I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning.

This is my favorite time of day. Early. It’s quiet except for the hum of the computer and my fingers on the keyboard. I love the sound of typing. I love sitting here, the day ahead ripe with possibility, with my cup of tea and the sun slowly breaking out my living room windows.

I’ve always been a morning person even when I was a night owl during my college years. With age, I am no longer capable of staying up until 3am and then waking at 7am to be fully functional. Oh, I can wake up but I’m never quite right. Like that time I forgot to wear underwear to work and I had a networking meeting – which I attended (underwearless) (I’m sorry Mom) and possibly still a little inebriated. I enjoy the occasional night of debauchery but they are few and far between. My body can’t hack it. My mind isn’t interested.

I get my best thinking done first thing in the morning. As I’ve grown, I’ve learned to “sleep on it” because the brashness of my youth no longer serves me. Like last night when I wanted to email someone I am no longer speaking to because a sweet memory came flooding back and I was momentarily no longer angry. Instead, I turned my computer off and went to bed. To sleep on it. And now, upon waking, I see how detrimental it could have been if I had carelessly shot off that email. Because sometimes it takes sleep to wake me up. Finally in my (almost) 35 years I have learned that it’s ok to keep quiet. That sometimes it’s for the best.

So tell me, what’s your favorite time of day?

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“The sun came up with no conclusions/Flowers sleeping in their beds/The city’s cemetery’s humming/I’m wide awake, it’s morning…” -I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning, Bright Eyes


46 thoughts on “I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning.

  1. My favorite moment of a lot of days is the one when I get home and take off my dress or pants and put on my PJ pants. It’s…amazing.

  2. i either like the very quiet stillness of the very early morning before anyone else is up in the house, or the complete stillness of the last thing at night when everyone is in bed. either that makes me a quiet person who likes time alone to reflect or else i’m totally anti-social and just like being on my own πŸ˜‰

  3. I too like the early morning, with the birds chirping, the sun not fully up yet and whatever the day will bring. Mentally this is when I’m my best. However, I also like late night when it’s just time to unwind and relax and do nothing while my mind is still running marathons. Yeah, I don’t get a ton of sleep these days…

  4. I am a horrible morning person, I always have been. Though, for some odd reason, I chose a profession where I am up at UnGodly hours of the morning and usually am on site or in the office by 7am. (Okay, so that SEEMS UnGodly to a non-morning person. LOL)

    As beautiful as a morning can be, I still prefer to sleep in. I really wish I could enjoy the quiet and peaceful time only a morning can offer rather then thinking about how early it was and what the heck and I doing up at this time!

  5. Early, I like it. Most especially a morning walk, when its just a little chilly and you can smell the ocean.

    Closely followed by, happy hour.

  6. I’d have to say my favorite time of the day on weekdays is around 5-6pm when I get off of work (somehow I miraculously wake up when I exit the building I work in – go figure). On the weekend it would have to be around 3-4pm, sipping a cup of coffee bathing in sunlight (that is, when it’s available). Unfortunately I’ve never really been a morning person. *Sigh* I think I would be able to get a lot more done if I were.

    Happy Friday to all! πŸ™‚

  7. I favorite time of day would have to be the time when I get home from my b/f’s house and I can get my little chihuahua and climb into bed and watch tv for a brief time and drift off to sleep.

    When it comes to being angry at someone and wanting to spout off at the mouth, I’m the same way except, sometimes, I don’t sleep on it. If I know that it would hurt the person a lot if I go off on them I will usually find a piece of paper and write down what I want to say and how i feel then I can feel better. Later if I still feel the same way, I will give it to them or if i don’t, I tear it up and throw it away.

    That’s my 2 cents…
    Peace out!

  8. Hah! I can totally identify with your quote “Finally in my (almost) 35 years I have learned that it’s ok to keep quiet.”

    That almost completely applies to me.

    Learning when to speak up is a challenge…learning when to keep your mouth shut is an entirely different challenge all-together.

    And for the record…I must be getting old because I like waking up before everyone else and enjoying the peace of silence.

  9. I’d have to say…

    early morning even though my brain is still in a fog. I like the idea that the day has still potential and anything’s possible.

    closely followed by happy hours filled with vodka/cherry slushies.


    I’m not an alcoholic I swear.

  10. Hmmm…. Midnight. I’m always awake anyway, and it’s the start of a new day – before the real start It’s quiet, and it seems like the entire world has been abandoned and left just to me.

    However, I’m SO not a morning person. I break morning people when they come bouncing at me before noon. Like twigs.


  11. I was glad to see you selected “I’m Wide Awake” for your title today. I think about that song all the time and have that record cover (yes actual record) hanging on my wall. I love the morning today. This morning I got all sorts of things done before I left the house and it just made me feel better about the landscape of the day. I hope yours is magical and your weekend is too!

  12. I have learned to love my drive to work for the very same reasons. I have awoken, enjoyed my coffee, my daughter and the possibilities for the day. It is my time to jam out to my music and enjoy!

  13. I am not a morning person by nature. Not at all, but because of the kids, I have forced myself to be. I wake up happy and all, but I really HATE waking up early. I used to be a night person, but now because of the whole getting up early thing I think I am a middle of the day person.

  14. sorry to be so unoriginal, but my favorite part of the day is specifically at 5pm on friday evening.
    35! I’m sure you kid!!!!!

  15. I’m not a morning person AT ALL. Like someone mentioned above, it’s a terrible thing because I have a job that I have to be to by 7:30am four days a week. I do not do what “they” suggest of going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, even weekends. I can easily stay up until 4 or 5am as long as I get to sleep in. As I age (I’m older than you!), I’m seeing the value of sleep and trying to be smarter about it. I’d love to be able to become a morning person, but since I live with a night owl, that also makes it difficult.

  16. I never used to sleep and my favorite time of day was about 4 AM. But these days I am on a med regimen that allows me to sleep, and my favorite time of day is about 7AM.

    I like it when the day is ahead of me.

  17. Well if I’m feeling social it’s the first hug after school from the boy.

    If I’m in a loner mood, I like late at night or early morning. Specially if I’m on a long run. When the City is sleeping.

  18. I love to stay up late reading, I use to love summer vacations because I didn’t have to get up early the next day. I am so not a morning person, although when I do manage to get up and be productive I feel incredibly proud of myself, which is always a good feeling. And I agree on the sleeping on it bit, night time is not a good time to make decisions, especially not those related to relationships.

  19. Monday through Friday, it’s 8:30-ish at night. Even though my man lives 5 miles away, we chat on line every night before we go to bed. Just our ‘last call’ sort of thing, only on line instead of on the phone.

    On the weekends, it’s 5:30 AM. I get up make coffee, grab the laptop and catch up on blogs, news, emails, sometimes my man is there on line too, and we can chat. It’s my quiet Me time, before the girls start making their demands on me…

  20. Morning. I love the quiet time to myself. Almost as much as I love my little guy getting up and climbing on my lap; he is at his cuddliest first thing in the morning.

  21. I actually like both quite equally.

    I used to love slow and quiet mornings pre-children, but now I have to dive right into the day. So I try to embrace the madness that includes tousled hair, cute pj’s and 2 humans that are WIDE awake right from the start.

    Conversely, I really love nighttime when everyone else is asleep. I can think clearly without interruption. I can listen to music, work on my computer and finally relax. I cherish the quietness.

  22. My favorite time day on the weekends is anytime after 12:00, when I am still up, working furiously on a project, and not worried about getting up for work the next day! I can really concentrate when it gets dark and late like that.

  23. This is a great question!

    My favorite time is coming home from work, when I take a long, hot shower. I wash away the busyness and activity of the day/evening.

    It’s like a cleaning of the body and the soul, all at once.

    This ritual started when I was living in Haiti, and at the end of every day I’d be covered in grime and dirt. So the evening shower was a ritual of washing away the stress of daily struggles to improve this little corner of the world, and a chance to focus on refreshing my spirit. I’d emerge from the bath ready to face the world again.

  24. You absolutely MADE MY HEART STOP with your “eloped” comment! Good god, girl! I’m 10 years older than you and my heart can’t take it.

    Mayberry Magpie

    P.S. I’m doing this in class –pretending to take notes on the laptop.

  25. I definitely prefer mornings. I just can’t seem to function after 9:00 p.m. these days. I feel like I can accomplish so much when I first get up for my day, where as in the evening all I want to do if fall into bed and veg out.

  26. I’m a morning person too. Years of working 2nd shift and graves has screwed me up a little chronometer-wise, but I still like writing and thinking and doing in the early morning hours. It just feels nice. πŸ™‚
    I loved your post today. You have a beautiful honesty, that is true to yourself, and yet not harmful to anyone else, and you should be proud of that. Sets a good example for the rest of us mugs!
    (and yes, you DESERVE an Excellence Award. Well done you.)

    Have a nice Sunday.

  27. Hey Sizzle, what is your email? I’m trying to contact you about a BlogHer email I got! Very exciting! I just can’t find your contact info πŸ™‚

  28. Pssst. I just got an email telling me to contact you if I choose to accept volunteering for Blogher in San Francisco, but there’s no link to you in the email, etc. How do I tell you I accept and thank you, and what next? !!!

  29. Here I was, all set to tell you you were crazy for being a morning person (Ok, I am secretly envious of this quality. Sigh.)

    Then I saw ms. shad’s comment. I just hit “Reply” to Kristy to accept my bloghership Were we supposed to email you?

  30. The sun came up with no conclusions

    Love that line. Wow. You’re a popular girl!

    I think my favorite time is sunset. I like the morning, but rare is the occasion I am awake enough to enjoy it.

  31. Early early morning … just before dawn breaks, when the little birds are starting to chitter … especially when it’s spring, the smell … oh my and if you’re in the African bush, the sounds and smells are awesome (and I don’t mean animal poop either)!! You should try it some time.

    Seems we all start taking strain as we come into the old age of youth … fear not, it gets worse before it gets better. Used to go for 3 days at time without sleeping, just partying, drank copious amounts of coke to keep awake .. shew, how I survived I don’t know. But, I don’t miss that life … however, a good night out now and then is great … like once every two years :-0)

    Have a stunning week

  32. I love the new layout first of all. Second, I have many favorite times of day, first is 11:11am. I also like the early evening around 5-6pm. Lastly, I LOVE 11:11pm at night. A little crazy I know, but its all true!

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