He’s the Cheesiest

The one where my nephew eats grilled cheese (he helped make it), says “no” (his new word) and makes cat sounds (his favorite).

“How do you say ‘no’?”


“How do you say ‘yes’?”


I am freaking in love with this kid.


36 thoughts on “He’s the Cheesiest

  1. OK, I hate to be such a copycat commenter, but Oy! The chipmunk cheeks on that kid! He’s stashing some grilled cheese in there for later, I just know it! Too cute.

  2. What a cutie. I want to eat him up. That is hystercial. I love it. I miss that stage… sort of.
    Except for the diaper thing. I don’t miss diapers. At all… lol

  3. Precious. My nephew is just like that, only he has to say the word no four times in a row each time he says it. No no no no.

  4. I just want to lick that face!

    Careful, though. If any biological yearnings are present, he’s a dangerous boy to have around. Or dangerous at my age, anyway.

    Mayberry Magpie

  5. Oh my god!!!! He’s too cute!! So adorable! How do you resist from pinching his cheeks all the time?! And if you asked him what his name is does he also respond with “no”? 🙂

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