Have a great weekend!!

  6. Several years ago in NYC I bought, on the street corner, a few photocopied pages of “300 positions.” For $1. Who could turn it down? Mr. Mom was a little disappointed when I got home and after reading realized we’d already thought of all of them. There’s nothing new under the sun.

    EXCEPT DANCING!!!! It’s been said before, but you rock, sista.

    Mayberry Magpie

  7. I think you’ve hit a new record: mom, stripping, hunka hunka man and a baby shower all in one post.
    You go Sizzle with the burlesque.

    Glad you guys had a wonderful V Day!!

  8. “Big Spender”?? You mean like National Lampoon’s European Vacation dance bit with Beverly D’Angelo? Better watch out. A video of you might end up on the streets. Or, worse yet, YouTube!

  9. You rock.

    And did I tell you we tried to go to a burlesque show a few weeks ago? Fuddy duddies that we are, we showed up about 2 hours before the show started and there was no way we could stay awake that long, so we got a drink and left. But we tried!

  10. Somehow, I can just picture you doing that… (the dancing). I’ll bet he was totally ‘wow-ed’!! Fun! Have a great weekend and I hope you get all the things done you wanted to!

  11. Love that pic of you girl!

    I cannot believe you did a burlesque dance for him, you are soooo brave!

    I was kidding around with my best bud chico once and he was saying I couldnt ‘act’ sexy if I tried, so I mustered up my best ‘sexy dance’ on the spot …

    his words:

    “that is the best crack whore dance I’ve ever seen”


    I am SURE yours turned out much better!

  12. Wow, I wonder what kind of Tarot reading you could do with that deck!

    “Your future involves, well, um, some mutual craddle-iscious dancegasms”

  13. That’s a great V-day present — I’ve thought about that as well but I can’t carry a rhythm worth a crap in that I really look like Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies (the first part of her dance).

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