Wearing Sunshine

new ‘do

Yesterday people were asking for photos of the new ‘do. I wasn’t going to post any because, let’s face it, it’s just like the old ‘do except all the grays are gone, there’s some splash of red and it’s shorter in back. Exciting stuff, huh? (Also, what am I doing in this picture? Sticking my tongue out a little? Weird.)

What I love about getting my haircut is that it gives my self-esteem an instannew ‘do 2t boost. My hair is very thick and grows very fast (thanks Mom) so the grays come fast and furious and the top of my head gets almost mushroom-like if I don’t have it thinned out every 4-6 weeks. No one likes a mushroomhead now do they?

So it looks the same as the last time you saw me. I don’t expect any confetti or cheers. What’s unusual about these pictures and about me today is that I am wearing yellow. I don’t believe I’ve worn yellow since I shoved my chubbette body into an Esprit sweater back in ’87. Or maybe that was my sister? I’m always confusing my childhood memories with hers.

Either way, I’m trying to cheer myself up so I’m rockin’ the new ‘do and sporting some sunshiney yellow. Let’s see if it works.

More important than what I am wearing, two of my friends- Neilochka (who has, in fact, pinch my butt before) and Alissa (my internet soul sister)- are celebrating their birthdays today. Won’t you click on over and give them a little birthday love?


45 thoughts on “Wearing Sunshine

  1. Yeah, I seem to walk a little taller whenever I get my hair cut, which is a good thing because I’m not that tall to begin with. One of my favorite old t-shirts was yellow. I wore it until it had too many holes and snags to be considered appropriate.

  2. You’re always adorable.

    I got my hair cut yesterday, too, and boy…did it ever need it! Now I’ve got the gray showing so need to get with it (I do my own color).

    Yellow doesn’t work with my skin tone…but it looks lovely on you!

  3. Oof, I spent way too many of my formative years with Mushroom Head.
    LOVE the yellow, and the new highlights too! Rock it, girl! 🙂

  4. Number one, I’m so glad you’re wearing yellow! Isn’t it happy? And number two, our haircuts are freakishly similar.

    Have a faboo weekend!

  5. Instant self-esteem boost…familiar with that! I’m not afraid to try bold things with my hair. It grows fast and doesn’t take too long to grow out. Though, now that it’s short I miss long hair. Doh!

  6. Looks short and manageable. I was just mulling over how I miss my length being to my waist, actually. But if I get a truly short haircut I’m more like a fat-telephone pole with a bird nest on top. I’ve always wanted to be able to pull off a short-sassy look.

  7. Looooking goooood! You just need those new green shoes now, and some of that trade-mark glorious red lipstick! (You know how I envy you being able to wear that – I have all the wrong colouring). A hair-do is always so good for the soul ;o)

  8. Let’s face it… you could shave your head or go mushroom head and STILL be brutally hot. About the only thing you couldn’t do would be to silver-coat your teeth.

    But don’t feel bad… I don’t think that look is good for anybody except rap stars and, maybe, Donald Trump.

  9. Hello…
    Here via surfing Vixen’s blog…and “this Diva’s thoughts”….

    Just had to say — Love your hair – it’s gorgeous! (My mom is a hairstylist…so I am a hair-freak)

    Great blog! Have a fabulous weekend!

  10. Good hair. Except I feel a little bit jealous of all your interesting hair-thickness. I have only pale blond uninterestingness.

  11. Here’s a resounding Woot!Woot! for the lack of greys. I’m far too grey for my liking and like you, it grows fast. So any time I get my hair colored or cut (and pro-straightened) I just feel so pretty I want to sing. So good for you!!

  12. Yellow suits you. Although black would too. Lucky you! I just rhymed… give me a break, it’s early and I’m still working on my first cup.

  13. I’m going today for my cut/color and I know exactly what you mean in that even though it may not be that drastic to everyone else, there’s a good feeling about doing the “up keep” for yourself. I’m somewhat frustrated by how much more the few grays are starting to override my color each time. Ugh.

    Yellow looks great on you — one thing I love about being a brunette with brown eyes is that we can wear almost any color.

  14. Hot mama!

    Also, I admire that you can wear yellow; it makes me look like I’m dead…but in a worse way. My mom once said, “I’m sure it’s not as bad as you think and then — following me trying on a yellow shirt — said, “oh dear — you really shouldn’t ever wear yellow, should you?” This from a woman who would normally tell me I looked great if I was covered in boils.

  15. Hi, new reader here.

    Like your ‘do and envy your graylessness. My hairdresser says mine look more like highlights than gray hair but I’m not buying it.

    Also, I hate doing this in your comments, but I couldn’t find an email for you. I’d like to quote you on my blog and wanted your okay. Would you email me about it? Thanks!

  16. You always have the cutest haircuts. I personally think I’m meant to be a short-haired person. Generally every man in my life has told me that women look sexier with long hair. In the past I might have believed them, but now I always think, “Nuh uh, look at Sizz. Her hair is always short and sassy and it looks HOT.” What do men know anyway?

  17. What I noticed more than the hair-doo, was how thin your face is getting! Please tell me your chesticles aren’t shrinking. I like the lemon yellow sun shirt!

  18. When I was in Germany I saw so many amazing haircuts, super modern glasses, and splashes of color/dye in women’s hair. I loved it, I loved everything about it. You remind me so much of that strong, funky, German modern do. In case you ever need to flee the US and hide out and blend in anywhere..I highly recommend Frankfurt Germany to go incognito! Love it Siz! Still laughing about the creepy knit glove link you emailed…sicko!

  19. Yay for the boost of ego having your hair done gives you! I’m getting mine done today. It’s been a friggin YEAR since I’ve had anything done to it. Oy!! Can’t wait, and seriously need the boost!!

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