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I’ve got some blog-related housekeeping to do. I’ve been negligent in following “the rules” for some memes running around the blogisphere. Shame on me! So we’re going to take care of two such things today. Don’t miss out on the fun contest at the end of this post. You could get mail. Like REAL ACTUAL mail from me!

excellentKat over at My LA Blog awarded me with the Excellent Blog Award and then my blog brother, Kevin over at Kapgar gave me one. Woah- TWO!? I’m flattered and surprised. Me?! Well, thank you. {Blush.}

(Also…if anyone else gave me one and I am forgetting, um, remember back in December when I gave myself a concussion. That’s why. Head trauma. It’s a bitch.)

The Rules: By accepting this Excellent Blog Award, you agree to award it to 10 more people whose blogs you find Excellent Award worthy. You can give it to as many people as you want but please award at least 10. You deserve this! Feel free to award people who have already been awarded.

I’m finding it extremely difficult to limit myself to just 10. Have you seen my blogroll? Plus, I’m a people pleaser. But this is a good exercise for me. Besides, I’m all for paying it forward. Here are my ten awardees:

1) Radioactive Girl (She knits and bakes and raises amazing kids. She never ceases to inspire me with her genuine heart.)

2) Greeblemonkey (For her American Idol recaps alone, she deserves this. Not to mention how she bravely sang a duet with me during the holiday season.)

3) Communicatrix (I’m new to reading her blog and so far, I’m hooked!)

4) Kaply, Inc. (I’ve met her and she’s a total hoot and a half. I’m always cracking up around her.)

5) Punchline Walking (She’s going after her dream of being a comic. I think that is totally kick ass. And on Fridays she posts video clips of really funny comedians!)

6) Quarter Life Crisis (She’s practically my neighbor and can out-quote you on any Seinfeld episode.)

7) Midnight Therapy with Crystal (Her videos make me LOL as the kids say.)

8) e.b.’s world (She lives in the land of sunshine – lucky!- and has a great eye for the perfect snapshot.)

9) About Me (Fantastic writer. I mean seriously, why aren’t you all reading her?! And the present she sent me off my wishlist has absolutely nothing to do with this. Sidenote: Thanks Mayberry!)

10) The Wonderful World of Nothing Worthwhile (Michael is funny and knows how to slip in a good joke. Plus, he loves The Office and maybe, George Michael. But you didn’t hear that last one from me. *Cough*)

Phew! That was no easy feat. The linkage and thoughtful commentary took a lot out of me.

Speaking of paying it forward- let’s talk about the first ever SIZZLE SAYS CONTEST!

package of goodiesThis week I received a package full of wonderful goodies from my blogger friend at No Internal Editor all the way in Canada. (Thanks!) She was paying it forward as part of this blogger movement where we send out a package to other bloggers and then they send out a package to someone and so on and so forth. See? Pay the kindness forward. You can include whatever you’d like in the package and the only (two) things you must be willing to do is a) follow through on your commitment to keep paying it forward and b) be willing to give out your mailing address in confidence to the blogger who is sending you your prize package.

Soooooo, if you like mail as much as I do (that’s a lot for those keeping track), want to receive a package full of surprises from the Emerald City, or are just curious about what my handwriting looks like- throw your name in the hat for a potential win by commenting on this post. Be sure to comment on this post by Friday, March 28th at 5pm PST or your name will not be entered. The winner will be announced on Monday (as you know, I generally take the weekend to get drunk unwind and relax).

To keep the comments interesting as everyone enters, how about you tell us two things in your response.

1) your favorite color

2) your best talent

One, two, three: GO!


70 thoughts on “This & That

  1. 1.) pink
    2.) inserting foot in mouth. But seriously, in college my bar trick was to tell you which suburb of Chicago you were from by listening to your accent. This is a very limited talent and college was 10 year ago now. Mmmmm….. I know the words to just about every song on the radio.

  2. 1) blue
    2) making people laugh

    and regarding yesterday’s post – it took me 30+ years to accept my body, as well as to love it, regardless of what size i was… it’s amazing how one can go thru life, hating their body, instead of appreciating what it can do… maybe if people stopped tormenting themselves, they’d be much happier… :o)

  3. Wow, thanks for the award and letting the whole world know I have listened, possibly once mind you, to George Michael. 😉

    Seriously, I love your blog and thanks!!! The mail/paying it forward thing is such a cool idea. I sent a blogger a PEZ dispenser once, but that’s about all I’ve done. Opening mail and being surprised about it always makes me think of Charlie Brown at Halloween…’I got a rock…’

    Fav color: blue (or black) when the blue is dark enough, I can’t tell the difference anyway.
    talent: getting people to laugh

    Holy Crap, I just realized that I’m Jodi who commented above me!!

  4. 1) pink. no, purple. no, pink. Gah. Some color that starts with p.
    2) I can wiggle my ears. There doesn’t seem to be much call for this talent, however. However, I can also say the names of all fifty states in alphabetical order. This one does come in handy with my students at school.

    I’ve lurked here for a long, long time. Love the blog– and your post yesterday addressed to your body– boo hoo for me. That one made me weepy. I related so much to that post.

    This pay it forward package thing is a GREAT idea– how fun!!!!

  5. What fun!

    1) Black. It is TOO a color.
    2) I can flip my tongue upside down both ways, wiggle my ears, turn my feet backward, and do a mean belly-roll. Probably all at the same time.

  6. You think I am “E”? Thank you!

    Sadly, I am often “B” (for “bad”) and “NL” (for “negligent/lazy), and always “O” (for “obstinate”), and, these days, “W” (for “weary”), so I cannot accept my “E”.

    But I am happy you enjoy reading and hope you will continue to do so. Because that would be very “E” indeed.

    (It would be unspeakably gauche to enter a contest after that, so I’ll just say “Yay!” for you and good luck to all the worthy participants.)

  7. My favorite colors are blue and pink.
    And my best talent is complaining.

    And I would send you a package anyway!! I love mail, too. It’s just the best! (Not bills though. They can suck it.)

  8. 1. Red

    2. A new talent I have noticed is that I can bond with people over cheese, of all things. Queer, I know, but conversation is always grand with another cheese lover.

  9. 1) pink…or silver…is silver a color? No? I’ll stick with pink then.

    2) I am fantastically talented at inserting foot in mouth. I need to write a post about that…

  10. favorite color changes: currently it is a deep warm red
    best talent: making things sound good aka spin, baby. i spin so well i’m constantly surprised i don’t screw myself into the ground.

  11. My favorite color is blue. REALLY BLUE. I am not kidding about the blueness.

    I can write a pretty good free style poem about anything, on demand. I can also be frigidly civil to people who are misbehaving.

    My BFF says that I am her Final Solution for dealing with problems, because I won’t take no for an answer and sometimes I can be scary in a Get Things Done kind of way.

  12. 1. Pink
    2. Drawing.

    Though if i could choose it would be to “out wit and dismay”
    (maybe that’s just a super power? well, I’d wear a pink super suit, with a skirt.)

  13. Awww…thanks for the nice words, I think you’re E, too!

    1) I don’t have a favorite color…but maybe I should just pick one. Blue. No, yellow. Yep, yellow.

    2) I’m really good with maps and directions.

  14. 1. Cerulean.
    2. Quoting movies after only watching them once.

    I suppose I should one day put my mad memorization skillz to better use, but I just can’t help myself; I’m a huge! movie fan.

    I love your list. Especially because you put onenJen on it. She’s totally boss, and not just because she suffers my sometimes less than stellar movie choices and my need to conversate about them. Go, Kevin Costner, go!

  15. 1) Yellow. Or black. Depending on the mood.

    2) I make really cute babies. If I do say so myself. Also, I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue. Ok, you caught me — I can’t. I just wish I could. I could’ve stuck with that and what would you have done? Appear on my doorstep demanding I tie a stem with my tongue to prove it? But if you did, you could wear a skirt and cute spring-y shoes. 😉

  16. 1) Red

    2) Tying my shoelaces with my toes.

    PS — If I keep entering and ever so cleverly making stuff up to distract you from the fact that I’ve already entered (look, Elvis!), do my chances go up?

  17. This is such a great idea, the paying it forward. I might steal it.

    1. My favorite color is purple.
    2. My talent is caregiving. If you are sick, you want me with you. Even something as small as a stubbed toe. I will wait on you.

    Congratulations on your TWO Excellent blog awards. You rawk!

  18. 1. blue is my favorite color
    2. i don’t know if you would call it a talent, but I’m good at photography….

    You definately deserve the excellence award! I live on the east coast and when I get to work, it’s still around 4am on the west coast.. and I know you haven’t posted yet, but as soon as it get to be around 10:00 or 10:30 my time, I check and see if you have posted any of your excellence. You have a fabulous blog!!

  19. I don’t have a blog, so I’m not certain whether I am qualified to enter.

    If so:

    My favorite color is indigo.

    I wear many healing tool belts. I help.

    Re your post yesterday: you had me in tears by the end. Yours is, I think, one of the best “Letter to my body” that I have read. So honest, so hurt…

    oh and don’t you just love the “friends look down on me for dating you”? Well fuck you buddy, don’t waste my time. Grrr.

  20. 1. Orange
    2. Cooking. Not baking, just cooking.

    Your post yesterday made me think lots. So much that it took me a long time to fall asleep last night. Good post.

  21. orange is an obsession of mine. not to wear, just to covet.
    hmmm. i’m good at doing things before you can think of it. mostly at work. other than that i’m realllly good at relaxing and chatting 😉

  22. Awesome! I love it when bloggers highlight other bloggers. I’ve been reading Michael and Anne for a while but can’t wait to check out the others!

  23. My fav color? Black. My talent? I can jump rope with my arms – you know, clasp my hands and then swing my arms all the way around my body? (I’m double jointed)

    Also – I just tagged you for a meme!

  24. 1. Purple. Although, pink is slowly taking over…

    2. I’ve just discovered that I’m actually somewhat talented at painting – not walls, but actual pictures. Who knew?! Also, I can tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue. I have photographic proof if needed 😛

  25. Well deserved girl! 🙂

    Favorite color – Black
    Best talent – Well, I really don’t want to trash up your blog with that one, so I’ll give you one of the alternates… tying a cherry stem with my tongue 😛

  26. @Kerri Anne: You made me blush just now. The feelings are mutual, babe.

    @Sizzle Says: Thanks again for the honors! I’ll abstain from entering your contest by virtue of our proximity. Which means, one of these days we must meet for real. I feel like I’m bound to just run into you and the Fella, or you into Roth and me.

  27. Love your blog!

    Fave Colors: Blue, Green, Red

    Talent: An amazing ability to sound informed and intelligent in a conversation about things I’m actually clueless about. It’s a gift!

  28. Glad you like everything Sizzle and thanks for the shout out.

    Not signing up for the draw, but want to play anyways.

    Fave Colours: Black, Purple and green
    Talent: Touch my tongue to my nose and tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue. Yes….limited talents:)

  29. This sounds like fun. I often exchange gifts with my blogger friends in NY and TX – but always the same two people!

    1) Orange
    2) Imitating like Chewbacca from Star Wars, or Yoda from Star Wars

  30. 1. blue, usually. but it depends on the context.
    2. centering, aligning, and spacing frames on a wall. strange, but true.

    Just think; if we win, you won’t have to ship the Salmon from The Market and worry about it spoiling in the mail; you could just drop it off at our house–hell, I’ll even come and pick it up…wait, does that defeat the purpose?

  31. Congrats on your award! Kevin totally beat me to it ;o)
    I am so far down this list of comments now that I can’t remember what the questions were….be right back….
    Ahhhh ok…
    1. Pink, or green. I don’t have a real favourite.
    2. Umm you want the non X rated talent right? Oh ok.
    I can talk for England, like seriously if it was an Olympic sport then I am GOLD! ;o)

  32. Ooo! I can’t wait to check out the blogs you listed!

    1. Ultra Marine Blue
    2. I can hear a few notes of any song and either A.) name that tune or B.) finish the rest of the song.
    My mind is one big music gallery.

    Have a great weekend!
    Thanks Sizzle! You ROCK!

  33. 1) Pink, but only the bright, happy fuscia-y kind
    2) I have super strong toes. I have broken a pencil with said toes, plus they packa mean pinch! Fear the toes!

  34. 1. Violet blue

    2. I can talk like a duck. Not that scratchy Donald Duck like sound though, my “voice” is clear and easy to understand. I do it by forcing air from the side of my mouth on the outside of my teeth. I used to entertain my school friends during show and tell days in 2nd grade.

    And I think it’s hereditary because my 15 year old son has been able to do it since he was 4 and we hold conversations that way and make our family laugh! :O)

  35. Me loves the contests…

    1) Dark dark red, kinda like blood red but a tinge less brown

    2) Ummm, I don’t know if its a talent but I take tests really really fast. Except for urine tests. TMI?

  36. Thank you for the award! I’ll have to remember to award some other people very soon…it is going to be hard to narrow down who to award though because there are some amazing people I read (you included!)

    My favorite color is green…or orange…or red…or pink.

    My talent? procrastination? Making awesome kids?

  37. Oops…I missed the contest deadline, but just so you know, I love the color orange and am really good at cranking out haiku.

  38. Waaa! I missed the deadline! ;P
    Favorite color: Red or turquoise, depending on the day.
    Best talent….I’m going to go with my singing. It is one of my favorite things to do and it makes the baby happy.

  39. I’m pretty pissed that I was, you know, actually working today (unlike some other days) and totally missed the deadline!

    But anyway…

    My favorite color is pink, although my favorite color to wear is black.

    My best talents are kissing, making homemade pasta, and gargling the ABCs with water.

  40. Totally missed the contest…as others have expressed, I actually worked while at work the past few days. Imagine that! Too bad. I would lurve a gift bag from the Emerald City. I would also love to send a care package from “if you close your eyes & picture warmth & no snow it’s a really nice place to be” Milwaukee WI. Care package would consist of a combination of Cheese, a selection of local beers (we are still known as Brew City after all), Brats, a Mars Cheese Castle T-Shirt and something related to Bowling. Ah well.

    1. Super light baby blue. Almost white with a smidge of blue.
    2. Long distance vision. I can read a street sign from blocks away.


  41. Not competing, but just for future reference:

    1. Favorite color: Pink

    2. Talent: Jumping to conclusions (usually erroneously)

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