New Me?

I am considering cutting my hair a lot shorter. “How could your hair possibly get shorter, Sizz?” you might ask. “Are you going to shave your head like Sinead O’Connor?! How 1990’s of you!” To which I would reply, “Hellz No!” Though I do love Sinead in all her freakiness (Last Day of Our Acquaintance- HELLO- fantastic song), I am not going that drastic. I just feel so. . . booooooring. Maybe it’s my period talking. I am breaking my own rule- no major decisions can be made while PMS-ing or menstruating. Hair is definitely in the category of “major decision.” (To be clear, “what to have for breakfast” is not.)

But the thing is, well there are two things actually… I worry that if I really cut a lot of hair off, I will look fatter. How dumb is that? It’s not like I will actually be any fatter. It’s not like this short hair style I already have is hiding my chub. As if. So that’s thing one and it’s completely neurotic. Thing two is that I am bored with my style overall. I am bored with my glasses, as cute as they are I’ve had them for 5 years. I am bored with the way I dress. I match too much. There is such a thing as overly-matching and I believe I have always suffered from it. Ask my Mom. Since I was a kid I needed the colors of my clothes to match shade to shade. At least now I have learned how to blend color palettes but seriously, my friend RayLo will tease me each day at work. “Oh! Look! The stitching in your shoes matches your necklace. Did you plan that?” To which I might retort while blushing, “Um, no? Ok, maybe I noticed but it wasn’t purposeful!”

I have a sickness.

I’ve always longed to be a punk rock kind of girl who didn’t give a fuck if her clothes had holes, or who could throw together an outfit with plaids and stripes and look chic. A chick with brightly and unnaturally colored hair who mixed vintage with her own flair. I used to live on the edge of this at one point. But now? I have none of that. Even my tattoo is hidden. I’ve got plenty of attitude, it’s just not reflected in my style.

I’m pretty sure this is a sign of a little pre-mid-life crisis freakout right before I turn 35 (in 8 days!). Do I do something drastic like donate most of my shitty wardrobe to the Goodwill and tell Streets (my hair stylist pal) to cut and color my hair to something drastic? Or do I just chill and not be such a spazmatron?

Tips? Ideas? Warnings?

“I’m open, you’re closed/Where I follow, you’ll go/I worry I won’t see your face/Light up again/Even the best fall down sometimes/Even the wrong words seem to rhyme/Out of the doubt that fills my mind/I somehow find/You and I collide. . .” -Collide, Howie Day


59 thoughts on “New Me?

  1. You know, I don’t know you in real life, but something kind of tells me that you’d be the kind of girl that could pull off some drastic highlights, or a funky color even. How about some bright red highlights? Or even deep pink? Is that weird? I don’t know… I see it on some people with dark hair, and it looks really great. Spunky and sassy which reminds me of you!

  2. i am having the same internal dialogue because my hair is BORING. but i’m afraid that if i do anything too drastic i’ll regret it later. like you know, shave my head. or dye it purple.

    i think you should try highlights. they’re a safe bet. not too drastic, but different enough that you won’t feel like it’s “the same old”.

    good luck!

  3. See, if you were into that sort of thing, I would ask you to try a short wig before chopping off your hair.
    We all go through cycles where we want to change our look. Go for the items on sale or clearances. Don’t be the idiot who spent $36 on a dress a co-worker admired and told her she had the same dress but paid $6 for it. I’m just saying.

    And Yes! Giving will always make you feel better.

  4. i always found my face looked chubbier when my hair was longer, hence the shortness of my ‘do.

    Maybe you could start with something small to ease your way into a new style… like ask your stylist to lay down some dark purple highlights that people will only notice when you’re in the sunlight, and try at least 3 times a week to throw on something that doesn’t “go” in your matching scheme… different coloured jewellery – try complementary colours instead of matching ones?

  5. Having just chopped 10 inches off my hair and gotten copper highlights, I say go for it! You can always grow it back and change the color if you don’t like it.

  6. Drastic or chill? Both.

    I think you’d look great with the short, pixie-ish cuts that are out there. Sometimes I forget how lucky we are (especially us gals) that we get to change our hair or our clothes and feel like totally new people for a while. That’s a great freedom and I say why the hell not? Hair grows back, clothes can be exchanged.

    But, on another note, I think that your matchy-matchy ness is cute and is part of your personality. Attention to detail and all, you know. I totally understand rebelling against ourselves a bit though, which is why I have a pair of 4-inch, what-on-earth-was-I-thinking heels. 🙂

  7. I thought I looked fatter, heavier with longer hair. Something about it weighed me down. I think short hair is uplifting, brings attention to the face, not the body. I say go for it – cut away!

  8. First up, I think you would look gorgeous in a paper bag!
    The hair thing, well, my hairdresser has shortish dark hair but she puts these brightly coloured hairpieces in underneath so just the ends stick out, this sounds so freaky, but it’s hard to explain. She just parts her hair along the side and sticks this strand across the parting and then drops the top hair back over it. Anyway, she just changes them as and when and has all colours, blue, purple, hot pink, they look amazing! I figure that would be a fun non-permanent thing to try out.

  9. You know, I have always wished the same thing…That I could find a way to dress more the way I feel…And feel good doing it.

    I am also looking for a new hair style…So I am excited to see what your readers advise.

  10. i’d say highlights cos that way it’s not bam! colour all over, and if you don’t like it aren’t hightlights easier to grow out or get rid of? i’m not sure i’m no good with girlie stuff like that 😉

    as for cutting it, i prefer long hair but that’s just my personal taste.

  11. Start with the clothes. Make yourself over in your new image for a night out, best in a bar or something surrounded by strangers. Pay attention to your comfort level…is the new you comfortable in her new clothes? Ease it in so you don’t end up with regrets.

  12. I love my short, funky, leopard dyed, spikey hair. It was a huge change for me. Juxtaposition and mixing with fashion is a fun look, but I just can’t find the confidence to pull it off. I am miss match as well – I had to giggle at your post, because the stitching in my pants today matches my shoes spot on. Totally pround and yes planned. I say go for it with your hair and just find your own fashion comfort zone, funkn’ up your wardrobe is easy. Hair grows back and it’s cake to tame down an outfit if it doesn’t work, woohoo, makes me want to change something.

  13. I chopped 8 inches off my hair a while ago and when my then new boss saw an old picture of me, she thought I had lost a lot of weight. Nope, just a fair amount of hair:)

    I’m dying to go auburn or copper, but don’t have the funds. I know what ya mean!

  14. Well, you know what I think! I think if you’ve put thought into it … and been thinking about it more than a day or two … then, go for it. Because, it is hair after all … and you can always grow it back out if you get sick of it!

  15. I have that same fear of short hair making me look fatter. My hair is short and I love it, but any shorter I don’t think I could do because it wouldn’t balance my face. Make sense? hope so!

    Good luck with your decision!

  16. I hear you, sister! I’m always afraid of going too short because I think I will have a “moon face” because my face is round and I’m very fair skinned.

    I think if you got a REALLY short cut it would look super cute on you. Besides, you are gorgeous, so any new ‘do will just accentuate your purtiness.

    BTW – I have a matching issue also. I even have too many pairs of shoes for my kid so her shoes always match her outfit. She’s 18 months. I KNOW!

  17. You are fabulous as you are but if you’re wanting to make all these changes perhaps its best to start with one thing at a time? Maybe highlights and then new shoes and so on? I have a feeling you’d be able to not only mix stripes and plaid and holes and not only look great but to do that with flair. Good luck and happy early birthday!

  18. depends on your face shape and your style. i recently cut bangs into my hair, and i love them! long and wispy. it was my compromise between long hair and cutting it all off.

    i once chopped all my hair off in a “protest” against “beauty”. seriously, i stood in the middle of the room and took blunt scissors to it… whatever happens, know it could get worse!! haha

  19. new glasses always help! i wore my last ones for 5 years – they were a cool cat-eyed shape, purple color that really rocked! but after 5 years….boring!

    i’m really loving the new ones i invested in this past summer – $200 well spent! now i’m rocking a very academic-looking dark thick frame. kind of goes with my soon-to-be-a-real-professor vibe.

    oh, and *much* cheaper than investing in a new wardrobe!

  20. Oh yeah, I get into those moods. And I do end up changing my hair (cut and color – nothing drastic with the color lately but did get it cut recently) and buying new clothes. ALWAYS feel so much better afterwards. I say go for a change if you feel you need to, just be sure of your change (mainly your hair because you can’t grow it back fast enough if you don’t like the cut). Hope all works out!

  21. Umm.. happy birthday in 8 days and all that. Now you can move away from checking the “Age: 25-34” box! (Like me, as of last month, god help us.)

    I’m sorry. No, wait. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Yeah.

  22. Go for the hair cut/color craziness. Worst case scenario is you hate it….it grows and you can color it again. I think you will Love the change.

    I also will not cut my hair shorter than a certain length for fear of looking fatter. Just seeing it in print points out how odd that is. So then maybe just kick your hair color up!

  23. I’ve had my hair long, short and many colors. I think we both have similar haircuts right now…and I say go for it! That’s what I’d do…my hair grows pretty fast and if I decide I dislike something than it will always grow back, out, whatever. Getting a haircut is not akin to getting a tattoo…it’s somewhat flexible. I had my hair red recently, bright ass red, nothing natural, more punkish and it totally worked. Eventually I tired of being so noticible and I’m back to being an auburnish brunette.

    Whatever your decisions, I totally want to see pics!

  24. I have virtually no fashion sense, but I’m just ignorant enough to make a suggestion.

    Haha…viewer beware.

    I see you (more)adorable in Chuck Taylor Converse in pinstripe pants. They look good on ANY woman.

    As far as hair’s concerned…you’d look good in a Bob…they always compliment sexy glasses.

  25. I’ve had my hair short, and then SHORT, and unfortunately my face looked fatter when it was SHORT. Not sure if you’re thinking that much, but it did make a difference for me. BUT, it’s hair – it always grows back.

    I think you should try some new glasses. Get your apartment decorated. Buy a few new articles of clothing and new accessories. That will get you started on the road to change. Want me to recommend you for What Not to Wear so you get the $5000?

  26. They don’t call it a “pixie cut” for nuthin. You have to be a friggen’ pixie to pull it off… and let me tell you – I am NOT a pixie. So when I had one.. uh… yeah. Blech.

    Do what makes you happy… and if that means highlighting with insanely cool colors…. well then so be it! 😉 (just an idea.)

  27. Halfway between? Donate some and buy some new, in an effort to do something different, but knowing that changing overnight is hard.

    Also, if you really trust your hairdresser, go for it. It’ll grow back. Four years ago, I came home from Spain with hair halfway down my back. The day after I got home, I walked into a hair stylists, found a cute, sassy and short photo, and told her I wanted to donate my hair to locks for love.

    I’ve grown it out and cut it several times since then.

  28. Maybe get a sofa before you trash your wardrobe. I have the impression that’s something you’d rather get first. 😉

    As for hair, I sympathize. I really need a haircut but don’t feel like getting the same old ‘do. Not quite sure what I want instead though.

    I don’t think shorter hair will make you look heavier. What it will do is make your face more prominent.

  29. I understand what you are getting at with the hair. Every year right about the beginning of summertime, I get the unfightable urge to shave my head down to about 1/2-1/2 inch. Some years I give in and some years I don’t. When I do shave it, my head magically become rounder than a bowling ball and I appear to gain 25 pounds. It’s freakin’ cursed magic, I tell ya.

    And yes, I have marked 8 days from now down on my calendar 😉

  30. I’ve always wanted short, spiky hair. I just would look terrible with it. I do however think that if you’ve got the stones, then do it! It will grow out in no time. I wish I was as brave as that. I tend to just play with color.

  31. IMHO and throwing my 2 cents into this free-for-all, I’d say start with a bold swatch of color: pink, deep red, something like that.

    Then wait a couple of weeks and cut it if the color streak doesn’t move you.

    And if that STILL doesn’t rock your socks off, then change the entire color in one fell swoop!

  32. I get in those kinds of moods all the time. I’m an impulsive-type person too, so I’ll think nothing of hacking off all my hair on a whim. Usually I’m super-psyched about it for a couple weeks, and then I’m bored again.

  33. I’d say wait it out, we tend to regret impulsive hair decisions. Although you do look great with short hair and would possibly look even better.

  34. It’s only hair it will grow back. Do you have a stylist you trust go talk to them.

    I also find buying really unusual clothes help this milestone crisis….

    For what it’s worth… (not much.) FYI — cutting most of mine off Sat.

  35. I think a shorter, chunkier cut with some crazy highlights would look awesome on you. And hair grows back.
    As for the glasses, if your prescription hasn’t changed – frames can be cheap.
    And hon – you’re not chubby. Nor does your hair or glasses or clothes distract from your perceived “chubby”. Your beautiful. Your Sizzle.

  36. Buy one thing and see if you like the non matchy outfit. I get in these moods occasionally and buy something that I would normally never wear, and guess what, I never wear it. Maybe you could just throw a pair of shoes on that don’t match. You have adorable style… weren’t you going to do makeovers at one point?
    I think you would look adorable with shorter hair. Though, I would follow your rule and wait until you are no longer pmsing.

  37. I love your glasses! But if you’ve had them 5 years, then yeah get a new pair, that alone makes a huge difference in the way you feel/look. Cutting hair while PMSing is dangerous, you’re more emotional and that’s usually a big deal. I vote on dying it something new, just go for it, worst case scenario? The color is awful and you just redye it a darker color again. I think you’d look awesome with a bright auburn (which also can border on the funky side).

  38. Don’t make a decision ’til mother nature moves out, but yeah, why not! Hey, you’re young and hip and if you have attitude to go with it, I say go for the makeover!!!! I need one, but G-man would have a hissy fit of note if I cut my hair off and it’s not even that long. But yeah, go with something that’ll life you up and get you dashing into the 35 😉

  39. I have a new love because of that same boredom – colored clip on hair extensions. Endless possibilities. I was dying the underside of my hair bright red for a few months. I would have to dye it like every three weeks or it would turn pink and I kinda detest pink. So at the end of this the hair was breaking in half in rebellion.
    I am looking forward to seeing what you do in any case. You have great style!

  40. We Aries girls are totally in synch. I just looked back on my blog and noticed that last year right around my birthday I was wanting a change, and cut my hair. I am fairly certain that I do this every single year right before my birthday, just never had a blog to SEE it. I was just the other day thinking I wanted things to change and considered a hair cut and color and getting all new clothes. I need a change, something to spice things up but every time I get my hair cut shorter before my birthday I end up hating it for summer because I can’t pony tail it as easily.

    You can do whatever you want, but this year I am not going to cut my hair because it is sort of what I always do, and because of that, it wouldn’t really be a change for me.

    I love that you said your style isn’t reflected in how you dress because I always feel like I am pretty spunky and yet when people see me they either think I am classy or high school looking, but never as unique as I feel. My tattoos are totally covered most of the time too. I actually think I might want to get another one on my stomach, which would make a cool birthday thing, but have no idea what I want yet.

  41. No is the new Yes amongst the one year old set.

    Charlie, also a Leo, could spend an entire day watching videos of himself. Wish I could borrow a little of his self love.

  42. I’m going through something similar and my answer is to go red, but I’m freaking out about it every day. I used to be so cool. What happened? ;P

  43. How funny, I’ve been having a similar conversation in my head. I want to go short but I’m afraid it will make me look fatter. ??? Not sure of the rationale, but hey, I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking it. 🙂

    I say give it a shot…it will always grow back!

  44. Start with your hair. The good thing about hair is it actually GROWS BACK OUT! And there are so many chiq styles now for short hair, that maybe you do not need to take off much to change drastically.

    Clothes sadly, do not grow out from our skin. If you toss them all out, the timeconsuming task of replacing them will be enormous, and you might end up with much the same stuff that you tossed out..

    How about making the reservation at the hairdressers now in full pms-menstruation-glory?, that way you will have to change, but the idea of punk neon red might have faded by the time you get to the hairdresser..

  45. I’ve always love really short hair — Sharon Stone hair. But, like you, I’m usually afraid of the fat face suddenly becoming noticeable. Even though I typically discourage hair decisions while PMSing, I also think there’s nothing like a change in one’s hair to boost a mood. I say go for it.

    Mayberry Magpie
    P.S. And show us the results!

  46. You’re still not 35? I keep thinking you’ll catch and pass me one day.

    Actually, on second thought, that would be quite bad. So nevermind.

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