Let’s Find the Bright Side

I feel like all I’ve been doing since I moved is whine and complain and bitch and moan and ramble on about annoyances. Granted, there is a lot to discuss where those things are concerned but it’s time for a purposeful change of perspective. Lest I wallow in my own mire and lose sight of the big picture.

Here goes nothing.

  1. I am not broke even though I don’t have a surplus to buy the furniture I need. I still can pay my bills and afford to eat. Maybe even have a cocktail out with friends Friday night.
  2. My apartment, while not put together, is very cute. Imagine what it will be like when it is. (I know you want photos but it’s just not camera ready yet. Hold your horses, will ya?)
  3. My job allows me flexibility to change my schedule with ease. Not every employer would be open to this. It’s a perk.
  4. The tenants I have met have all been welcoming and understanding during this transitional time. And everyone paid their rent before the 5th, sans one.
  5. I’m hanging out with Finn this weekend.
  6. I am getting my hair cut & colored tonight. TONIGHT. All is right with the world.
  7. I rented the unit that had been vacant for two months within the first 5 days of being the Apartment Manager. Hello! Who’s got mad skillz?
  8. I’m going to buy new shoes. Preferably green.
  9. While the last two birth control methods I tried obviously had negative side effects, the good news is there are a bazillion more to try. Libido, don’t lose hope, I’m still searching for you!
  10. My boyfriend loves me. (And my libido, he’s part of the search party.)
  11. The IRS check is being mailed on Friday. I was misinformed about it being en route. Hopefully my new address will have been entered in time so that the check arrives directly to the new apartment. Fingers crossed that I’ll be buying furniture next week.
  12. I’m going to BlogHer this year.

What’s your bright side today?


46 thoughts on “Let’s Find the Bright Side

  1. I love when you blog about hair and hair appointments because it feels like you understand me. One of the **best** parts of visiting the U.S. is that I get to go to my hairdresser, Megan, That’s the good news and my reason to smile. Of course our visit doesn’t happen till the end of my two-week trip and I look like ^%^%% right now, but hey I’ll get there.

  2. Things sound pretty hunky dory (do they still use that??) for ya!
    My bright side today is that I returned from Disneyland last night to discover that I have jury duty today…at1:30pm. It’s like a day off for me!!

  3. I love when you look on the bright side! And if only I wasn’t getting married this year … I’d be ALL OVER BLOGHER! I’m kinda sad I’ll be missing it.


    I went last year and had the best time of my life. But NONE of the people I went with last year can go this year. And that means I probably can’t go either. But if I end up being able to I’m totally hunting you down.

  5. I really like your blog! Hooray for all the good things happening! And HOORAY for that check coming! I know how exciting to have furniture is.

  6. I know we don’t know each other, so it might be too personal, but I’m on Seasonale and I absoultely love it! Look into it if you haven’t. You know, if you want. πŸ™‚

    And I can’t wait for pictures! Gah!

  7. Uh…today is my friday because I’m taking off work tomorrow to go out of town.

    …and making vodka cherry slurpees for the road. (it’s ok…i’m not driving. )


  8. Do you think that maybe the Libido issue has more to do with the stress you are under than the birth control method you are on? I know that when I am stressed and tired I just want to sleep.

  9. My bright side is that tomorrow is Friday. And also that Counting Crows have a new CD coming out this month.

    I also sometimes tend to underestimate that whole being able to afford my own place and to eat thing, though. It’s not bad.

  10. I am absolutely most especially jealous of the shoes!! I can’t remember the last time I bought new shoes!
    Great list and good for you that you found a whole heap of positive despite the chaos going on around you right now ;o)

  11. You’re so good for making this list- it always does help to put things in perspective! I’m in a pretty positive mood today too, so most things are on my bright side (I’m actually pretty pumped to even have a bright side these days)!!

  12. My libido is right here next to me, unfortunately no one to play with right now : ( I think I’ve also been reading too much of this http://love.ivillage.com/lnssex/topics/0,,4tgp,00.html and it’s really not helping… maybe you could use it?
    My W2 form and all my papers got lost in the mail when I sent them to my accountant for my tax forms to be completed. I already asked for a new W2 form at work, but all other papers are still pending… I’m not sure I’m feeling the bright side yet… but I’m very happy you are!!!

  13. HAAAA! The “he’s part of the search party” comment made me laugh out loud!!

    I really didn’t plan to attend BlogHer, but if you’re going to be there……….. hmmm. I need to rethink about this.

  14. My bright side is that I bought myself mini Robins Eggs – the Whoppers version – when I went to Target at lunch. AND a new pair of shoes!

    Gotta love that place…

  15. Nothing like blogging to help you sort shit out! (I say this from personal experience!)

    My bright side is your #3 – I’ve been dealing with real estate stuff all day. I am lucky that I have my own office with a door that shuts!

  16. BCP’s can do awful things to the libido. Try telling a man who is fantastic in bed that none of his tricks are doing anything for you!! I hope your search party helps πŸ˜‰

  17. Good for you for the attitude shift! Just remember, the longer you can stick with the apt. managing gig, the more money you’ll have at your disposal down the line. Also eventually, you’ll be done unpacking and that’ll be off your mind and the list. Hang tough!

    As for me, it actually is bright here today. Sunny and in the 40s, woohoo! A few things aren’t going as hoped or planned, but in the bigger scheme, it’s all right.

  18. I hope you’re at least taking “Before” photos of the apartment to share along with the cute little “After” photos later on. You are, right? RIGHT?

    Let’s see, my bright side is that in two hours I will be picking out table linens for our wedding reception. And in four hours my fiancΓ© will finally be asking his good friend to be a groomsman. I guess I have weddings on the brain.

  19. well now, that’s a damn fine list you’ve got going there!

    Going to BlogHer, huh? I’m still thinking about it. I want to go, but I’m not really up for going alone. I know time is getting short, so I just need to make up my mind already! Feel free to convince me if you so desire – LOL

  20. Green shoes?!? I want pics.
    Way to go on renting the empty apt and on having an understanding employer πŸ™‚
    I’ll buy you a drink virtually tomorrow night.
    Do we get pics of the new do???
    And Blogher….I wish.

  21. That is a great list with some super things happening! You have a bright future!

    Ooo! And new hair! Yahooo! Pictures pictures!!!

    I’m not sure what blogher is … I have to check that out! Congrats! Excellent!

  22. Here’s to having The Fella in your search party! I had the worst effects after going on the depo shot. I’m now on a pill that has a much lighter dose of the hormones and it’s been so much better — but unfortunately, even each pill affects everyone differently so it’s a pain the ass trial/error process:(

  23. Someone said that if you write down 5 things you are thankful for everyday, you’ll have a much brighter outlook on life… so props to you! Also my possative note is I got the cutest pair of shoes the other day for free (yay free shoes)!

    Also on a side note, good luck on the libido – let us know if you find a form of birth control that makes sex like chocolate again… ’cause man wouldn’t that rock!

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