This Inconvenient Truth

I told you it was going to be a problem. The overflow cometh.dumpster

I called the public utilities company yesterday. It went something like this:

Me: Hi. I’m a new manager at an apartment building in Capital Hill. It appears we’ve missed a recycling pick up. Our dumpster is overflowing.

Her: When is your pick up day?

Me: That’s just it. See? I’m new and no one told me what day it is. I think it is either Wednesday or Thursday.

Her: What is the address?

Me: {tell address}

Her: What’s your name? (tell her) What’s the name on the account? (tell her) Your pick up is on Wednesday.

Me: Yeah see so it’s obviously been skipped because our dumpster is overflowing. Is there a reason why they wouldn’t pick it up?

Her: It’s too late for me to schedule a pick up since it’s so close to your regular date. You should have called right after it was missed.

Me: Right. Yeah. But like I said, I didn’t know the pick up day. So is there any reason they would refuse a pick up? If the dumpster is overflowing will they still take the contents?

Her: If you had called right after the missed pick up, we could have scheduled you another. Now you just have to wait until Wednesday.

Me: Oh, ok. Thanks.

Her: You could leave a note on the dumpster telling them that last week’s pick up didn’t happen. Just to explain.

Me: Um, sure. Thanks. Ok, bye.

That was so unhelpful. But at least I know the pick up date. And that the tenants sure do recycle. Look at that oveflow! Today I get to take half a day off my real job so I can let the gas techs into each apartment to relight pilot lights. Should I be afraid of what I might find? Anyone want to start guessing?


31 thoughts on “This Inconvenient Truth

  1. *hugs Sizzle*
    Seriously, once you get over all the intital bumps and bruises, you’ll be able to do this job in your sleep! (especially good when people come knocking at 1am)

  2. hey, that’s a lot of recycling! you should be very proud of your tenants 😉 but the woman on the phone never explained why they skipped you!?

  3. I hate the learning period in a new job. It makes me feel like an incompetent boob. This would really leave me wishing that someone had made a little book of important things to know in managing this building. Garbage pick up day would be in the top ten for sure.

  4. I know what you’ll find. S&M, bongs and hidden pets. This is your chance to gather the info that will keep you tenants in place down the road.

  5. Every apartment? I’d be careful and prepared to forget a lot of things you might be seeing.

    On the other hand, you might discover some things that make you want to get to a know a few of your tenants a little better.

  6. It’s amazing to me what ridiculous things people just leave laying around their apartments – I can’t wait to hear what you find!!

  7. I am like the nosiest person in the US and A, and I would LOVE to come with you and poke around in other people’s apartments. Except, hotpinksox? No dead bodies. Kthxbai.

  8. My goodness! Seriously! It was like you were talking to a wall! While I was reading your post I was thinking …. “Mc Fly! Hello?! Mc Fly!” 🙂

  9. Ahhh, the learning curve. You’ll get over it. One way or another. And then, your kick-ass-sass-attack will flow over, instead of your dumpster.

  10. This happens at every apartment building and it’s just one of those things you have to deal with. It’s a hassle for sure but you’ll learn to take it in stride.

  11. Don’t you just love customer service, always stating the obvious?! I once told a customer service rep that their policy was “crap” and her response, “You’re the one who signed it.” ARGH!

  12. Wow, you were pretty reasonable talking to that person. I’d have gotten all frustrated (mad!) and hung up on them.

    As for being in others’ apartments…I agree with whit – see what kind of info might be necessary in the future.

  13. Yeah for recycling tenants. Boo for unhelpful person on other end of phone. Yeah for half day off. Boo for having to do ‘other’ job on half day off. Yeah for being able to snoop in other people’s homes. And double yeah for the dirty stuff you are going to find!


  14. Wow, it sounds like you received some very unhelpful service from the trash company. And quite frankly, there is nothing worse than overflowing trash cans and recycling bins. It is like putting an ad in the newspaper saying “WE OVER CONSUME”. Sorry you have to wait until Wednesday.

    And, I can’t wait to hear about the inside of your tenants apartments. Call me a voyeur but I bet you see some weird crap.

  15. I reckon there is a grow-op in 212 and the mailman in 308 has a collection of anatomically correct, life-sized, anime dolls which he keeps sitting around his kitchen table playing a fake-game of poker.

    Or… you know. A lot of messy apartments.

    (As an aside I had to call the city because they missed our garbage pick-up. I think they must have spelling training in being unhelpful.)

  16. You show way more grace and patience than I would have. I have a tendency to get this TONE that freaks people out, and it should, because it means that THE STABBING MAY COMMENCE.

  17. Hi there!

    Thanks a million for your words on Bliss in Bloom today! Don’t know how you found me, but so glad you did!

    You are fabulous! Great blog too 🙂

  18. **Breathe Sizzle** It’s the beginning. You need to get into the flow of things. I know I sound like some Yoga Swami, but its true. Once you get used to your surroundings, it will all flow.

  19. I love how silly conversations can get when one party asks a simple question and the other party goes out of their way not to answer he question as asked.

  20. Wow..they sure are on top of things!

    The tenants in my building clog up the trash chute all the time..and instead of calling maintenance, they just keep stuffing garbage in it. And then I top it off with a poop filled diaper and call it a day. (And then I take one for the team and call maintenance myself.)

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