Winners & Wieners

The time has come to announce the winner of the first ever Sizzle Says contest. I took each entry, wrote your name down on a piece of paper, folded it and then asked the mopicking a winnerst trustworthy person I know to pick the winner.

That’s right. . .my nephew, Finn. ——->

He’s not yet two so the only subterfuge he’s interested in involves hide & seek or peekaboo. He was swift to pick out the winners. Yes, plural. WinnerS. Because in his excitement he grabbed two names out of the bowl so two lucky bloggers win. You can thank him later. (Hint: he likes Nilla Wafers.)

Those winners are (drum roll please) . . .

picking the winner 3What’s that? You can’t read the names? Hmm, better get your eyes checked.

Come on down Punchline Walking & Hotpinksox! You’re the next contestant on the Price is Right. Wait. That’s not correct. I mean, congratulations! You each win an extra special package from me & the Emerald City.

To the losers, don’t feel bad. You’re all winners to me. Here, let’s hug.

(Besides, there will totally be another contest.)


You may or may not have noticed that I changed my WordPress theme. I was tired of the brown and green. (Almost as tired as I am of the freaking winter weather that persists here in rainy Seattle. Rain I can tolerate. Snow flurries at the end of March? Absolutely not. I crank called Mother Nature all weekend. I think that totally taught her a lesson. Since then there has been no snow. So there, Mother Nature!)

My point (and I do have one) is that I sincerely want to have my blog entirely redesigned. I know what I want it to look like and yet, I have no skills in this department. I wish I had taken the time to learn coding and design but alas, I was far too busy perfecting my bj skills back in my 20’s to ever get to this on my “to do list.” See kids, some endeavors don’t pay. Let that be a lesson to you.

(Mom? Totally kidding about the bj thing.)

So I’m leaving it like this until I can hire/beg/bribe someone to design a blog that lives up to the Sizzle name. That’s how seriously I take this blogging business. If you can recommend anyone, shoot me an email or leave me a comment.


53 thoughts on “Winners & Wieners

  1. Okay Twilight Zone moment here…I was actually looking for those graphics we had talked about YEARS ago on Saturday. But then I figured you were probably way past that stage and stopped, hah.

    I like the change. Red is yummy πŸ™‚

  2. I do like the new colors! And I love Nilla wafers, so I have plenty to bribe your nephew with…

    And subterfuge has to be one of my favorite but least utilized words. I bet ya I’ll use it no less than 6 times at work today.

  3. Oh My God! I have never won anything in my life. (not exactly true, but certainly nothing this exciting.) I’d like to thank Sizzle for her daily
    doses of humor and love….. Wow! I’m super excited.

    Seriously, I can NOT wait.

  4. Happy Monday πŸ™‚ My offer still stands to help you with the redesign, might be good practice for me! I’ve learned a few new tricks lately….

  5. I have helped a few friends tweak already free templates. So I’m happy to help anyway I can. Adobe Illustrator is my friend.

    But if someone more qualified offers, go for it.

  6. Aren’t we all sick of the snow. Jeez. Well, if I was a master blog designer, I’d totally offer to do it for free. Hopefully your other bloggy friends will jump in to help, because I know you have them aplenty!

  7. I like the new colors, but I’ll have to get used to the page itself, it looks like it’s been cut into two unequal halfs.

  8. Digging the new look. Karen is designing my new WordPress blog, as you probably know. Love her to death.

    BTW, that Finn gets cuter every freaking day. I’m sort of jealous of him and his chipmunk cheeks.

  9. love the new look and i would totally offer my design services but alas, i am too busy right now… i’m sure someone will come up with something fantabulous! :o)

  10. I like your new theme!

    And… you have a nephew named Finnegan too?!! My nephew (soon-to-be) will start to walk any day now … its so exciting!

    Awwwww your nephew is so cute! Awwwwwwww!!!

  11. I LOVE this new layout/color thing. But the font-size? Hello? It is waaaay small! Yikes!!

    Smooches and hugs to you and Finn, for another cooperative effort well-done! πŸ™‚ He really is adorable.

  12. i didn’t look thru all the comments but i’ve heard good things about Delicious Design Studios. a few bloggers i read have used her. nice designs too πŸ™‚

    i love design, but i suck at coding – otherwise i’d help you myself!

  13. “I wish I had taken the time to learn coding and design but alas, I was far too busy perfecting my bj skills back in my 20’s to ever get to this on my to do list.”

    Best quote ever.

  14. What I don’t like about the new layout (thus far) is how small the fonts are and how much wasted space exists to the right.

    Thanks for coming by and checking out!

  15. Hooray! Good job Finnypoo! πŸ™‚
    That snow better not be heading east, dammit.
    I like the template but am with you about the empty space to the right. It’s weird seeing a template that almost splits right down the middle. You’re off to a good start, though!

  16. The new look is nice! And also, the hugs and you’re all winners to me thing did not make me feel better. But promises of another contest DID.

  17. I’ve been putzing around with my design as bit as well since I went to self-hosting. Part of me would just lurve a blog design. But then the other part wakes up and says “huh, you’ll spend money on what???” Maybe. Someday.

    That Finn is a cutie!!

  18. I wish I had taken the time to learn coding and design but alas, I was far too busy perfecting my bj skills back in my 20’s to ever get to this on my β€œto do list.”

    You can’t possibly be kidding about that!

    I feel pretty qualified to offer a knowledgeable opinion on this subject.


    (Sorry, mom.)

  19. I love red!
    I missed the contest… of course. *sigh*

    I love the Fella’s comment… I’m always for a guy who can help embarrass someone in front of mom. πŸ˜‰

  20. I’m digging the new look, actually. If you’re still wanting a redesign, people have been all praises over Cuppycake Designs. Or something. She changed her name but I can’t remember to what exactly. She did Jamie’s design.

  21. New template- huzzah! So much better than brown.

    Does wordpress give you an option to edit code directly (like edit HTML in blogger)? I might be able to help you tweak the font and border sizes.

  22. I dig the new digs. Also, if you get a good lead on a blog redesigner (why I am I talking so awkwardly today?), let me know. I feel as though I could use a change up!

  23. First, your nephew is so adorable! πŸ™‚ Second, I know how annoying it is to try and find the perfect design for your blog. I keep changing mine because I keep getting bored with it, but sorry, I don’t know code either! And third, sorry about the weather. Hope it clears up there soon!

  24. This looks nice. I love a new blog change… even though I haven’t done one in a long time! Ha ha.

    I am excited to see what you are dreaming up for redoing the site… unfortunately, I am not good at css. 😦

  25. I like the redesign, but I agree the fonts are a little small.

    Leave mother nature alone…. damn hail was your fault. I am so ready for spring.

  26. Mother Nature is a dirty, DIRTY whore. We had snow last week, this weekend and it looks like more snow during the week. I am SO OVER SNOW!

  27. I am digging the new layout. It reminds me of a retro chaise lounge. It makes me want a cocktail too.

    And I do love your scientific method of choosing the winner…who was not me. I’m going to go pout now, but take solace in the fact that I will soon be in Seattle and my just mail myself some doodads from the Emerald City. How sad am I?

  28. i love the new layout πŸ™‚ i wish i could help but i don’t know wordpress at all. i always stick with trusty html and add in only a few bits of css that manage to stick in my brain.

  29. Congrats to the winners (and thank you for the hug) I like your new design. I user WP too and can probably help with some stuff πŸ™‚

    I see that you are doing GBBMC too. Lets make lots for RAINN πŸ™‚

  30. So love you had Finn pull the names πŸ™‚ Thanks for Paying it Forward Sizz.
    Sorry, I can’t help you out with the web design – I’m trying the learn it yourself from from one of “The Dummies” books right now.

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