Sweetney’s Truthiness in self-portraiting has been sweeping the blogisphere and here I am, jumping on board. Sans make up, before breakfast and teeth brushing, before I’ve even mussed with my hair or checked my email. All puffy and pale and freckled and bare. And Dave2 said I never took a bad picture. Well, happy birthday, my friend. Here’s one for the books!



53 thoughts on “Bare

  1. Isabel- I was happy-ish because a) I didn’t have to go into work until after 12 and b) my boyfriend had just kissed me good-bye on his way to work. I’m a morning person though so yeah, I usually kind of chipper.

  2. Your smile is just gorgeous – you don’t need make-up or anything for that. I am way too scared to give this a go – my hair is so long now that I swear birds break into my house and make nests in it while I sleep!

  3. Look at that smile! I just read Sweetney’s post, and I think I’m going to try it myself….someday. ;o)

  4. I took one of these last week when I had the death flu…it scared the shit out of me later on, so I ended up deleting it. 🙂

    And, that’s not a bad picture of you at all! You look freckly, cute and happy!

  5. I think you look cute. In the morning I look like I have the plague, because my skin is translucent. Scared the crap out of Mr. Savy the first time he saw me. heh.

  6. You are far too awake in this picture. Although I understand the joy at not having to be at work until 12. Sweet half days of work, how I love thee. 🙂

  7. How much am I owing you peeps for being so damn nice to me? Cuz seriously, I am so puffy and pale in this pic. I love you all more now. Is that even possible?

    And Josie? I don’t drink coffee! 🙂

  8. You are disgustingly ADORABLE in the mornings.

    I wouldn’t kick you out of bed for eating crackers.

    (You know, if I was more than 19.3% lesbian, that is.)


  9. You are a true natural beauty.

    One of my blog friends emailed me about this project this weekend. The photo pool on Flickr is amazing.

  10. I didn’t smile in mine (which I posted on my site) because it looked fake and no one is happy at 6AM BUT daaaamn girl…you looked awesomel!!

  11. When I wake up I immediately put my hair in a pony tail because it is so out of control. You look great and for that I am jealous!

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