Quirky is Part of My Charm

Black Belt Mama tagged me. This means she likes me, right?

The rules:
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3) Share six non-important things / habits / quirks about yourself.
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Six non-important things about me:

1. I cannot and will not drink water with a straw.

2. It is seemingly impossible for me to just sit with both feet on the ground. One is always tucked under me somehow. It’s very contortionistic. And also, I’m short in staturecheeky (5’3″) so sometimes in certain seating situations, my feet don’t touch the ground anyhow.

3. I make a certain face when applying blush in the morning. Where I bug out my eyes and purse my lips. See Exhibit A ——–>

4. I can’t seem to tolerate unread feeds in my Google Reader. It’s like a contest with myself to clear it out every day. And yet, each morning when I wake up, I know I have to start the game all over again. Le Sigh.

5. I have an annoying (to some, cough, The Fella) habit of changing the song/station after only hearing a couple of notes of a song. I can tell if I am in the mood for it or not that quickly. Don’t you judge me! I know what I like! I don’t listen to the radio because commercials bug the crap out of me.

6. I hate pickles.

I have a really hard time tagging people. If you haven’t done this one, feel free to grab it and make it yours.

“Today my heart is big and sore/It’s tryin’ to push right through my skin/I won’t see you anymore/I guess that’s finally sinkin’ in/’Cause you can’t make somebody see/By the simple words you say/All their beauty from within/Sometimes they just look away…” -Goodbye, Patty Grifin


35 thoughts on “Quirky is Part of My Charm

  1. #2 – Amen, short sistah! Seriously, I always have one foot under me somehow and it definitely has to do with my feet never touching the ground!

    #3 – I have a special face for when I put on mascara. It’s like I’m stretching my face as long as it will go so as to avoid getting mascara anywhere but my lashes!

    #4 – Yes. Sigh.

    #5 – Me, too! I knew we’d be friends if it weren’t for all those states between us!

  2. #1 – Me Neither
    #2 – I’m 5’1″, and I have a very deep couch, so if I sit all the way back? My feet dangle off the cushions a la Lily Tomlin on the giant chair on The Carol Burnett Show (am I dating myself here?)
    #3 – I have a funny blush face, too
    #4 – I am the same exact way. Also, with clearing out my email inboxes.
    #5 – I do not do this.
    #6 – This is where you lost me. Love love LOVE pickles.


  3. nilsa- i have a mascara face too! i will post that someday. 😉

    la- short women unite! i get your lily reference- i love her!- i’m about to be 35 so i’ve been around some. hee hee.

    alissa- wha!? say it isn’t so!? are you trying to make me cry?! think of it this way- more pickles for you because i share.

  4. I too am a music station quick change artist. I usually change it before most figure out what song it even is. Maybe this means I would have been good at Name That Tune?

  5. We are SO much alike Sizzle. I am always curling up my legs which is why having stupid knee surgery has been extra torturous since I just can’t curl up the way I used to!

    Thanks for playing.

  6. I always, always sit with my left leg underneath me. I’m tall, though, so when I go to get up, it’s kind of like a giraffe unwrapping its legs. One time I even got tangled, my chair rolled back, and I fell to the ground. At work. You’d think that would teach me to sit like that, but no. Must have leg tucked underneath.

    Also, I love pickles, but hate raw cucumbers.

  7. I should ask you about wearing blush because I always feel like it looks weird on me, so I never wear it. i think it’s a product of growing up in the 80s.

    And I’m an inch shorter than you, and I often find myself in chairs where my feet don’t touch the ground. The worst is on a toilet. I feel like a little kid.

    No pickles? What would life be without pickles? Hah, more pickles for the rest of us!

  8. I am the same way about the radio and it pisses my fiance off to no end. Is it my fault that I know what I like? Geez.

    Also, I am the opposite about the straw. I love straws. Otherwise I wind up inadvertently dumping ice all over myself.

  9. I think we’re breaking up. I adore pickles.

    However!!! The silver lining: I almost always tuck my (slightly longer than your) legs under me, I make that “blush face” and I have that competition with myself not only in my RSS reader, but I start shaking if my email inbox rises above 100 emails at any given time.

  10. michael- i think that is exactly what it means.

    bbm- thanks for tagging me!

    jen- there is such a thing as cooked cucumbers? why am i not aware of this?!

    fluffy- relish in your pickle-loving. more for you!
    bbm- thanks for tagging me. 🙂

    jess- should i get you a bunch of straws as a wedding present? 😉

    jen- YAY! Finally someone who hates pickles. All these pickle loving people have been commenting making me feel all alone in the world.

    karl- you’re so very serious when applying make up.

    aimee- just remember that this means more pickles for you. let’s not break up over it!

    tc- that just means you know what you like. a woman after my own heart. ❤

  11. My wife makes that same face as she applies various items to her face. It does make me laugh.

    I get what you’re saying about straws in water. It’s wrong on all counts. I want to chew ice while drinking the water. What does that say about me? Am I sexually frustrated? Rumor has it those who chew ice are sexually frustrated. Guess I’ve been sexually frustrated since four years old.

    How about straws and coffee drinks? Do you use them then? I don’t get that except for the lipstick thing.

  12. OMG… 5’3″? I had no clue… You know how I always said we were “sisters”? Well, I’m 5’9″… guess that makes me the ‘big’ sis in more ways than one, huh? LOL!

  13. OH my gosh these are hilarious and so apply to me.

    The straw with water … I’ve done that a few times and it does feel odd!

    The blush thing … that face is a must. The face I make when applying lip liner is priceless also.

    Great random facts you shared!

  14. I make a big smiley face when I apply blush, since I just put it on the “apple” of my cheeks. Faces are *necessary* when applying makeup. (And thanks for sharing the pic! Too cute!)

  15. Nice post! Nice blog!

    1 – I cannot drink beer through a straw.
    2 – I sit regularly for hours in a petite Louis XVI desk chair, with both feet on the floor.
    3 – Mouthwash, then bug eyes, then stick tongue out. What I really hate is the foamy whitening pre rise that leaks out my nose.
    4 – I would rather a “mark all as written” than a “mark all as read” button. I might help me finish.
    5 – My iPhone – which is alive – gets very, very angry if I skip a song.
    6 – I like pickiness which is kind of like hating pickles, only different.

  16. #5 is me too! I am very aware of that annoying habit when others are in the car with me. They won’t even know what song it is and I’ve already moved on! ha!

  17. I hate listening to the radio too, especially in the morning … all that blabber blabber blabber talk talk talk! =)

    why would you even put a straw in water anyways. yuck. actually i dont like straws at all, they seem so yucky unless they are the wrapped in paper kind … i dont want one of the ones at a fast food restaurant where four thousand other hands have touched it!

  18. Number 5, oh number 5. My husband didn’t tell me until after we had been married for 10 YEARS that it bugs the crap out of him when I do this. I figured if he waited 10 years to tell me, I can wait 10 more years before I stop doing it (kidding, I try to make an effort, I really do). I just can’t help myself and it is almost always an unconscious thing that I don’t even realize I am doing.

  19. LOL #4 cracked me up, Sizz. Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t have a google reader, because something tells me if I did, I’d be the same way.

    And I’m totally with you on #5. Gotta be in the mood for the music. That’s a quirk? I thought everyone was like that 🙂

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