Why Am I the Bad Guy?

Begin rant.

I will never again attempt to sell something on Craig’s List. Whether it is yourself you are selling (dating) or furniture, it seems that the “buyers” using CL are a bunch of flakes.

I posted an ad earlier this week attempting to sell my couch. I had one woman say she was interested and then the next day say she wasn’t. Then a guy wrote saying he’d like it and asking when he could pick it up. I wrote him back about possible times and he mentioned something about renting a car. I asked where he lived and when I discovered it was close to me, I offered to drop it off to him today at 10:30. We agreed on the time and the price and that I would call before I headed over.

Late last night after The Fella had a long day at work and then at class, he helped me load the heavy couch into my car. It has a pull out single sleeper so it makes it awkward to maneuver. And rather heavy. We managed to wrangle it out the apartment doors and down stairs, shoving it in the car without killing each other. Small miracle.

Today at 10:30 came and I called the buyer but he didn’t answer. I left a message and waited 5 minutes before trying again. No answer. I waited another 5 minutes and tried again. No answer. I emailed him inquiring if he was still wanting the couch and to please call me. The plan for my day was quickly shifting as the moments ticked on. I needed to drive across town to one store then over to another then stop at the grocery store before I picked up my friends for the baby shower. I needed that couch out of my car to fit my friends before 1pm. This was incredibly inconvenient.

After more than 30 minutes had passed and I still hadn’t heard from him, I left a, I’ll admit, somewhat angry-toned voice mail asking him to at the very least let me know he didn’t want the couch since I had gone out of my way to get it to him. I said he had until noon to call if he still wanted the couch knowing that he probably had changed his mind before I even called him at 10:30 but didn’t have the decency to call or email that newsflash. I dropped the damn couch off at Goodwill and made my way back home where there was an email from him that basically said he had been in the shower when I called and that my message made me sound frightening and angry. He was no longer interested in the couch.

Well, duh.

I was angry. Rightfully so! I absolutely hate when people make a deal with you and then don’t have the balls to follow through with it. I had two other emails from buyers but because the couch was already in my car and I needed to fit people in my car and I had no one to help me remove the stupid thing, I was forced to dump it at the donation station. Instead of getting rid of the couch and gaining $50, I drove all around town and got a migraine.

I spent the greater part of the day upset about this situation. I’m not a frightening person! I’m just so fucking sick of people saying one thing and doing another. Of people being flakes. Of people lying. Of people not having the balls to say “I’m sorry.” Sure, I left a message that sounded angry. Sure, I don’t blame him for not buying the couch after that but the point is- we had an agreement that I was dropping off the couch at 10:30. If I believe his email, he decided 10:30 was the perfect time to take a shower. Please. If that was the case, why wouldn’t he have called me back within the half hour I left the first pleasant message and the second angry one? Because he didn’t want the couch. Because he couldn’t be decent enough to let me know that. Because people really and truly can suck.

I hate thinking this way but I’m so fed up. I am fed up with the liars and the cowards and the flakes. And I am never using Craig’s List to buy or sell anything again. People can’t be trusted to follow through. It’s a sad state of the world when you can’t even do a nice deed like deliver a person a couch.

End rant. 


44 thoughts on “Why Am I the Bad Guy?

  1. I went through this a couple weeks ago when trying to get rid of a couch, too. I posted is as FREE on CL, and yet people still expected me to bend over backwards by being home at certain times. I was like, dudes, it’s free, and we have plans later in the day, so if you can’t come over now to get it, no matter that you don’t have a truck or whatever, it’s going to the next person who can make it happen. Gah, lame.

    Sorry about your migraine. That sucks.

  2. Ugh, that absolutely sucks! Dude, manners much? (On his part, not yours. You leaving an angry message? Totally justified!)

    Hope your headache is doing better…

  3. I find this frustration with CL a lot. I’ve had people flake numerous times. Most recently I was selling bar review books at a ridiculous discount. One girl emailed me back and forth for a week saying she would come get them and please don’t sell them and I being a nice person held onto them for her. She never showed. The books are now going in the trash.
    But I’ve also had great experiences with people who show up on time, don’t haggle on price and pick up what they came for.

    Doesn’t mean it doesn’t get frustrating at times.

  4. Rarrrrr! I would be really really mad. That guy is the rude one and by the sounds of it a total stupid head as well. fuckim! you rock and he is a cock.

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  6. I’m sick of flakes too. Really. Truly. Sick of them. I’m dealing with one now… and I’m the one not trying to sound like a jerk when she just hasn’t followed through twice. It’s nothing big or truly pressing but it’s very irritating.

    Don’t say you’ll do something if you’re not going to. Don’t say you’ll do it in a certain time frame if it’s not true. Is that so hard?

    She didn’t even apologize after the 1st round… just “oh, I forgot” and “I’ll get it to you tonight” (2 days later and no). Gee, thanks. I even gave her the out- hey, if you’re too busy, it’s fine… but noooo, she had to say she’d still do it. Gah. Sorry for going all ranty in your comments. I sympathize.

    Why didn’t they just tell you they’d found one they liked better? That seems perfectly reasonable and non-confrontational. Just no consideration.

  7. Angry for you. Hate people who can not just come out and say they need to back out. It would save soo much frustration.
    I’m with Hilly, the guy is full of shit and using you justifiable last msg as an excuse. I suggest he grow some.

    This is why I have the Sally Ann pick up and never offer anything to anyone – unless they are in the trusted circle.

  8. Whenever something like that happens, my husband always says, “People really are out for themselves.” It makes me sad, really, how people these days don’t care how their actions affect other people.

  9. What a frustrating experience- you’re trying to be a nice person, he screws up, and then paints you to be the asshole…it makes me mad just thinking about it! I think the lesson here is that 1) some people are jerks, and 2) if you are going to sell stuff on CL, get the money upfront.

  10. I always thought the people on CL were a bunch of morons. And for a while, I just thought it was the Chicago crowd because others seemed to have better luck in other cities. Clearly Seattle has the same issues as Chicago. I’ve stayed away from that rat hole for ages now. Works for some, but the money is not worth the time spent dealing with the cuckoos! Hopefully, by today, you have moved onto better things!

  11. Isn’t it a shame that people can ruin someone elses day and not even think twice about it?

    Glad you were still able to give the couch a new home though 🙂

  12. Oh sizzle, I’m laughing and I don’t think that’s the appropriate response.

    I had a similar experience, only it was WITH MY SISTER! Same sleeper sofa (heavy, hard to handle). She called and said she wanted to buy it and was sending someone over to pay me and pick it up.

    That someone was my nephew and he showed up with half the money and no truck. I had to help him put it ON TOP OF HIS CAR. Then he had the nerve to get pissy with me because I didn’t have a rope handy. He used ALL THE STRING OUT OF MY WEED-EATER to marginally secure the sofa to his car.

    As he drove away, all I could think was “f-ing white-trash.”

    Flakes are everywhere; even in our families. (Especially in our families!)

    Mayberry Magpie

  13. I love you, and I’m sorry for having the vision of you and The Fella screaming “Pivot! Pivot! Pivvooootttttt!!!!!” at each other. I mean, really sorry. I apologize for laughing.

  14. damn those people at craigslist! how rude! and to think i used to use that sight for posting a personal ad! crazy, right? good thing i met my boyfriend on salon.com… ;o)

  15. I’ve had great experiences on craigslist for years but this last round about two weeks ago has been very frustrating, and its not craigslist, its the quality of the human being I was connected to.

    Too bad CL doesn’t employ a trust network of some kind like ebay feedback, maybe something like LinkedIn where you could determine degrees of separation between the person you’re doing business with and everyone you know.

  16. That is pretty rude. I’ve never used Craig’s List and am now not very certain that I will. I hate flakes!!! Too bad there isn’t a head and shoulders for people. Obviously Head and Shoulders IS for people, but you know what I mean. Flakes suck!! I work with a bunch of ’em!

  17. Oh, sweetie. I’m sorry.

    People really do suck sometimes.

    I had a friend buy a camera off of eBay…that never arrived.

    Makes you wonder WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE.

    Sorry this happened. Hope you don;t have to deal with idiots for awhile (apart from your job as a Super).

  18. people are pretty much useless. they just assume their lives are the most important and no one else exists except to please them.

  19. What jerks! I can’t believe people’s behavior these days?! Hasn’t anyone taught them to smile on your brother and the favor will be returned? DUDE! I mean seriously! It would of only took the guys couple seconds to call you!
    I’m sorry Sizzle, that sucks!

  20. One of the reasons I don’t seel shit online is because of all the idiots .. Now on the other hand I have bought stuff off the net.. ebay mostly and I only had one problem and there was nothing I could do other than complain about them selling something that was badly damaged.. I failed to see the warning.. paid and had it delivered.. ever since i won’t buy online anymore.. you are not the bad guy.. simply kind and helpful… he was the loser..

  21. Well damn. I am frightening and angry and I am not even involved. That guy is an ass and he does not deserve to put his on your couch. Ever.

  22. Seriously, I don’t know what is up with Craigslist, but it’s like its very existence throws up the Bat Signal for every non-committal hem-hawing no-follow-through ass clown in the tri-state area.

    Which is why I leave you with this link that is will 100% make you feel better. I promise.

  23. Ted ran into this problem, too, when he was moving in with me and had to get rid of some of his duplicate stuff. IT was really annoying to plan our weekends or evenings around appointments that most people didn’t even bother to keep (or have the courtesy to cancel in advance). Unfortunately, it’s one of the few places where you can post for free.

  24. OUCH… lucky for him it wasn’t me. I’d dropped in on his front porch. Then again I’m lucky/unlucky that my present location allows me to place things at the end of my driveway and usually within say 5 minutes ( last week’s desk I’ve had for over 12 years ) POOF it’s snapped up.

    Oh my first time hear and you got me all fired up about how people are F’ing sTOOPid! Thanks. Nice Blog!

  25. I’ve had my share of problems with craig’s list also.. I was looking for some furniture for my boyfriend for the new house he’s renting. This lady said she had a queen size bed, a chest of drawers, and an entertainment center all in great condition. So she gives me her address and I mapquest it. Bad idea…. she lives in a large city, but it was the boonies of the large city. It was dark and raining, and she lived at the bottom of a hill in a muddy hole. So we finally got there. The entertainment center was falling apart (luckily we got some brackets to stabilize it) the chest of drawers was missing some handles and was not in “great” condition and the mattress…. EEWWWW!! It looked like someone had let a wet muddy dog lay all over it… needless to say, Derek had to continue sleeping on the air mattress… 😛 We got the other 2 things, but I guess you get what you don’t pay for… cause it was free…

  26. Was that my inlaws you made the “Deal” with? They are RENOUND for not following through with anyone and I get furious, exhausted and just sick of it. I can not imagine being that unreliable and dillholish to people.

  27. I think that’s one of the reasons I’ve never been brave enough to do CL or E-bay… I am such a weenie and hate dealing with people.

    I think you did the right thing.

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