My Mind Is a Broken Record

Begin purge.

1. My pants are tight. I’ve taken to wearing skirts because they are more forgiving. I keep telling myself that once I’m settled in my new place I’ll focus on exercise. I really hope I follow through with that. I don’t like tight pants.

2. I am a bit pissy about being required to get my mini blinds professionally cleaned. My landlord claims it is a Washington State law which doesn’t seem to be listed anywhere in any of the countless Google searches I’ve done. I signed off that I would do it when I moved in but DAMN it costs almost $100! For blinds I don’t even put down since I have curtains.

3. Where are the Girl Scout cookies I ordered? On second thought, their arrival will not help the current tight pants situation. It’s probably the Universe’s way of saying: Girl, you don’t need any cookies!

4. I really wish I knew some design stuff. I’m trying to put together a handy little magnet to go along with my introductory letter to all the tenants and each attempt keeps coming out dorky. I might be good at decorating but I am definitely lacking in the design department. At least I wrote a funny/good letter. It’s not all a wash.

5. It’s working through the bad days with each other that can really build a strong foundation in a relationship. And moving furniture. That’s a test to any relationship!

6. I am currently lacking: a couch, a shower curtain, a bath mat, nightstands, a dresser, and my sanity. At least the movers will have less to load/unload on moving day. Talk about a clean sweep- I inadvertently donated my right mind to the Goodwill. But I did pick up a coffee table for $8. Even exchange, right?

7. If I could find my inspiration at work, I don’t even think I’d recognize it. It’s been gone missing for that long.

8. I didn’t know it was possible but Paula Abdul made even less sense than usual last night on American Idol. She’s so freaking weird. Paula, I’d say your color is . . tie-dye. What you been smokin’ girl?! (For a recap on the male performances, check out my friend Greeblemonkey. She takes the words right out of my mouth.)

9. Is it April 4th yet? Because I am ready for our mini-getaway.

10. Hey kiddos? You’re not really helping. Can you make yourself useful, please?

sitting pretty

Can’t right now. I’ve got a nap scheduled.

pack you up

I’m sort of busy. Playing hide & seek with myself.

Kids these days. Hrmph!

End purge.


42 thoughts on “My Mind Is a Broken Record

  1. I was told the same thing about the blinds when I moved out of my last apartment. This of course was after I spent countless hours cleaning them myself…. $100 down the drain. I couldn’t find anything to back what my landlord said, but since it just came out of my security deposit there wasn’t much I could do.

    Is it Thin Mint time already? I must go find a box or four.

  2. My girl scout cookies came today. Dangerous things, those trefoils.

    I completely understand packing crazy and cleaning crazy – my former landlord charged me $40 because he had to take off the (awesome “rain”) showerhead that I had installed and put the broken rusty one back on.


    The good news is that the sanity does indeed come back.

  3. “It’s working through the bad days with each other that can really build a strong foundation in a relationship. And moving furniture. That’s a test to any relationship!”

    No truer words have ever been spoken. 🙂 Moving sucks. No matter what the circumstance, the climate, the new digs–whatever. It sucks, period.

  4. I ordered Girl Scout cookies, too and just yesterday was wondering where they are. Especially because someone else in my office is already bringing hers in. WTF?!

    I fake being good at designing (see my Save the Date). Let me know if you want a little help.

    Sweets and I agreed never to move furniture together. Once you use movers, you never go back. Hopefully it will save our soon-to-be-marriage!

    I’ll let you live vicariously from my mini-getaway to Boston this weekend. More to come when I return on Monday! 🙂

  5. “If I could find my inspiration at work, I don’t even think I’d recognize it. It’s been gone missing for that long.”
    Amen, sister.

    And yay! You’re going somewhere fun (and sooo pretty) in April! Yippee!

  6. ‘If I could find my inspiration at work, I don’t even think I’d recognize it. It’s been gone missing for that long.’

    Oh my God, you have tapped into my exact thoughts. That is the major problem in my life right now. And you are right, girl scout cookies would help everything!

  7. I should really add that my inspiration is so lacking and missing in action that I am writing this from my office. Help me!!!

    Not that you asked, of course

  8. I haven’t gotten my girl scout cookies yet either, but am currently baking home made samoas. We’ll see how they turn out.

    I hope you get all settled in quickly and thoughts of moving erase from your mind. I never heard the thing about the blinds before. When we moved out of the apartment between houses, I left the blinds up because my kids had bent them a little. No one ever called me about it, so I guess I am safe by now!

  9. Sizz…

    Try this link:

    It’s the Washington State laws regarding cleaning the mini-blinds.

    Basically, there is no law specifically stating you have to have the mini-blinds professionally cleaned. It DOES say, however, two things: (1) if you signed a lease and the lease stated that you would agree to do that, then you have to do it, and (2) if the landlord attempts to illegally withhold funds for whatever reason, you can take him to court and get DOUBLE the money back because he/she defrauded you.

    I did find this on the website linked above:

    ” 2. Nonrefundable Fees – These will not be returned to the tenant under any circumstances. If a nonrefundable fee is being charged, the rental agreement must be in writing and must state that the fee will not be returned. A nonrefundable fee cannot legally be called a “deposit.”

    Non-refundable Cleaning Fees: A landlord may collect money as a nonrefundable cleaning fee. The collection of this fee must be in writing and clearly state that it is nonrefundable. A tenant who pays a nonrefundable cleaning fee cannot be charged for normal cleaning when moving out. RCW 59.18.285.”

    The “RCW” reference at the end of that paragraph (without the period and quote) is the title of the law where this is written. (That whole sentence did not make sense to me!)

    The landlord can not say “oh, it’s part of the cleaning stuff.” It has to be SPECIFICALLY OUTLINED in the lease. Period.

    So, armed with that information, now you have to decide if you’re going to have a confrontation and simply, calmly state that there is no law, it’s not specifically outlined on your lease that the mini-blinds had to be “professionally” cleaned, and as soon as you get settled, you will be filing a Small Claims Court case, and will when the Court tells him/her they are full of shit (in so many words), then he/she will have to return DOUBLE the amount. (I lifted this info from the same web site.)

    So, there you go … good luck!

  10. I went to the bay area a few weeks ago to attend a crab feed with some friends. (Yes, I am a pig.) I flew on an employee ticket so I had to dress up for the flight…my dress pants were most definitely tighter on the way back to Salt Lake City. Could it have been me eating my body weight in crab? Maybe.

  11. I find that my pants are more forgiving than my skirts. Probably has something to do with the fact that I have to buy pants one size larger to accomodate my butt.

    Also I thought that Girl Scout cookies were not due in until next month. Guess I was wrong about that. Don’t need any this year though as there are still some from last year in the freezer.

  12. Yes! I love skirts for that same reason. Absolutely.

    $100? Really? What a rip! It sounds like he’s trying to pull your leg. That is a strange law. Very strange.

  13. Oh, god — I don’t even move furniture with friends. Hiring movers has saved relationships for me. Largely because I must be extraordinarily annoying to move things with — I laugh uncontrollably when lifting heavy things and have terrible spatial skills, so I’m always running into things.

  14. i’d be more than happy to help you w/the magnet, being a designer and all… i should have my new software by this weekend so just let me know… ;o)

  15. If you email me your magnet ideas/text, I will see what I can do at work tomorrow. While I’m not SUPER DESIGN WOMAN, I do have cool programs on my computer and access to an Official Design Goddess.

    Granted, this is dependent upon my office’s internet working tomorrow…

  16. Your mini blinds need to be cleaned??? Are you kidding? I call bullshit on that one Sizzle.

    As for the Girl Guide cookies – count your blessings they haven’t showed. Ate 1/2 a box on my own instead of dinner.

    Skirts were made to be comfy, forgiving and make us look girly 🙂

  17. I really like ff2by4

    Not just an opinion. Not just advice but actual research with real ideas and actual reasons with backup for that advice!!!!!!!!!!!


    she’s a keeper

  18. Yikes, the peppermint Jo-Jos at Trader Joes were the death of me. I’d probably go postal for a Thin Mint. I wish I could be one of those people who could keep a box around the house for more than a day. 😦

  19. “7. If I could find my inspiration at work, I don’t even think I’d recognize it. It’s been gone missing for that long.”

    You’ll know. Even if it’s been gone for… oh.. say… 5 years. You’ll know.

  20. I love the Oregon Coast. Especially when it is not quite warm out yet.
    Building Ikea furniture is also a test to any relationship, especially if you screw up and have to take it apart and start over.
    Good luck with the moving.

  21. a state law to get your blinds cleaned? and i thought we had some funny laws in the uk 😉

    aww your cats are so cute!! are they looking forward to the move too? after we moved me and my boyfriend bickered for a week – and we never bicker! i kind of miss the bickering now… 😉

  22. Aw man, we went through that blind-cleaning debacle when we were moving out of our last apartment in Queen Anne. It came out of our “fully-refundable” (exaggerated finger quotes) deposit..what the fffff..!? I didn’t realize it was an actual law–that does sound wonky.

    We love Cannon beach. That should be a nice retreat.

  23. The tough times are a great way to gauge the strength of your relationship. And if you two pull through, you’ll be all the better for it. And, yes, furniture moving is a great test. I hate doing that.

    You’ll get your cookies soon. Unless my nefarious plan works out and they get sent to me! Muahahahahhahahahhaha!!!

  24. It doesn’t matter if it’s a state law, if it was in the lease that you signed (being a former property manager and all…). What was a state law in Hawaii is that if the blinds were dirty when you moved in, then you were only responsible for turning it back in the same condition (per the inspection/inventory sheet).

    Cannon Beach is so nice, you will like it a lot. I’ve stayed in Astoria twice, but driven down the coast and back. We want to do it again!

  25. $100.00 for “professional mini-blind cleaning”? That’s insane. Are they special custom blinds or do you have 15 sets of windows in your old apartment? I mean, if they are special, that’s one thing. But seriously? You can get mini blinds at Lowe’s for like $4 apiece.

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